Sound Design

Screen capture from H U N T E R . C U R R A

Of all the elements taken into consideration for design, sound is on the bottom of the checkbox list of things that is usually considered in the mix. Every once in a while you’ll find a site or environment that has really taken sound and made it something to celebrate. And I’m not talking about about storefronts that turn the volume past 11 w/ heavy bass and treble. I’m talking about emotion and navigation that is invisible yet it just seems right. So, I’ll be starting to collect urls from some of those people that I think take sound to a level that we should consider the next time we design something. First on the list is H U N T E R . C U R R A. The site is quite a mix of different sound levels, movies to albums to animation things, there’s a lot to listen to and explore.

UPDATE: gBlog: AS3: Music Visualization Demos with computeSpectrum
via Randy Troppmann

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  • nate archer

    i love the navigation on his reel. very unique!

  • Hunter Curra

    Hi Michael.

    I really appreciate you listing my site here.
    How did you hear about it (me)?

    You name seems familiar but I can’t place it.

    Thanks again.

  • michael

    Hi Hunter –

    I wish I could remember exactly where I found your site, but I can’t. I suspect it was from a link of a link etc. while floating around the internet.

    As for my name, that’s even harder to guess. Every once in a while I’m mentioned on a design blog – maybe that’s where you came across it?

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful.