IKEA in the House

IKEA Filming at Renegade

As Renegade has been growing, the need for a larger space has been in the works for a while. While I’m not involved too much in the actual plans for the move, it has been interesting to watch as the office prepares for the trek to the new space in a different area of Chelsea Market. IKEA has been interviewing and filming people in the current space and will be doing the same in the new area once things settle down. Pretty good timing as I noticed an article in todays NYT titled Home Sweet Office for Ikea’s Workers

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  • Andrew

    Cool article, Michael. I think it’s interesting how Ms. Simonsson-Berge says, “The challenge was to make a good impression the first time as well as over time for the co-workers who come back every day”. Given Renegade’s tight timeline to move into the new space it should be interesting to see if the employees’ first impression will be the same initially as after we’ve been in the office for a few months, given that our move in is more of an evolutionary process. Regardless, I’m excited and ready for a space to feel more like my home – minus the dirty laundry.