One more Milton Glaser quote: this time for New York magazine

“New York’s design is not about the grid, the typography, or the photography as much as it is an essential component of its editorial voice. Every aspect of the design, every element on every page, brings an integral part of the magazine’s content forward for its readers. Week after week it reflects the energies and experiences of New York in all its complexity and diversity.”

I caught this quote this morning via Unbeige as mentioned when Milton Glaser presented an Ellie to New York magazine. Why I think this quote is worth commenting about is that a considerable amount of blogs are essentially using templates that could be used for any type of content – including the template that I use. It’s something I go back and fourth about – spend a lot of time designing an original template, or tweak the functionality and content and let the template simply act as the container. There’s also the tech side of things like how someone is going to read the blog. Is the reader stripping out every thoughtful decision for reading the blog that I’ve made? Reading a quote like the one above kind of stirs me to think that it’s worth the effort to design a blog as original as the content that it makes available to read.

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