Let’s Hypothetically Say You Lost your Mac Book Pro…

what was in my bag last night - there's a happy ending to one of the worst/best nights i've had in some time...

Chances are if you are fairly mobile w/ work you have at least one laptop. If you’re a designer you’re more than likely to have a Mac Book Pro. If you’re a designer w/ a Mac Book Pro you probably carry the thing w/ you quite often – especially if you plan to do work after hours. If it’s the end of the week you probably are going somewhere after work w/ the laptop before heading home to the apartment. Hypothetically speaking (of course), let’s say you live in Manhattan and you rarely visit Brooklyn. Friends have a party there, you decide to check it out and you end up at a cool pub but aren’t paying too much attention to the name b/c it’s in Brooklyn and it’s unlikely that you’ll be back anytime soon. Normally you’ll sit down, put your laptop bag beside you and have a couple drinks. But this pub’s a bit different – it has a foosball table and it’s pretty hard not to not want to play. Foosball matches are played, drinks are consumed and everyone is having a great time – maybe too good. The night is over and you grab a cab back to the island.

Back at the apartment as you brush your teeth you smile b/c you’ve had a pretty good night and all the work week stress is gone. Maybe you’ll check you’re blog stats one more time before you head to bed – you go to open your laptop when you realize that you didn’t have your bag w/ you when you opened the apartment door. That is the moment that you realize that you’ve left most of your life in a bar back in Brooklyn that you don’t remember the name of. There’s a couple quick things that you need to take care of right away – figure out the name of said establishment, and go into lockdown w/ all possible apps that have a password. You start texting, emailing and calling hoping to have a friend let you know where exactly you were. But who’s checking their email at three in the morning? Once you’ve done all you can in that respect you have to reset a ton of passwords. You’re lucky that you have two Mac Book Pro’s, one for work and one for home so you at least can start opening apps to change passwords. It’s not fun but you change the passwords to the big one’s quickly like email, the blogs, facebook, twitter and and ton of others.

At this point you’ve done everything you can to get the laptop back with out knowing where you actually were and secured your personal data as much as possible. Now you get to reflect on how stupid you are and how you had wished that you had prepped for the fact that someday your laptop might get stolen or misplaced. You’re always concerned that your laptop might fry so you back up files regularly though not as often as you should. After considering that for a moment you think about what else was in your bag – camera’s, other tools for the laptop, cables, notebooks and other stuff that you don’t want to think about.

Accepting one of two possible solutions – the very bad and the very good you wish you could go back in time to figure out what you would have done with your info differently in case this exact scenario had happened. Since your files were in multiple places that is some comfort, while changing the passwords were a huge pain that was completed too. But you hate using an rss reader so most of the links to things you use online are bookmarked. It’s a bit of an old school way of doing it, but the system works for you. If only you had exported that list from tim to time, you wouldn’t have risked forgetting one of your 100’s favourite blogs and sites. It’s been a long day and even longer night – time to try to sleep for a couple hours.

You’re woken up by a welcome sound of a txt message. You’re praying it’s your friend saying that they saw your bag and picked it up for you. Sadly that’s not the message – it’s the name of the pub. It’s better than nothing though. You do a quick search to get the number and call. Surprisingly someone picks it up. You stammer, bag! Did you happen to have a laptop bag that was found last night. A pause, and then the most wonderful words you’ll probably hear for a long time – yes, we’ve got a laptop bag. Relief and tears of joy are apparent. Lucky for you the bar is open and when you go to pick it up you can have a beer (or three) to celebrate the fact that everything is back to how things should be. You also consider this a really good learning experience. You’ll never not leave your computer off your shoulder if you walk around, you’ll back up all your files even more diligently, and you’ll have a master list of urls so you don’t have to worry about loosing anything. Good thing this was all hypothetical so you can go through all those motions so if it does happen you’ll be prepared.

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 15th (August 2008)

Who do u see when u go 2 Music Festivals

I was pleasantly surprised to see that after all the sites were collected for this week’s Link Drop, graphic design and humour had a good showing. Over here the blog has been growing on a monthly basis for quite a while, but the boost that Coudal.com sent me this week was quite noticeable (merci). I’ve also been having a number of interesting conversations via email about other sites, some contained in this set – some not. I have no idea where that’s going to lead but those conversations have been invaluable (merci x2). I’m taking next week off from regular work and heading to Canada. I’m not from Toronto but thought it might be time to visit some friends. I’m planning to do a lot of writing while thinking about how I want to finish this year and how to start the new one. I also want to get a couple book outlines completed. That should mean one of a couple things. A. there should be as many posts next week as there was this week, B. there will be less posts, or C. way more posts than usual. So if you happen to be in Toronto and see some guy typing away madly w/ a negroni in hand mid afternoon on the top of the Drake – that might be me.

