Which Way?

which way

When I scroll down to the end of a blog’s second page I sometimes feel stupid. I’m usually faced with two buttons, “next” and “previous”. It doesn’t matter which button I press, I have a 50% chance that it will take me to the third page, but inevitable it almost always takes me to the home page. I’m not sure why, but I’m always pressing the wrong button. After getting tired of this exercise of feeling less than adequate in my blog surfing ability I decided to document the confusion. I think part of the problem has to do with language syntax and the placement of the button in consideration to left/right sides. As I collected these buttons I also noticed a couple simple words make all the difference in navigation. I always knew where I was going when the buttons said “older” and “newer”, or if there was a number involved. So how does DesignNotes compare? Not so well, though I plan to change that aspect of the design once I can understand this template better.

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