Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 20th (February 2009)

 On Rating Systems_1235089074794clear_001Untitled Document_1235089108381clear_001W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608clear_001 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788clear_001AHOi!_1235089163202clear_001
Twitter Groups_1235089170385clear_001What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204clear_001Eismann-SF News_1235089188874clear_001Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193clear_001About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252clear_001
 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813clear_001NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039clear_001The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521clear_001Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933clear_001How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It
 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799clear_001 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315clear_001Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001hicksdesign_1235127378996clear_001The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

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I’m not a huge fan of basketball but found myself posting two sites related to that sport in the week’s Link Drop Contextd. In the NYT Magazine piece about Shane Battier and his invisible stats, one take away is that there’s always potential to see something else that no one has bothered paying attention to – and applying that to something. Very applicable to almost anything out there. Twitter makes a strong comeback with a couple new links, so does food and music blogs. Till next week, thanks for coming back…

– m

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 On Rating Systems_1235089074794

On Rating Systems
I’ve wondered about the usefulness of numbers in rating systems too. What’s the difference between 3.5 and 3.7? How is that going to make your decision that much easier? But then again pass/fail or great/sucks doesn’t always help either.

Untitled Document_1235089108381

Edible prints
When I first saw Edible prints it immediately reminded me of Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow by James King. I find the idea of redesigning food to be fascinating and allows for a completely different experience then what has been created so far.

W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!_1235089140608

Blogs aren’t the magical publishing tool for everything, but it’s been put to good use with this design work. I’ve come across some of this stuff outside in the real world. Nice to see the whole package in one place.

 The Hype Machine Blog about Hype Machine (and things we love)_1235089156788

How we pick blogs
I’m always interested in how someone makes editorial decision, for this post it’s how a blog is chosen to be in Hype Machine. And to think I just thought they allowed anyone…


A lot of really quick posts with good links to more links and even better info.

Twitter Groups_1235089170385

Twitter Groups
What do you mean when you’re talking about creating a twitter group? It might have to do with one of the two mentioned in this post.

What the CBC should know about Twitter | Spark | CBC Radio_1235089182204

What the CBC should know about Twitter

Every media source that has any type of online community should be asking the above question. What kind of expectations and experience do the people that follow have with twitter, and what do they want? Maybe there’s an unexpected opportunity. Either way the responses from the above question are worth a read.

Eismann-SF News_1235089188874

Sketching Interactivity – The Inspire Video
I haven’t actually watched this video yet (no time), but the description sounds pretty good. Hoping I’ll have some time over the weekend.

Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times_1235089199193

Select one of L.A.’s 87 neighborhoods
Super cool idea about location of areas of a neighborhoods. People can make their own area names. It would be really cool to see something like this in Manhattan, and have a bunch of different people outline areas themselves and compare. If you see that in New York Magazine anytime soon, remember where you read it first.

About New York - No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest - NYTimes.com_1235089216252

No Photo Ban in Subways, Yet an Arrest
It’s amazing that this stuff happens…

 Hotelier at Sea_1235089253813

Hotelier at Sea
I’m pretty sure I link back to BldgBlog every week – so hopefully you’re not surprised that I’ve done it once again this week.

NYPL, LIVE from the NYPL, Event Description_1235089262039

LIVE from the NYPL & WIRED present: LAWRENCE LESSIG, SHEPARD FAIREY, STEVEN JOHNSON. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
I bought my ticket about a minute after finding out about this event. Really curious to hear the discussion around this timely topic. Are you going too?

The No-Stats All-Star - NYTimes.com_1235089277521

The No-Stats All-Star
This was the perfect article to read on a Saturday morning eating a bagel and lots of coffee. Sometimes it’s better to disregard the conventional rules and make some new guidelines for measurement.

Nike Foamposite Lite - Nate Robinson - KRYPTONATE PE - Slam Dunk Contest | Sneaker News_1235089334933

Feb 14 · Nike Foamposite Lite – KRYPTONATE PE – Slam Dunk Contest
Great concept for a dunk.