– m


Who do u see when u go 2 Music FestivalsWho do u see when u go 2 Music Festivals?
[hipster runoff] EXCERPT: “Did I miss n e 1?, Is n e demographic over/under represented? Do u like live music, or is it better on ur iPod?”

Museum of Art for the ArtsMuseum of Art for the Arts
EXCERPT: “The Museum of Art for the Arts was founded in 2008 as an international institution, and is dedicated to being the foremost art & image museum in the world. Through the leadership of its Trustees and staff, the MofAA manifests…”

designs | TUKAANI | Kayiwa Oy | Scandinavian Product Design and InnovationTUKAANI
EXCERPT: “The sterling silver TUKAANI is a hand made eating device for Asian food consumers in the West. It may be held as traditional chopsticks. But unlike the disposable wooden chopsticks, TUKAANI is hand washable and much easier to set on – and use at table. The matt surface and taut…”

The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt DesignDirty Laundry: The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt Design
EXCERPT: “Dirty Laundry is a gallery show devoted to the concept of potential. Using stains as an integral part of the design and fashion of a t-shirt, the show seeks to shift our perception that something (or someone, for that…”

EXCERPT: “A bunch of us got together yesterday morning to start planning Interesting New York. We discussed the spirit of Interesting:Interesting is a goal, not a claim, It is an opportunity for people to share their passions and what they care about…”

 Heart of Hundreds BlawgShotgun Approach
[Heart of Hundreds Blawg] EXCERPT: “Dig Greg Ball and Shoko César’s Violent Art Collaboration. If there ever were the perfect sign you were in Alberta, this is them. Reminds me of the area down the river by where my friend Raymond and I used to make up stories about living out on the acreage when we were kids…”

How To Demo Your StartupHow To Demo Your Startup
[tech crunch] EXCERPT: “For the past 10 days I’ve sat through 200 company demos for the TechCrunch50 conference. These demos are mostly done over the phone for 10 minutes using the phone and web conferencing software like WebEx or Adobe’s wonderful new “Connect” service.”

Guilloches | The Ministry of TypeGuilloches
[ministry of type] EXCERPT: “Banknote patterns fascinate me. I can get lost for hours in all the details, seeing how the patterns fit together, how the lettering works, the tiny security ‘flaws’ – they’re amazing. Central to banknote designs are Guilloche patterns, which can be created mechanically with a geometric…”

PIG 05049.PIG 05049.
[bb-blog] EXCERPT: “Christien Meindertsma has spent the last three years researching all the products made from a single pig. Amongst some of the more unexpected results were: Ammunition, medicine, photo paper, heart valves…”

News on Japan - Double-wide anime look for your eyeballsDouble-wide anime look for your eyeballs
[News on Japan] EXCERPT: “That is, contact lenses with extra-wide tinted outer ring to give the look of a bigger, wider iris. To quote the sales copy, “Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!””

Complex Shit Wreaks Havoc in SwitzerlandComplex Shit Wreaks Havoc in Switzerland
[Dog Art Today] EXCERPT: “”A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed…”

random thoughtrandom thought
[nooka]: EXCERPT: “this has been stuck in my head since i’ve had an apartment full of nieces and nephews the whole summer and taking them out to restaurants etc. always brings up this issue: why do people freak out when a man uses a women’s…”

20cL Whiskey Bottles20cL Whiskey Bottles
[the dieline] EXCERPT: “I like the look of these 20cL mini bottles of whisky from Glasgow-based Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd. Maybe it’s a diabetic thing, but they caught my eye on account of their resemblance to the crimped vials that injectable medicines (like insulin) usually come in. Also, the labels…”

Aerial music over BeijingAerial music over Beijing
[city of sound] EXCERPT: “Although I’d been meaning to post the previous note on the Terracotta Army for months – in fact, since I’d first read the article in the LRB back in January – I actually hit the ‘save’ button in the middle of last night’s…”

Rickrolling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRickrolling
[wikipedia] EXCERPT: “Rickrolling is an Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The meme is a bait and switch: a person provides a Web link they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to the Astley video…”

