What you can learn from a Super Bowl bound blog


While I could speculate on who the fanatics are behind the Da’ Bears Blog, their about section leaves it in doubt as to who the are. However Noah Brier has broken down the success of the blog in five succinct points at Super Bowl Bound, A look at the success of Da Bears Blog. Maybe he’s one of the guys behind it? Anyways, the points he makes are applicable to any blog. Noah’s observations are as follows – though be sure to go to his site to read the why’s to what he’s saying: 1. Find a voice, 2. Post frequently (but not soooooo frequently), 3. Think about SEO, 4. Consider SEM too, and 5. Encourage email subscriptions.

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  • http://www.noahbrier.com Noah Brier

    It will remain a mystery . . .

  • http://jasonenglish1.com Jason

    While you’re talking sports, I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d love to hear you break down the infamous Edmonton trade of Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings.

    Ok, maybe I just speak for me.

    Was the whole city in shock? Are they still? Was this a financial decision? Did the players Edmonton got in return pan out?

    You’re my only connection to Edmonton, and I’ve seen you sporting the Oilers jersey. Enlighten us.