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It

How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It?
There’s always the luxury of hindsight, but still… Even if they had all been right would anyone have listened either way?

 how campaigns work. beats me._1235095261799

how campaigns work. beats me.
Sill one of my new fav. blogs that make me think, the above post has a number of ideas that I can’t summarize in a line or two. But the thing to note for me is that an agency is likely to deliver the same sort of results as they did in the past due to their own organizational inertia – or they’re taking their past experiences as a cue for future work. So much for innovation…

 A FontFont Focus by FontShop_1235095286315

FF DIN :: A FontFont Focus by FontShop
A lot of micro sites fail miserably, this one does not. Even better it’s about what of my favourite typefaces.

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone - PSFK.com_1235099507663clear_001

Creative Statistical Visualization by Guy Limone
Such a cool idea, wish I had thought of painting the side of a building like that.


Playstation 3 Media Centre
There’s a lot of talk about different web apps finding their way on to the tv. Most notably there’s boxee and hulu in the news fighting, but there’s others out there too in the game.

The Wayfinding Handbook_1235128185096

The Wayfinding Handbook
I’m currently reading this book for review (almost finished). I’m really liking it (recommend it as a buy) so when I found out there was a website I was oh cool, what additional info do they have that the book wasn’t covered. Sadly I’m not sure why they bothered putting up that page – there’s nothing going on. I can think of about a 100 different things that they could have done and all they bothered doing was a five second ppt slide. Just when I think designers are realizing the potential past paper – brutal flash sites like this pop up. I don’t get what they were hoping to gain from the experience they presented. I’m hoping I just missed the button to click next, but I don’t think there is one…

Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 13th (February 2009)

360 - Urban Villages in Paris (1920) « Strange Maps_1234471982718clear_001 Walls Notebook_1234472004116clear_001MediaShift | PBS_1234472030228clear_001 The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A - Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Softwareclear_001
 Behavior, Definition and Synthesis | Blog | design mind_1234472046179clear_001Op-Ed Contributor - You Can’t Sell News by the Slice - NYTimes.com_1234472062491clear_001 a newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon_1234472075820clear_001Super Colossal » Fires_1234472082172clear_001Noah Brier's Brand Laboratory - BusinessWeek_1234472091717clear_001
Young and Brilliant - Readings of the week..._1234472100016clear_00110 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse • Blog Archive • AisleOne_1234472106044clear_001SEED - The Universe in '09_1234472113158clear_001 One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)_1234472119567clear_001 Watermarks_1234472130991clear_001
clear_001 - Home_1234530282757clear_001Designboost - sharing design knowledge_1234530596696clear_001

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me, and as a result the number of posts being included in my weekly Link Drop Contextd has been reduced. That’s not necessarily a bad thing b/c I don’t think anyone has time to read forty plus entries in one sitting. If there’s any pattern this week to notice, politics played a pretty minor role in what interested me web wise. Information on display always interests me, but it’s moving in a direction where I’m wanting to see how people archive and come back after the initial burst of data. Anyhow… thanks for checking up this Friday.

– m

360 - Urban Villages in Paris (1920) « Strange Maps_1234471982718

360 – Urban Villages in Paris (1920)
I’m not that familiar w/ the history of urban planning of Paris, but I’ve always enjoyed looking at how the city rolls out. This map is shows that spiral in a really nice way that integrates some of the different breakout percentages.

….. ….. ….. …..

 Walls Notebook_1234472004116

Walls Notebook
This is such a cool idea, def. going to make my own nyc version of this. It might be kind of do a trade w/ someone in a different city that makes one too…

….. ….. ….. …..

MediaShift | PBS_1234472030228

MediaShift | PBS
A good site to catch up on pop tech and media integrations.

….. ….. ….. …..

 The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A Bang_1234472036641

The London Police Kick Off 2009 With A Bang
The balance between positive/negative space, and black and white is pretty cool. Lots of things to explore in these images.
….. ….. ….. ….. - Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Software

Are We Designing Interactions or Designing Software?
Great question that I often think about myself.

….. ….. ….. …..

 Behavior, Definition and Synthesis | Blog | design mind_1234472046179

IxDA 2009: Behavior, Definition and Synthesis
What’s up w/ behaviour, one person looks at that after attending IxDA 2009.

….. ….. ….. …..

Op-Ed Contributor - You Can’t Sell News by the Slice - NYTimes.com_1234472062491

You Can’t Sell News by the Slice
I kind of like collecting these type of stories about how object to monetizing news. The thing is, this question is practical in almost any other industry at the moment – not just news.