Logomania is back - for the iPhoneLogomania is back – for the iPhone
[big secret pizza party] EXCERPT: “I saw the Chanel iPhone application when it first came out, but I was a little late to add it due to raging technical issues with my crappy mac book pro (long story). Anyway, my co-Nakedite Joe and I got to talking…”

2008 Trends article on LogoLounge.ComCurrent Logo Trends
[logo lounge] EXCERPT: “Trend-watching, until recently, has largely been an exercise in watching connections form between direct associations. Photoshop releases a new filter, and voila – entire raft of logos take on that effect…”

AIGA Gain ConferenceAIGA Gain Conference
EXCERPT: “When design and business work together, brilliant things happen. At “Gain,” hear today’s success stories from a select group of business and design leaders from a variety of industries, who will team up to share their…”

Eye blog » Eye, the international review of graphic designEye Blog
[eye] EXCERPT: “Welcome to the new blog for Eye, the international review of graphic design. We’ll be asking a wide range of writers to contribute notes, reviews, work in progress, rants, praise and other comments to help us understand…”

Engage Your Audience | Text The Mobtext the mob
EXCERPT: “The easiest and most entertaining way to collect feedback from your audience. Project polls or message boards on a large screen, have everyone send their input via their cell phones and see results instantly!”

Inhabitat » Announcing the winners of the ‘One Good Chair’ CompetitionAnnouncing the winners of the ‘One Good Chair’ Competition
[inhabitat] EXCERPT: “Back in April we announced the One Good Chair Design Competition, where a $4500 challenge was set to design a chair that ‘Does Good, Feels Good, Looks Good’. Designs for this competition were judged on…”

Cake WrecksCake Wrecks
EXCERPT: “Here at Cake Wrecks, we do our best to poke fun without being mean-spirited. It is never our intention to offend, only amuse. Please bear that in mind while commenting.”

Infographics News PoolInfografistas.com / Infographics News
[flickr] EXCERPT: “Space where we can upload our favourite graphic or anything interesting to comment”

Superlocal » Blog Archive » stair climbing trolleystair climbing trolley
[superlocal] EXCERPT: “perfect for HK’s endless stairs.”

Jen StarkJen Stark

Sol MoscotSol Moscot [andrew ackermann]


What’s the location?

where are you?

There’s two predictable sections of a site that I like checking out once I’ve bounced around from page to page. The first is the “About” category closely followed by “Contact”. The thing that really frustrates me about contact info on a large percentage of sites is that all they have is an email address. I can understand that people that work from where they live might want to keep their address unlisted – but at least mention the city that you’re residing in. For the most part I’m just curious but I also like to have an idea of where the site’s people are coming from. If I were to guess why it’s the case that the city isn’t mentioned – it’s either intentional or completely unintentional which is kind of ironic. If it’s intentional you probably have your reasons for not wanting to advertise it. If it’s unintentional it probably has to do w/ the fact that you already assume that people know where you’re located. Either way it seems like you’re not communicating all that you should. Am I completely off with my assumptions about why the location is missing?

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 8th (August 2008)

YOUNG GALLERY_1218157580753

Every Friday for what now seems like a long time, I’ve been posting direct links to posts w/ their excepts of stuff that I’ve found interesting filtered through the eyes of a designer called Link Drop. On this 080808 below are some of the ideas that kind made me stop and think. TTTNW (till this time next week) – make the most of your weekend.

– Michael

YOUNG GALLERY_1218157580753Jeffrey Milstein
EXCERPT: “Flying an airplane was one of my earliest dreams. Building and flying all the model planes I could afford, I became intimately familiar with aircraft design, and at the age of 17, I received my pilot’s license. Heavy metal, as the wide body jets are known, is the ultimate achievement in engineering and design.”

 The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1218158893746Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
[Adbusters] EXCERPT: “We’ve reached a point in our civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum. So while hipsterdom is the end product…”

 This is map #6_1218157473446Handmaps
EXCERPT: “an ongoing archive of maps and other interesting diagrams drawn by hand”

Behind Nike's Lawsuit Lies a Branding Story - Advertising Age - Digital_1218157487759Behind Nike’s Lawsuit Lies a Branding Story
[adage] EXCERPT: “There’s a fight brewing over the lightweight, wicking apparel technology known as Dri-Fit — but the battle is about search marketing and the right to bid on trademarked terms.”

