New blogs that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes

In no particular order, here are a couple new links that I’ve added to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes. You’ll probably laugh, cry and cheer as much as I did after looking at them…

A Daily Dose of Architecture
a really passionate blog dedicated to architecture and the surrounding ideas by John Hill

Type for you
I haven’t really been following the typography blog scene for a long time (not too sure why not), but this blog run by Valdemar Lamego, Pedro SerrĂ£o, Pedro Mesquita, Pride Paranoia got me back up to speed pretty quickly

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
I always appreciate people linking to me, especially from Australia. MM Andamon’s blog is offers observations (mainly design related) after her graduate school experience.

guardedly optimistic
who guards their optimism? Well Justin does and you’d be a foolish not to visit his blog to find out why

The Internet’s #1 Source for Jason English News
I’m sure Jason’s title has nothing to do with SEO and his blog is not merely for searching – it’s his collected color commentary, both insightful and inane…

Creative Think
Fun ideas to stimulate your creativity is a pretty good summation of this site by Roger von Oech

Mental Floss
who doesn’t want to read a blog that will make you feel smarter again?

Creative Design
a really diverse design/advertising/art blog by David Airey

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  • David Airey

    Hi Michael,

    I was browsing through my feed reader and noticed your mention of my blog. It’s an honour to be on your list.


  • michael

    No worries David, I was happy to add your url…

  • Jason

    Thanks for the additions. We should collaborate on a design-related mental_floss post. I’m open to ideas.

  • michael

    Sounds like a good idea to me Jason