Motion on paper

Who says illustration is dead? The above video still shows it’s still alive in an albeit weird kind of way at

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  • David Airey

    Super Michael. Great find.

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  • Peter

    The full ashtray is a sad and nasty distraction and
    I wonder what Big Tobacco had to do with it being there… maybe just addicting the artist as a kid in the first place… maybe paying a placement fee, now… too bad, in any case.

  • ermin


  • Romario

    Common Peter, the full ashtray bothers you so much? Don´t you think that you have overreacted? Mybe there is a huge antismoking distraction going on which blurs the whole picture?

  • Don J

    Excellent collage!
    As the previous comment, queried, the pronounced 2nd shot of the ashtray was superfluous.
    Still, a myriad of styles in a fantastic presentation!

  • Dave Mustaine

    Was the clip removed?!
    Does anybody know where it can be seen again?!


  • michael

    Dave – I changed the link to be sent to the original site:

    It kept playing on my site soon as someone would log in and I wondered if people would get annoyed hearing the same music when they came to my blog…

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