likemind this Friday


This Friday is the next likemind. Does your city have one – check out the website at to see. If you’re in New York, it’s at sNice, 8 am. What is so refreshing about a meet up like this is that there’s a really diverse crowd of people. So there’s no way you can’t get inspired by the conversation that follows.

and btw, yes they do have a new wordmark. I was really happy to work w/ Noah and Piers to create this open and positive mark for a group that has a lot of potential…

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  • Noah Brier

    Thanks again for this, Michael. Looks great.

  • michael

    Thanks Noah, I really appreciate that.

  • Sabah

    nice logo! i like the serifs and that curvaceous ‘K’. 🙂

  • litherland

    See? I knew it!

    Very nice, Michael.

  • michael

    Yes Caren, there’s no way to hide anything from you : )

    and thanks Sabah!

  • Sonali

    Someone give me a WAKEUP CALL!