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I’ve just updated my “other sites” section with the below links: Advertising/Design Goodness, black . white . bliss, the Charlie Rose Show, Diagram, Dumbo NYC, Experience Manifesto, frogblog, The News is NowPublic.com and State of the Art

Advertising/Design Goodness www.frederiksamuel.com/blog/
Frederik Samuel’s blog that show a lot of advertising and design visuals

black . white . bliss blackwhitebliss.blogspot.com/
Trisha’s about statement on her blog is pretty accurate I think: obsession with all things black and white. Most of the blog consists of those type of images

The Charlie Rose Show www.charlierose.com/
it’s the man and his interviews – there’s a redesign of the site coming soon

Diagram http://thediagram.com/
I sort of forgot about this site for a while, but I’m happy I rediscovered it lately. Essentially it’s about diagrams, but presented in a passionate way

Dumbo NYC http://dumbonyc.com/
I really enjoyed visiting Dumbo a number of months ago, and with Hideyoshi’s blog – I can keep up to date about the neighbourhood

Experience Manifesto http://blog.brandexperiencelab.org/
David Polinchock’s blog that relates to the brand experience lab

frog design™ / frogblog www.frogdesign.com/frogblog/
I’ve been a fan of frog’s idea of what design is, so their blog just continues on moving the conversation forward

The News is NowPublic.com http://nowpublic.com/
an updated news site that seems to find things I might have otherwise have missed

State of the Art http://stateoftheart.popphoto.com/
yes, it’s the group blog from the editors of American Photo magazine

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  • http://blackwhitebliss.blogspot.com trisha

    thanks for the mention!

  • http://designnotes.info/ michael

    no worries Trisha – I like where you’re going w/ your blog

  • http://www.robbie.com Robbie de Villiers

    In case you haven’t seen it: the future of user interface:

  • http://designnotes.info/ michael

    Hey thanks – I actually posted something similar about a year ago here: http://designnotes.info/?p=503

  • http://www.robbie.com Robbie de Villiers

    Very cool, thanks!