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“MySpace has a method of reaching people who are historically not interested in voting” and may not read newspapers or watch news on television…
+ Tom Anderson, 31, a MySpace founder
via NYT: The Future President, on Your Friends List

With the talk that Time magazine is getting with their redesign (both editorially and aesthetically) I asked myself one fundamental question – would I now be interested in picking up the magazine on a regular basis? No. It has nothing to do with the content, the stories that Time tells or even how it reads, for me it has to do w/ a finite amount of time. So why not just go to Just looking at my past behaviour I don’t go there either that much – then I saw the quote above from NYT about myspce users about politics and how they may not read newspapers or watch news on tv. If there’s only so many hours in the day, are you going to spend it with a one way conversation, or hope that you get friends to comment on the stuff you like? I don’t think myspace is the ultimate answer, but it has changed the way the conversation is being told. That’s nothing new of course but the fact that nothing else has challenged myspace is surprising to me.

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