Reading and watching on your iPod, are these really digital magazines?

iPod Magazines

There’s been a couple photo applications on the video iPod that have challenged the idea of reading magazines. The first that I became aware of was Tiger (btw the cover image has a semi nude women on it, so use your own discretion) – a screen based art magazine that has started to transfer their content for an iPod download. It’s never been a printed publication so the experimentation is a natural evolution. On the more commercial side there’s From their site you have semi access to mens magazines like GQ to FHM. Their downloads are accessable to the iPod and a number of cell phones. It’s not the full magazine, most of the content consists of women and a couple text interviews. The template format is weak. There’s zero consideration of typography. It’s text set up in photoshop with no intention of what is readabilty. It’s also interesting to question the content, though it shouldn’t be such a surprise. The target is young males that are interested in tech toys. But could this format be used for more productive things? Only time will tell. Lifehacker has an article that talks about Perooz too, “Perooz” mobile magazines on your iPod, Zune or other mobile device.

Other iPod sreen apps that have tried to use the screen were those subway maps, but do you recall the last time you went to your iPod to see a route? Video – I don’t think it’s really caught on as much as people theorized it would. My guess is that the battery life up to this point hasn’t been able handle people’s expectations. But what happened to photos? Have you ever had someone pull out there iPod and share some of their images that they have stored? I’ve done it a couple times, but I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

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