….. ….. ….. …..

 a newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon_1234472075820

Since discovering this site a couple weeks (maybe month ago), I’ve been fascinated with the re-contextualization of this info into something it was never intended to be.

….. ….. ….. …..

Super Colossal » Fires_1234472082172

I’m still kind of thinking wtf happened w/ the CCTV building fire.

….. ….. ….. …..

Noah Brier's Brand Laboratory - BusinessWeek_1234472091717

Noah Brier’s Brand Laboratory
Noah has a good write up in BusinessWeek.

….. ….. ….. …..

Young and Brilliant - Readings of the week..._1234472100016

Readings of the week…
Another jumping off point to find some good things to check out.
….. ….. ….. …..

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse • Blog Archive • AisleOne_1234472106044

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse
Ten things for consideration.

….. ….. ….. …..

SEED - The Universe in '09_1234472113158

SEED – The Universe in ’09
Info overload, but still cool to look at.

….. ….. ….. …..

 One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)_1234472119567

I Am Here: One Man’s Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle (Wired Mag)

Tracking yourself to the next level.

….. ….. ….. …..


Cool low-fi way to get a point across.

….. ….. ….. ….. - Home_1234530282757
I really like this idea for getting quality stories written. Here’s some examples of what has been a published

….. ….. ….. …..

Designboost - sharing design knowledge_1234530596696

The same design questions are asked to a number of people – interesting to compare how they all answer them differently.


Link Drop Contextd for the Week Ending in Friday the 30th (January 2009)

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015Welcome._1233267169050Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800 Influxinsights_1233267233310Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873beard·revue_1233267267802GOOD » Text-pocalypse NowTomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944adaptive path » mx_1233267630060 Obama Art Report_1233267641777_1233267649857 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339What Will Save the Suburbs Love_1233267709579Hope In The White House_1233267717333 Home_1233267799040Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283Propagation Planning_1233268509530Winterhouse_1233330164103

This week I thought I go with quantity and quality for Link Drop Contextd and leave the commentary short and sweet and let the site titles speak for themselves. Considering how much I enjoy football and that it’s the super bowl this weekend, I’m surprised that I didn’t come across that many related links. I’m also surprised that I didn’t mention one related link about Twitter. Till next week or blog post, ciao…

– m

What technology has taught us at dizzying speed - International Herald Tribune_1233267140015

Do you press the doorbell with your finger or your thumb? It’s kind of telling of your age apparently.


After watching this video I kind of want to buy a pair of these shoes, too bad they’re not campers though.

Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer_1233267178615

The zoom in this is crazy clean

adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow_1233267191357

If only every service could provide this kind of feeling in their users

 My Dopplr Annual Report_1233267219800

My Dopplr Annual Report
Another take from someone else talking about Dopplr


Never been a huge fan of this campaign, but it’s hard to argue with the reasoning why it works

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows « eyecube_1233267243753

Drumming Gorillas and Techno Eyebrows
Another pov of the campaign

 Bond yield makeover_1233267251873

Interesting what happens when you remove elements


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a site just on beards – but I kind of am. There’s also a pretty cool poster on the site for sale.

GOOD » Text-pocalypse Now

Good article, really interesting image via txt…

Tomorrow Museum » Archive » Cell Phone Cameras Forever_1233267581893

Amazing image of the night, very telling

Monster-Munch How To Behave_1233267594677

I really like these diagrams and colour combo

UPPERCASE - About the magazine_1233267614944

UPPERCASE – About the magazine
I’m kind of curious to see how this magazine turns out

adaptive path » mx_1233267630060

adaptive path » mx
I haven’t watched all these video yet, but they’re a great resource for their upcoming conference

 Obama Art Report_1233267641777

Obama Art Report
Surprise, surprise – more Obama related stuff


Deconstructing Dumbo
I’m thinking of buying this – surprised that they’re not charging more.

 A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing_1233267660632

Arguing From First Principles
Good reference material, has a link to Charlie Rose worth watching

Pics from the design mind Motion Event | Blog | design mind_1233267676188

Pics from the design mind Motion Event
I have the latest issue of this in my hands, good as their previous print mag. Here’s some images from the launch.

