People tend to be more creative with spelling goal when their team scores

I love watching the World Cup almost as much as Twitter and seeing what people have to say. Examining the data of both at the same time seemed like a no brainer. While my observations aren’t really scientific in any way, looking at some key words during the first match was hard to pass up.

With the eyes of the world watching the first match and tweeting at the same time I was curious to compare tweet volume of a couple words. Goal seemed like the logical choice as a go to marker of the event. Looking at the graph it’s easy to see when the goals of the match were scored. But how about variations of the word goal? For the last World Cup I never spelled goal correctly. Almost always I’d add a couple oo’s when I was excited. So I decided to check a couple more spellings.

It was intriguing to see a larger spike for the second peak of “goooal”. That was Brazil’s first goal. Of course ref followed the same time as goal with some controversial calls. What does this mean aside from the obvious? People tend to tweet the same thing for an event. The wrinkle is that perhaps with soccer people get more animated with the goal words when the team they’re cheering for scores as opposed to just reporting the obviousness of a goal.

For the sake of this post I added some great visualizations from Four Four Two. They display a lot of data that is fascinating to dissect. Below is Brazil on the attack compared to Croatia. It really puts the team philosophy and strategy into perspective.

Twitter Volume During Brazil vs Croatia

Brazil Overall - Attacking

Croatia Overall - Attacking

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