Make your own Mac Dashboard Widget


Recently I came across a great site that talks about how to create your own Mac dashboard widget. This was perfect timing as it looks like the new iPhone will be using widgets in their nav – hence in theory you should be able to create some cool apps for your cell phone. Abduzeedo breaks it down at The Abduweedget: creating a dashboard widget. If you want in on the app, visit Apple’s Developer Connection to download the Dashcode. The only catch is that you need an Apple ID. I was able to use my .Mac account id to get it. Dashcode itself is pretty nice. It breaks down the seven different templates along with the custom version to create a widget. I’ve only started playing around with the application to create my own, so it may be a while before I release the DesignNotes widget. A couple other sites to check out would be Developing Dashboard Widgets, Build a Dashboard Widget, Apple Applications Dashboard Sample Code and How to make your own Dashboard Widget with Dashcode.

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  • Randy Troppmann

    Unfortunately, Apple is locking down the iPhone, so it looks like, for the near future anyway, that people will not be able to install custom widgets on it.

  • michael

    while I’m not surprised to hear that, I think it’s only a matter of time before the phone will get unlocked…

  • abduzeedo

    Thanks for the comment about my blog…