Yahoo Maps Mashup: Measure your running distance and save the information


Long before google attempted to create a measurement tool for their maps, Randy Troppmann created a mash up for runners using Yahoo Maps at The navigation and his instructions have improved over time, but the real benefit to this site is the fact that you can store your routes. By saving the information you can share it with others and watch your progress. There’s also a live chat feature. My only negative remark about the site is that the green lines that denote the route should be in a colour that contrasts more with the yellow. I’m sure my friend won’t mind a friendly online crit…

I was also happy to hear that he’s been getting some well deserved press. The Edmonton Journal published the article Need a running route? Just click and jog a couple days ago. Be sure to check out and his blog at

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  • Randy Troppmann

    Yes, I agree with your comment about the line colour. It used to have a drop shadow, but I have been trying to optimize the application and the drop shadow was proving to be a bit of a hog. Then I added transparency to the lines and the result is as you see now. You are right in that runningmap predates Google Maps by a couple years, but I was using scanned maps. When the city of Calgary’s lawyers sent me a letter complaining about using their map (2005) I switched to using Yahoo! Maps.

  • michael

    Randy – have you considered making the line red?

  • Randy Troppmann

    Say again? I only understand hexadecimal.

  • Randy Troppmann

    Done. Thanks for the advice. Surtees influences the web again.