A Photo Editor - The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia_1233267685339

The Obama Hope Poster, Shepard Fairey and photographer Mannie Garcia
Luv this iconic poster, interesting conversation about it

What Will Save the Suburbs

What Will Save the Suburbs?
I haven’t been that interested in this column until today – good observations on the suburbs


Great concept with rubber gloves

Hope In The White House_1233267717333

Hope In The White House
Like the idea behind the shirt though I think more then one dollar should be the donation


Small Can Be Big
A lot of charity sites could learn a thing or two from the design and concept behind this site

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008 — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1233267725418

Matt Owens says GOOD-bye to 2008
Info design goodness about 2008

ARTRAFFLE » Blog Archive » TIEDAY 1.23.2009_1233267735845

How times have changed

 Urban Design Tetris | Serial Consign_1233267747319

City Rain: Urban Design Tetris
Great post as per usual from Greg

CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Remembered_1233267762514

The Designers Republic Remembered
No one’s immune these days, there’s a lesson to be learned for sure if you’re a graphic designer

 Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog. - Graphicology Blog - Graphicology_1233267792283

QuickPost 2: Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog.
Interesting concept, kind of interested to read the commentary once things get to the fourth quarter and many beers have been drank. Too bad it’s not open to anyone commenting…

Propagation Planning_1233268509530

Propagation Planning
Haven’t had a chance to read all of this info, but it looks like a great reference none the less


Design For Social Impact & Innovation
Very curious to see how this whole year plays out with this – could be quite interesting


Update to Coffee as Inspiration and Britain from Above

loquat73: Starbucks Inaugural Sleeve

BBC - Britain From Above - Stories - Visualisations - Taxis in London_1232543621392

A designer that posts images to ten15am emailed me last night mentioning that he’s started seeing a new version of the Starbucks coffee cup, albeit inaugural coffee sleeves with presidential quotes on them. You can read more about it form Paulo A. Pereira’s blog post Starbucks Inaugural Sleeve.

A couple weeks ago I was rejoicing that the BBC made Britain from Above available for viewing. Unfortunately the YouTube video quality sucked and for some reason the taxi clip wasn’t viewable. Digging around I found the BBC has a site dedicated to the videos in high quality, embeddable and the the taxi clip is working. You can see it for yourself at Actually the whole site is pretty cool to explore but if you’re too lazy this morning to click on that link, I’ve embedded the taxi video in this post…

Creative Mornings: Zach Klein and Casey Pugh Notes & Video


12/12/08 Zach Klein and Casey Pugh on Physical Computing from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

“I was seeking the thrill of learning something new” and so the ten minute talk (it was actually 23 minutes, but who’s counting) started with Zach Klein and Casey Pugh presenting at Creative Mornings which was held in MEET. In the short time that they had, they talked about the basics of physical computing to a bunch of people that probably hadn’t made a circuit before. Within the context of expanding what web 2.0 is/was, there was an explanation of how physical computing will make that information useful while taking it offline

Probably my fav. quote was in reference to a simple resistor – “for a LED, you don’t want to send too much electricity to it because it will explode. hehehe”. All the info that Klein and Pugh mentioned can be found at Among other things that the audience learned was that the Arduino is either named after a bar or an Italian word for masculinity by some geeks with an insecurity complex.

What I appreciated about the talk was that they laid out a couple simple principals and then showed examples that got progressively more complex. While doing that they included a couple of reference books that anyone could pick up and replicate on their own time. If there had been more time I would have been interested in hearing about their thought process on actually creating something. Did they already know what they wanted to build before they started or was it like playing with lego – did they come up with an idea as they were working on connecting the LED’s? Aside from that I was just happy to meet up with some familiar faces and meet a couple new ones.

More Music and Typography Stuff



From Inertia Creeps - Royal Festival Hall 2008

This post is a combination follow up from a post last week titled Vice Versa Type – screen fonts on paper and non type on screens and my last post about the Blip Festival. I must have been in sync b/c I found had music on my mind b/c I came across some pretty cool digitally inspired typography and music posts. The first image actually comes from the myspace page of SquarePusher at The lights take on a system that you would normally see on a calculator. The second gif comes from a post talking about SquarePusher’s new album Again there’s some grat typographic continuity going on between the two displays.

The third image comes from a Massive Attack concert video, the song being Inertia Creeps at Royal Festival Hall 2008 which was done by UnitedVisualArtists.