 Sony BMG Sells Photos from its Archive, Ineptly_1218157524494Sony BMG Sells Photos from its Archive, Ineptly
[Pop Photo] EXCERPT: “We just saw on Wired.com that music company Sony BMG is selling prints of images from its archive. With CD sales in the dumper, the company is looking for alternative sources of revenue—what we in the digital content business call leveraging one’s assets.”

 HOW TO Solve The New York Times Crossword Puzzle - New York Times_1218157535171HOW TO; Solve The New York Times Crossword Puzzle
[NYT] EXCERPT: “A crossword puzzle is a battle between the puzzle maker and editor on one side and the solver on the other. But unlike most battles, both sides…”

radicalcartography_1218158087454RADICAL CARTOGRAPHY
EXCERPT: “If we were able to take as the finest allegory of simulation the Borges tale where the cartographers of the Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up exactly covering the territory…”

What I Learned Today - 14 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize its Brand_121815754813414 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize its Brand
[What I Learned Today] EXCERPT: ““We’re not this young, beloved, entrepreneurial enterprise anymore… We have to do business in a different way.” – Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz”

 The "Endless Accident Events" of Los Angeles_1218157567200The “Endless Accident Events” of Los Angeles
[BLDGBLOG] EXCERPT: “Artist Luther Thie’s proposed project LA Interchange would install a “gigantic public water fountain” at the intersection of L.A.’s Harbor and Santa Monica Freeways – and then use the fountain’s water supply…”

A video game inspired craft weblog — Sprite Stitch_1218157594551Sprite Stitch
EXCERPT: “I started this web log as a place to post cross stitch patterns that I have created. Most are video game (pixel) inspired, but not all. I will occasionally also post work by other crafters (with permission of course).”

 A Dutch Town Gone Graphic Design Crazy_1218157609164Breda: A Dutch Town Gone Graphic Design Crazy
[Ping Mag] EXCERPT: “A cryptic slash and a splash of copy-shop pastels announced Breda’s first-ever Graphic Design Festival in best DIY style. Design by Rob van Hoesel. Hands down, Dutch design is definitely a bit famous. From: Wim Crouwel to…”

 Advice for authors_1218157618956Advice for authors
[Seth Godin] EXCERPT: “Always beware free advice. It is worth what it costs! That said, I get a fair number of notes from well respected, intelligent people who are embarking on their…”

 The construct of loneliness & emotional bonds =The construct of loneliness & emotional bonds = ?
[Cellar Door] EXCERPT: “Let’s say a guy (we’ll call him Alex) goes on a business trip to a far away place and he misses his wife (let’s call her Jenny). Alex emails Jenny a photo of himself…”

 The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1218157422186Greyhound pulls ‘bus rage’ ads
[canada.com] EXCERPT: “Greyhound Canada said Tuesday that it is in the process of pulling a series of ads in an extensive, cross-country campaign featuring the slogan, “There’s a reason you’ve never heard of bus rage.””

 Daniel Eatock thumbprints every copy of IMPRINT_1218157646704Daniel Eatock thumbprints every copy of IMPRINT
[papressblog] EXCERPT: “UK-based graphic designer Daniel Eatock visited our warehouse in Indiana and thumbprinted the spines of each and every copy of his amazing…”

Keeping Up Nintendo's Momentum - WSJ.com_1218191203014Keeping Up Nintendo’s Momentum
[WSJ] EXCERPT: “After overseeing several years of rapid growth at Nintendo Co., President Satoru Iwata faces new challenges: how to keep players of the company’s videogames interested, and how to cultivate a new wave of customers.”

Kurve Designer Karim Rashid Thinks New York Has Some Catching Up to Do - Grub Street - New York Magazine_1218192173887Kurve Designer Karim Rashid Thinks New York Has Some Catching Up to Do
[Grub Street] EXCEPT: “When Andy Yang’s mysterious Thai venture, Kurve, finally went into soft-opening mode a…”

Fecal Face - Buff Monster Interview_1218192507302Buff Monster Interview
[Fecal Face] EXCERPT: “This LA based street artist is about to open his second solo show “The Sweetest Thing” at the LA based Corey Helford August 23rd. We got a chance to ask him about his upcoming show, what it’s like to date a porn star…”

Picture 2dog poo bags


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 1st (August 2008)


This week came and went in the blink of the eye for me and I’m not too sure why. In any case my Link Drop this week has been influenced quite a bit by technology and copywriting. As with every week so far w/ the Link Drop I’ve made some tweaks to the format. Sometimes it’s more subtle than other times. If you’ve been following from week to week and months and have a suggestion to make it better, please let me know. Ciao until next week.
– Michael

[scott goodson] EXCERPT: “bout ten years ago, I wrote the first businessplan for a new kind of company. I hadn’t really figured out everything, but I had a pretty good idea what this company wasn’t going to be about.”

