Talk worth listening to online


Right now is great time if you’re wanting to hear intelligent presentations from the conferences you can’t attend. I saw from Subtraction that Khoi Vinh was speaking at the Future of Web Apps held in London. The site has all the talks available to listen to, and you can follow most of the pdfs that were used in the discussion. I haven’t heard of all of the talks yet (40 to 45 min each), so I can’t give a top five yet. But so far I would really recommend listening to Khoi Vinh as a starting point. There are so many insights that I’m not sure it could be conveyed in a book if I only had an hour to read. The one consideration that I would filter into his presentation is that The New York Times is an ongoing live feed. The content never stops the same way an average site on the web does. So while most of the principles he offers are valuable, I think you can’t just hault what you consider valuable in sites that you are developing today with the same discipline that the nytimes does.

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