East of Havana’s Interests

Tania, a past friend from Renegade who’s now living in Singapore passed me on an email about the documentary East of Havana’s Interests. In the original email from her friend Paul Heck that she included, he had a small blurb about his part in the film. I paraphrase from the email ““East of Havana” is a feature length documentary that I worked on over the past couple of years. I was brought into the film as the Music Supervisor, but then also took on composing the original film score (with help from my composing/production partner Federico Fong).” If you watch the trailer, it would seem that music has a big part in the film, and hey I don’t know anyone that has a job like that. If you’re interested in the seeing (and hearing) it, you can visit http://www.myspace.com/eastofhavana or read the NYT review.

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