Mark Coleran Visual Designer

I don’t mention a lot of designer’s portfolios b/c there are a lot of them out there, and I hate the idea of a superstar designer. But every once in a while there are exceptions , and I think Mark Coleran’s stuff should be checked out. Aside from me not liking the idea of the “superstar designer”, I often laugh at the poor attempts of info design that are in movies or tv. But once again if you look at his reel, there is a wonderful collection of work. It might be easy to be swayed w/ the fast cuts and music, but even if you slow down his reel and turn the sound off it still works perfectly. If there’s one pause of thought, I wonder if the average person that could commission Mark may not b/c the perception is he’s unaffordable after seeing the website.

original link via Motiongrapher

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