More Sites to look at

Below are a couple blogs that caught my attention that I’m adding to my Other Sites section of DesignNotes. enjoy

The Book Design Review
I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this blog, it’s really quick comments about book covers by Joseph who’s an ia

design fckr
how can you not want to go to a site that’s called design fckr and see what it’s all about? It’s Alex Giron’s blog about design

keep this site quiet, it’s all about free fonts you can find on the web

I really don’t know that much about Iceland, so I’m hoping this blog can help me

my favourite blog about the ritual of lunch

preface: I’m not a parent and I don’t plan on being one for quite a while. a really neat blog that about design for modern children and it’s store ModernTots

an extension of the magazine of the same name, it uses the web to contain videos and other add ons from the stories it writes about

Print is Dead
what’s going on with books these days when there’s the web? this blog attempts to find out
It’s just a really nice photo blog by Rion Nakaya

once you’ve had the chance to see how this artist visualizes children’s drawings, you’ll look at things qute differently

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