Updated Links

Below is a bunch of sites that caught my attention for the last couple of weeks. I’ll be adding them all to my other sites section of DesignNotes…

aptbroadcast http://theapt.blogs.com/aptbroadcast
I first learned about these guys from their design of swich. Usually quick posts that are both stylish and funny at the same time.

Architectradure http://architectradure.blogspot.com
Cati Vaucelle’s blog related to interaction design etc, I’m not sure how I missed finding her site for so long…

Core77/BusinessWeek Design Firm Directory http://designdirectory.com
just like the title would suggest, it’s a directory of design firms

Coroflot http://www.coroflot.com
this site just started and already has 50,819 Profiles+, look at their work and search for design related jobs or build a like-minded group

Diablogue http://diablogue.typepad.com
if you were to combine a strategic planner from Naked in Sydney + a creative director at digital of Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney, you would get an interesting blog by Michelle Lee and Sean Patrick Ganann

Haga clic para continuar http://hagaclicparacontinuar.blogspot.com
a really visual blog all about information design diagrams collected by Nicolas Ramallo in spanish

Idlemode http://www.idlemode.com/
as their blog states “Idlemode is a community of individuals who share their perspectives on the evolving state of the mobile user experience”, most posts come from Joe Pemberton, Jared Benson and Nancy Broden

Infographics News http://infographicsnews.blogspot.com
an infographics blog by Chiqui Esteban

printfetish http://printfetish.com
“News, information, reviews and history on the subjects of beautiful magazines, self-published ‘zines, handmade books, small press, comix, art books and miscellaneous printed ephemera”

Roboyouth http://www.roboyouth.com
I’m not sure how Chet Gulland’s blog fell through the cracks, but I should have placed it on my links page a while ago, it’s his obersvations as a youth marketer

Search & Destroy http://www.sad-blog.com
a blog about “art, fashion, culture, and the variations and battles between the three”

유타 시간 http://utalam.wordpress.com
Uta Lam’s blog, it’s one part info design, one part pop and one part misc., and all good

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