The Future of Interaction Design Stalls at Not Being Able to Log In: well at least for me that is


A couple of weeks ago I came across a presentation from Adobe titled The Future of Interaction Design with Hugh Dubberly and Jodi Forlizzi. The event was described as follows: “a one-hour online conversation on the Future of Interaction Design. Participate in this discussion and share your views! All you need is your browser, your telephone, and your point of view to be an active participant — or just listen in”.

I was interested, I even stayed home from work to listen in. The emails that confirmed my attendance arrived so I felt confident that it would be a smooth process to log in. Well, instead of listening in I’m blogging about the fact that I couldn’t log in. I went through all the scenarios and it just wouldn’t work. I have to admit that this was my first time trying to listen in w/ an Adobe presentation, but there shouldn’t be any type of learning curve to log in. If you get an email confirmation, you accept it into your iCal things should just be a simple login with user name and password. But that didn’t happen on this day. Maybe there was a glitch in the information architecture and I missed a step, but I’ve gone through much more confusing logins w/ success. Until we can figure out how to get people access to online interactions (no matter what their online understanding is), the conversation about what to do after the fact will be futile. Well I hope the talk is recorded for those that were able to participate and then I’ll be able to listen in…

UPDATE: Apperently I have officially become New York. When I hear 9 am, I just assumed it was Eastern time. The start of the event is 9 am Pacific time = 12 pm in New York. My very big bad.

No sound

UPDATE 2: I had minor success logging in – but only after Sonali sent an email to the moderator did she get a direct link as a guest and then sent it to me. Unfortunately you needed a phone to hear the sound. That would have been fine except we had to connect through wifi b/c our net was flaking out this morning. So for me at least it was a bust. I lost an hour at home and another forty-five minutes at Renegade. I hope the next session works out better, for what it’s worth they’re looking feedback on how to improve things.

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  • Sonali

    I had the same experience and I must add that i have been on quite a few online presentations. We stream every single Thesis presentation of ours in grad school with an accompanied chat. This home grown system hardly ever failed us. Its a pity that we were subject to loosing out on good “high technology” “interaction” content because of the system itself.