And for bonous content, there’s the above video from BBC2 Culture Show ft. Soulwax, which has no typography in it, but makes use of old school digital equipment. That video is via montreal state of mind.

Fifty People, One Question: New York

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

I have to agree w/ Tina, this put a smile on my face too.

A couple of my favourite quotes: “I wish I had began the day with a wish, so maybe I’ll wish for that tomorrow”, “have a fun lunch and sell some art!” and “I’m sitting on the edge of my non existent seat right now”.

In Respect to Snowboarding

magic flashlights

Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

I was going to save this for next week’s Link Drop but decided that it was too good to wait till next Friday to post. I’m not sure if it’s b/c it’s fall, but thoughts that snow might be coming soon and what a person could do start visualizing. It might be natural to think since I’m from Canada that I know a thing or two about snowboarding, but nope – nothing. I luv to ski but have never tried it on a board. The above video from Knife Show titled Magic Flashlights is simply amazing. After watching it once I had to put it up on my tv, something I’ve never done before. Usually online vids are fine at just monitor size, not this time. I needed to see it full screen. Simple concept, take some good snowboarders, give’m flashlights and put a bouncy song together. What makes it genius are some of the subtle shifting of lights, timing and picking a great song. I still have not gotten tired of hearing MGMT’s “kids”. The choice of picking a blue flashlight over a red one in the beginning sequence was a nice political statement that fit within the context of the video. The outtake video is worth checking out too And more talk about the video on the JSHAW blog.


The second snowboarding entry comes from the way of TITANIUM’s blog talking about Burton stands by un-pc designs. There’s some great pov’s from both sides of the debate of on how appropriate those designs are. For the record this is Burton’s take on the news controversy “the Burton Coalition line and the Playboy limited edition snowboards were created at the request of two of Burton’s professional snowboarders. Both Burton and Playboy were founded on the principles of individual freedom and the collaboration has resulted in boards that reflect this attitude.”

And if you’re interested in reading more quotes about burton + snowboards + playboy, read them HERE.

The Magic Wall x2, designing for one and other valuable links

Magic Map from Christopher Fahey on Vimeo.

While watching the seamless execution of the Magic Wall on CNN I never thought about the fact that it was designed for one person, not a group as most UI is intended for. The concept of designing for one was brought up in the link heavy post Designing for One User (Bespoke User Interfaces) from the blog graphpaper. I’ve embedded the two videos from the post, the first one playing off the magic wall perfectly. Interesting fact, Perceptive Pixel who designed the original CNN Magic Wall also repurposed the SNL version too.

Almost Rickrolled in youtube superHD

Almost Rickrolled

Considering the content I’m still finding the above video experiment kind of trippy at If you don’t have a quick trigger finger to get all four videos to play at the same time – no worries, there’s an additional master play button to watch Rick Astley in grand scale. Speaking of strange videos on the net, uniqlo japan has an interesting way of displaying time:

Unexpected Visualization Via Motion

Britain seen from the skies above

It’s really too bad that I can’t embed the video from the BBC series Britain seen from the skies above. The still images that I took and placed above don’t even come close showing how the BBC has used satellite tracking and computing to show how things flow in real time. The info dance comes via sea, land and air though the British chatter scene is quite fascinating too. All British phone conversations for a day are shown from where the conversation started and ended. There’s a lot of information visualization out there, most of it is pretty to look at however it’s a bit shallow. It doesn’t really help show information in a new light. The BBC series looks to do just do that, show things that a lot of people really haven’t seen. I really hope this series makes it across to the BBC America channel or at least more clips are released – the motion is pretty amazing. See the video at

Shigeru Ban Talk at the Cooper Union

After not being able to get in for the Shigeru Ban Talk at the Cooper Union last January b/c I forgot to RSVP, I’ve been agonizingly waiting for the Architectural League of New York to put up the presentation. A couple days ago they finally put the video on their site. I luv the fact that I can embed the whole video into this post – you can also view the talk on the Architectural League of New York’s website at

Non flashy flash like muzka video w/ no embedding powers

R.E.M. – Man-Sized Wreath - Directed by Crush

R.E.M. – Man-Sized Wreath - Directed by Crush

R.E.M. – Man-Sized Wreath - Directed by Crush

At the point in the reblogging game if a tech savy band band puts out a video, why not make it easy to share, send or embed? As much as I’m a fan of REM’s new video from Crush called Man-Sized Wreath I’m scratching my head for a flawed strategy to distribute the video. I can only see it on their respective sites – this isn’t 2001 anymore.

