Coming in from Brazil


I noticed some nice traction yesterday coming from Brazil to DesignNotes. Naturally I followed links to see why there were so many people visiting my blog from that country. ideiaforte had given me a simple via referral to one of my posts. I can’t read portuguese, but ideiaforte is a great site that has a lot to look at. Mostly design, architecture and advertising related, it’s a great source to check out for things online that you may have missed.

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  • Rodolfo Nakakubo

    Thanks Michael.

    From the joining of three companies: Juice Studio (, Cubo Interativo ( and Black Ninja Filmes (, emerges a multidisciplinary collective IdéiaForte, united to create and develop design projects, animation, multimedia and street art.

    We intend to publish an english version as soon as possible.

    Best regards!