Nervo.tv's Photostream_1217550763941Nervo.tv’s photostream
[Flickr] EXCERPT: “Nervo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based on Portland, OR USA. Led by founder and Creative Director Nando Costa, the diverse collective of digital artists create filmed and animated artwork for a variety of applications. The studio’s wide-range of styles and techniques…”

The blueness of Heat_1217550799866The blueness of Heat
[noisydecentgraphics] EXCERPT: “I reckon there are only four films I’ve seen more than once, properly, all the way through, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings and Heat. Breakfast at Tiffany’s used to be my favourite…”

3rings » The Cootie Catcher_1217550810207The Cootie Catcher
[3rings] EXCERPT: “Uh, Oh, I spy a theme emerging. Fresh off a look at 3Fold, in which George Rice both critiques and invigorates the aesthetic of the boardroom, comes another example of modern minimalism in glass and steel.”

In the creative world, the only constant is change - International Herald Tribune_1217550861548In the creative world, the only constant is change
[IHT] EXCERPT: “Design is all about change. It can help us to understand the changes in the world around us, and turn them to our advantage by translating them into things that make our lives more efficient or enjoyable, sometimes both.”

Literacy Debate - Online, R U Really ReadingLiteracy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?
[NYT] EXCERPT: “Books are not Nadia Konyk’s thing. Her mother, hoping to entice her, brings them home from the library, but Nadia rarely shows an interest. Instead, like so many other teenagers, Nadia, 15, is addicted to the Internet…”

Pussies in Beaverton_1217550903627Nike pulls Hyperdunk ads amid criticism
[the sherman foundation] EXCERPT: “Nike said Friday it would pull its ads for its Hyperdunk basketball shoes, responding to criticism that they fed homophobic views.”

Creative Review Monograph_1217551074894Creative Review Monograph
[bantjes] EXCERPT: “This is a really important piece for me. Patrick Burgoyne at Creative Review offered me one of these “Monograph” pieces they send out with subscription…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » Let there be light | Blogs | Reuters.com_1217551117844Let there be light
[blogs.reuters] EXCERPT: “It’s after 9:00 pm on a Sunday night, Centre Court, Wimbledon. I am up on platform B with about 15 other photographers. This position often produces the best celebration photos as players turn and face their family and coaches seated above us upon match point…”

Untitled Document_1217551126512WallKandy
EXCERPT: “WallKandy is an art forum for people who have a passion for the ‘Urban Art’ movement. It covers artist news, releases, street sites & gallery updates and…”

Chet Chat with Chet_1217558853532Columbia Records AdSense LOL
[Chet Chat with Chet] EXCERPT: “As of yesterday they actually had a major piece of real estate on their corporate site…”

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1217551138888Objectified: A New Film by Gary Hustwit
[Hoefler & Frere-Jones (H&FJ)] EXCERPT: “Ever since director Gary Hustwit invited us to appear in his film Helvetica, life has changed for me and Tobias in two ways. First, we get recognized on the street from time to time (always with the implied aren’t you those type dorks) — but second, and more rewardingly…”

Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice_1217555088351Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice
[tech crunch] EXCERPT: “Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap Revenge, has announced that the popular iPhone app will hit 1 million installs some time this weekend…”

Nookalookbook08_FIN_03noo look for nooka
[Nooka Blog] EXCERPT: “our noo look book [notice all the lovely double o’s there] went to press this week and we updated the website with the noo photos as well. fashion week is for androids, and it’s no different for the catwalk…”

modernnixiesA Modern Take On Nixie Tube Clocks from BDDW, Chronotronix, Puhlmann and Peter J. Jensen
[if its hip its here] EXCERPT: “Most Nixie tube clocks ordinarily look a little steam punk and a little scientific a la Thomas Dolby. But I found a few companies that make nixie clocks pretty enough for almost anyone’s taste…”

 Communciate With Charm_1217590207418Communciate With Charm
[charlie gower] EXCERPT: “It’s the simple things that make us smile. Good lateral thinking. This is what we need to think about when designing communication services. Keeping it in the here and now. Focus on the the stuff people actually see…”

