Diagram of a Blog?


Everything about this diagram is spot on but there’s a small problem. It’s describing Design Observer’s user comments, but is Design Observer really a blog? Not that it really matters what the classification of a site that hosts essays – I’m just saying there should be a different term for that type of site. Personally to me a blog should be dirty, the language isn’t perfect but passionate and the likeliness of the writer being published by mainstream publications is low. While I don’t have much experience with zines, to me the parallel is similar to a blog. A blog is a tool for those that don’t have any other outlet to be heard.

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  • http://flickr.com/photos/litherland litherland

    Well, yeah, but anyone can respond at DO. Someone who has no mainstream connections whatsoever, someone completely obscure and anonymous with no real outlet to be heard, is welcome to respond to/interact with DO’s very carefully, painstakingly crafted and edited essays.

    SU (for example) seems more “bloggish” and down- and-dirty, but then a lot of the folks over there are very connected to the so-called mainstream and have plenty of other outlets to get their message across.

    Can’t the definition of a blog, if it needs to be defined, be ample enough to include both? A messy spontaneity that is perhaps more inclusive and a more elite (elitist?), established, mainstream forum?

  • http://designnotes.info/ michael

    Maybe – and why even bother with a definition? While I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying Caren maybe I just think the word “blog” is being used out of convenience.