In any case – the video is a very satisfying visual watch. I’ve never played the role of motion designer but can still appreciate some of the details w/ out getting lost in the quick transitions or spinning things that usually accompany “flashy” videos. I also appreciated the fact that REM didn’t feel like they needed to be in every shot so they allowed designers to create a story. I’d recommend reading the video notes explaining the concept at

Take your pic on where you want to watch the vid…



What are you doing today?

You Should Do It Now .com

I’ve always been a sucker for those motivational type of communications, whether it’s something from Nike like the Michael Jordan-Nike Failure Commercial to books like Paul Arden’s It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. The above offering from Converse at falls into that same genre. I won’t give a play by play account but it’s a nice move on the “-” idea. It was kind of fitting to have found it yesterday (June 21st) during summer solstice. When I was living up in Canada I was always a bit sad the next day b/c I knew the sun was going to be up just a little bit less than the last day and so on. It meant that in a couple months it would be a lot darker and colder. In NYC it isn’t nearly as bad with the sun and weather. I also really looked forward to December 21 b/c the reverse was about to happen – more sun and the seasons were rolling forward once again. While I was in Minneapolis for a couple UX Intensive courses last week, one of the evening’s after workshop events was hosted by the agency Space150. They’ve got a great idea where they “evolve” every 150 days. I’m not entirely sure if that just means changing the face of their web site or how they do business – but either way I like the idea. While I’m always tweaking my blog DesignNotes, my homepage rarely changes. I think I might have to borrow the evolution idea and change my homepage though not every 150 days but twice a year. If I had been really thinking I would have moved the updated design up for June 21st. And have the process again be updated December 21st. Practically speaking I’ll take a couple days to replace my current site (pretend I did it on June 21st) and then change things again December 21st and continue twice a year. It’s worth a try – I have nothing to loose.

Things coming down


A couple of days ago Eating Sandwiches mentioned a fun and messy photo series called Dumped from the photographer It’s well worth checking out. I thought the photo series was kind of interesting so I decided to mention it on twitter. Mark Larson came back to me with a pretty cool video series that is similar though it has a twist. I’m not going to mention what exactly happens in the video b/c it’s quite a jolt to see the first time. Usually I prefer photos to videos but after seeing the video I kind of wish the first photo series had a complimentary video.

Nice way to promote the school programs the school teaches

The Vancouver Film School/YouTube Scholarship Competition invited prospective students to create a video and publish it on YouTube via the theme of “What Matters to Me”. The three above videos were the actual winners while you can take a look at all 414 submissions at

An insane wall-painted animation

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.



While you might not know the great blog just yet, friend Jody Sugrue has been on fire with great commentary on design. Her latest find comes via Buenos Aires with some unbelievable stop motion animation that took a couple months to put together by the artist BLU. Be sure to watch the video with the sound cranked up. There’s also a great site to explore more stuff at

I like pixels and I like music, I’m not the biggest fan of video but yet I still post more

Now Playing is Animal Collective: Water Curses, one is hi-bandwidth while the other is low-bandwidth. Can you guess which is which? And yes I dare you to play them both at the same time…

Sorry about the last video post where Incredible! from kwest was pulled from Vimeo. Hopefully these stay up a bit longer.

Clay Shirky on Stephen Colbert

Review Copy

I’m only halfway through my review copy of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky (but hope to make a big dent in to it today) though I have a pretty good idea of how I’ll be starting the review. If I had time to write a book on the social aspects of the web this would be it, it wouldn’t be as good as this of course, but I would attempt something along the lines. I’m really getting ahead of myself so once I’ve completed the book I’ll have a real review. What I did want to mention was the above video that I found via BuzzMachine about the author being on Stephen Colbert. It was new media vs old media in a sense w/ bright lights. The first time I heard Clay speak was at our Daylife office, once during a lunch hour and then a second time for an evening event. It was interesting to compare those events with the video clip if for no other reason then watching Clay try to have a fast paced conversation w/ a jester like Stephen.

