Marian Bantjes has a heart for designers

Marian Bantjes Hand Drawn Sheet

Marian Bantjes Rational

Not only did Marian Bantjes draw out 150 different hearts, she had to do at least five different Michael’s which is quite a feat in itself. Take a look at all her Valentines HERE. I’m just happy to see that she hasn’t totally forgotten moi since I moved to New York from Canada…

Image One: the actual heart

Image Two: the rational page that came with the heart

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  • litherland

    Hm, a few random thoughts.

    1) Congrats, Michael, on a very nice valentine.

    2) It would appear from looking at Marian’s newish site (and Ellen Lupton’s newish Design/Writing/Research) that a certain segment of the design community has finally discovered Dean Allen’s Textpattern…

    3) It’s kind of interesting to read Marian’s Valentine project in conjunction with her “Us vs. Them” essay (Font 004).

    4) She spelled my name wrong: it’s Caren, not Carin. Sorry, bad joke.

  • michael

    Caren, you are such a sucker for details. No wonder we speak the same language…