Edward Monkton has a new site

image from Edward Monkton's new site

Edward Monkton’s new site has the same feel as his work. It’s fun, there’s room for discovery and yes, it’s even inspirational. Whether it’s a website for an illustrator, photographer or designer that shows off the work – there’s always the question of how much should it be designed. Should there be a theme, is the metaphor explicit or subtle, does the visuals take away from the real work, and of course is it easy to navigate and will the viewer want to come back. Lots of questions to consider. I think Edward’s site balances all of those questions successfully. But don’t take my word for it, go say hi at www.edwardmonkton.com.

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    thanks for sharing this, mike! love edward monkton’s work! and you are right about wanting to check back again and again! :))