Five reasons why I blog

Maddie and me

When David Airey passed me on the question five reasons why I blog, I almost skimmed over it as I thought it was the same questions that was floating around a while back about five things. But obviously the questions are very different and hence I feel compelled to respond if for no other reason then it gives me a chance to see what’s changed from when I first started my blog three years ago. I’m not going to send this question out to anyone else I know, but I’ll leave it open for anyone that visits here to do the same questions on their blog. If you do, please send me an email b/c I’d be curious to hear why you blog. and yes Maddie is beside me most mornings as I do my first post…

1. I do it for myself. There’s no huge growth goal to get a certain number of visits or comments. By doing it for myself it gives me a lot of freedom to explore the things I want to. In turn I hope others enjoy the things I collect on DesignNotes. But if no one ends up visiting, that’s ok b/c I wrote what I did because I wanted to.

2. I do it to remember. You’re more likely to remember something if you’ve written about it. Now that I’m remembering all that stuff, I need to figure out a way to apply that knowledge. (Suggestions welcome)

3. I do it to keep my mind active. Just like when I take photos to help me see, the same can be said about writing for my blog. If you’re actively thinking about the world around you, it makes you better informed to make decisions.

4. I do it to meet likeminded people. I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t taken those first steps to post an idea. I’ve been very lucky that there have been readers of DesignNotes that have turned into friends and it’s been a great resource to bounce ideas off of.

5. I do it because I can. The fact that it is so insanely easy to be a publisher that only eight or ten years ago would have been impossible. The overhead is extremely low… It’s important for me to explore all options for communication. I’m a designer, if you’re not willing to try to understand all the options people have to express ideas, how is it possible to give the most informed ideas possible?

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  • David Airey

    Very wise words Michael. Thanks for answering.

    I have a dog too, a golden lab called Sally (my little sister is to blame for the name), although I don’t get to see her too often because she lives with my parents in Ireland.

    Ciao for now.

  • candice

    Maddie is as always adorable. Did you catch any of the Dog Show this week?

  • michael

    I caught the very end of Westminster when the judge was making his decision. It was funny to see the handler and the dog the next night on Charlie Rose. The dog looked so tired it was kind of funny.