The good, the ok and the indifferent of Monocle



I picked up Monocle yesterday with the question of why was there so much talk about their first issue of the magazine? Is the industry in that bad of a funk, or is it something else. Possibly all those bloggers out there wanting to see something in their hands as much as on their screens? As I flipped through it back to front and then vice versa I was impressed that it read just as well either way from a visual point of view. I thought the placement of the letter on the last page made a lot of sense. I liked how the ads tended to fit in with the design too. Nothing seemed forced in that context. Though I hated the gutter length in between the columns – it was jarring to me. The typography will take a bit of time to get used to, but it’s not that bad. Their pie charts and pull quotes need a lot of work. Something about their photos reminded me of the design magazine Domus. Content wise, I think this magazine could find a broad audience, not just jet setting men – but women of equal curiosity. I liked the lego and shoe maker from Wisconsin interviews. The cover story kept me reading too. Overall I spent a lot of time with the magazine and wasn’t bored. Magazines that now launch need an online presence that carries the content further. Monocle makes the claim that you can get more from their website. I haven’t had time to check it out yet, but I hope they’re right. I look forward to the March issue to see if they can continue the pace that they set out with.

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  • Adrian Lai

    Where’d you get it? Gotta get a copy too!

  • E. Tage Larsen

    Q. “why was there so much talk about their first issue of the magazine?”

    A. Tyler Brule