The neo-nomad

right about now

“The neo-nomad… would seem to apply just as well outside the hothouse atmosphere of San Francisco, and I think it should be extended to cover a broader range of workers than just the high-tech startups because it refers to an attitude and a way of organising daily life rather than to any specific technology.”
+ Bill Thompson

Once you have a laptop it’s easy to forget how hard it was to be portable before you could connect to the net outside or even write a simple editable note for future reference. I remember buying my first MacBook in the spring last year so I could stay connected while I was visiting New York. The photo above was from me enjoying free wifi at Bryant park. I eventually upgraded that laptop for a MacBook Pro, but I digress… I only bring this up to illustrate the article from the BBC called In search of the neo-nomad via Architectradure (who happens to have a couple other valuable links related to the concept). It’s a good reference piece to understand how work and home space is evolving.

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