Around America in 2.0

Around America in 2.0

Fridays are good for a lot of things, especially for catching up on web videos that you may have missed during the week. Around America in 2.0 is a series of one man’s adventures across the US. Going from city to city Matt Danzico is filming people who pick him up and drive him across the US. He started in September and is hoping to complete the trek in 80 days. At the moment the website says that he’s in El Paso, TX. It also mentions that he’s stuck there and is looking to get to San Antonio by Saturday, so if you’re in that area you might want to get in touch with him.

Around America in 2.0

From a travel standpoint, it must be quite the balancing act trying to figure out a schedule to get from one place to the next. I’ve enjoyed the videos that I’ve watched, but was confused about the map. I’m confused b/c he doesn’t have a map on the site and the days that he’s wanting to be in each city. On the video there’s a quick clip that I’ve shown, but it’s really general. If I were Matt, I’d create a new static map, show the route and have the dates of arrival. It might make things easier for him to get from point A to B.

Thanks for the fyi on the site Liz

PSFK Conference London Videos

The first five videos from PSFK Conference London are now available to watch. I’ve embedded them below. I’m not entirely sure why the image boxes to click are a couple different sizes, but once I figure that out I’ll have that cleaned up.

Video One: Steven Overman (Lowe Worldwide) chairs a panel with Beeker Northam (Bloom), Simon Sinek (Sinek Partners)and Faris Yakob (Naked). So, once you have Got trends and ideas? Now what do you do with them?

Video Two: This 20 minute video from the PSFK Conference London 2007 presents journalist Mike Butcher as he talks about how media owners are on a race for survival against technology companies that put the power to publish in the hands of the ‘audience.’

Video Three: This 35 minute video taken at the PSFK Conference London 2007 presents Niku Banaie from Naked Comminications as he talks about how an understanding of the basic human needs can keep your employees, customers and friends happier, fresher and healthier.

Video Four: This 50 minute video from the PSFK Conference London 2007 presents Karen Fraser (Ethical Index) chairing a panel with Tamara Giltsoff (OZOlab), John Grant (BrandTarot) and Diana Verde Nieto (Clownfish). The panel set out to examine if marketing departments and their agencies get left behind by both the corporations they serve and the consumers they supply? Introduction by Josephine Fawkes.

Video Five: This 20 minute video from the PSFK Conference London 2007 shows the presentation given by Timo Veikkola, Future Strategist at Nokia, on a Vision of our Future. As design is the reflection of society, how can we envision the future through trends, observation and informed intuition. What values, attitudes and behaviours of today will shape our future?

James Nachtwey’s speech to TED

“One of the things that I had to learn as a journalist was what to do with my anger” James Nachtwey mentions in his speech to TED. The compelling talk from a photographer is worth watching. Not only are the images thought provoking on aesthetic and social levels, but it also makes the viewer want to act in response.


MIA No Longer

Usually when a blog goes quiet, lots of things are happening outside the blogosphere. That’s been the case here for a couple days. I just got a really great book in the mail from Princeton Architectural Press that I’ll hopefully get time to talk about before the end of the week.

Over at the CR Blog, they’ve grab a lot of great muzak videos. I’ve stolen three from them to post here. For background info on each of the clips, visit the CR Blog. The first two video’s are dedicated to Tiny Terror who floats around Renegade. The third video is extremely addicting both to listen to and watch.

Mark Coleran Visual Designer

I don’t mention a lot of designer’s portfolios b/c there are a lot of them out there, and I hate the idea of a superstar designer. But every once in a while there are exceptions , and I think Mark Coleran’s stuff should be checked out. Aside from me not liking the idea of the “superstar designer”, I often laugh at the poor attempts of info design that are in movies or tv. But once again if you look at his reel, there is a wonderful collection of work. It might be easy to be swayed w/ the fast cuts and music, but even if you slow down his reel and turn the sound off it still works perfectly. If there’s one pause of thought, I wonder if the average person that could commission Mark may not b/c the perception is he’s unaffordable after seeing the website.

original link via Motiongrapher

The Unexpected Legend

The Legend

For those caught with a bit of a cough or a soar throat this week, the above video clip should make your day a little bit brighter in an unexpected way. Watch the commercial at

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