Renegade featured on Nightline last night: Guerrilla Ads Gone Wrong

Renegade on Nightline

In response to the chaos that was caused in Boston, Renegade was featured on Nightline last night. Using the Renegade office (where I work) as a backdrop Doug Rushkoff and Renegade CEO Drew Neisser were both interviewed. All in all I thought it was a pretty fair assessment of the stunt and what it may have done to the industry. But take a look for yourself to decide at Nightline Online: Guerrilla Ads Gone Wrong.

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  • Andrew

    I thought it was interesting how the clip didn’t really cover the specific package that was mistaken as a bomb. It was really a 5 minute ad for guerrilla marketing.

  • Don

    That’s crazy, I am a fan of Rushkoff. Neat to see you’re in the same environ as him.