» Calgary’s scrambling too! • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1217590469869Calgary’s scrambling too!
[Spacing Toronto] EXCERPT: “I’m in Calgary at the moment, en route to Hong Kong. This is a fast-growing, fast-changing city, and there are a couple of interesting changes that I noticed while I was here. One of them is the introduction of two new scramble…”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 25th (July 2008)

 Seen On The Streets Of London_1216935865308

I’ve been going back and forth on the tone of how I wanted to mention this week’s Link Drop. On one hand a person could interpret the collection as just that, nothing more than a bunch of sites put together. But I also like to cluster them together to see what themes emerge and perhaps reflect what I’ve been thinking about. There’s lots of maps, mention’s of the brutal demise of BPP from NPR and some other aggressively if not slightly passive sights of expression. Not sure what next week’s Link Drop will be just yet – stay tuned.

– Michael

 Seen On The Streets Of London_1216935865308Seen On The Streets Of London
[wooster collective]

QR Code Fences in Soho | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1216936049298QR Code Fences in Soho
[PSFK] EXCERPT: “The fences are sending me secret messages!!! These are not the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic. They are what anyone with a QR code reader on the corner of Houston and Broadway in Manhattan might say.”

[gjones] EXCERPT: “A list of ideas that Y Combinator, a ‘new kind of venture firm’, would like people to bring to them for funding. They’re all, purposefully, vague, but an interesting read.”

 5 Ways to Deal with Being the New Kid on the Block_12169360169045 Ways to Deal with Being the New Kid on the Block
[tinku tales] EXCERPT: “I am experiencing a lot of “New Kid on the Block” situations lately. I had to write my first gallery listing for Slate Art Guide yesterday, and it took me a few tries to figure out what to say about tinku gallery’s inaugural exhibition in September. All of my references – other art magazines, art blogs, etc… tend to write about art in language that is so complex that I find it impossible to do. Writing about other things — software, travel, life — is no problem, but writing about art in a way that people like me understand it, yet not scaring away the “serious” art folks, is damn hard!”

 Some Realities of the Publishing Business_1216935849279Some Realities of the Publishing Business
[publishing associates] EXCERPT: “Mark Hurst, author of the book, Bit Literacy, recently posted Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known. While Mark’s comments are jaded, the points he makes are valid. Joe Wikert, publisher of a technical imprint for Wiley and formerly Macmillan, pointed me to this post from his Publishing 2020 blog. Joe clears up some facts about Mark’s post and makes some good points about finances and contracts.”

 NPR Music_1216935874377Stages of Grief for the ‘BPP’: Denial
[NPR] EXCERPT: “In our last week at the Byrant Park Project, we’re using music to move through the stages of grief as defined by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross.”

2008 IDEA Design Awards – BusinessWeek_12169358838252008 IDEA Design Awards
[businessweek] EXCERPT: “Europeans, Asians, and Latin Americans took more International Design Excellence Awards than ever. And students made a strong showing”

Lego Digital Designer « unformal_1216935897486Lego Digital Designer
[formal design] EXCERPT: “Lego has made a 3d program called Lego Digital Designer that allows you to build virtually. The small program is free to download from their web site, and is easy to install. The user interface is very simple, and without any training at all, you are realizing your Lego building dreams. It also has this neat feature that calculates the price of all the Lego bricks used, so you can order them by post to your home door. It took me about 20 minutes to make this Unformal Lego building, and the price for that ordered would have been 11€.”

usb jewellery_1216935907095usb jewellery
[toniawelter] EXCERPT: “The usb cufflinks BERLIN form the centerpiece of a precious usb jewellery collection. The items are both modern functional tools and high quality fashion accessories. Storage capacity is 2 GB in general, upgrades are possible. The collection ranges from necklaces (VENICE, MILANO) to bracelets (RIO, PALERMO, MÜNCHEN) and keychains (HAMBURG). All details are carefully handmade in Berlin, Germany by industrial designer Tonia Welter and jewellery designer Julia Reymann. The actual collection is made of sterling silver, available in limited edition.”

 The TiVo Remote's Untold Past, Present and Future_1216935919131Story of a Peanut: The TiVo Remote’s Untold Past, Present and Future
[gizmodo] EXCERPT: “I recently had the opportunity to learn more about TiVo’s award-winning remote control when I met with their Senior Director of Consumer Engineering Paul Newby, father of the TiVo remote. Aside from hearing the story of how the remote slowly sprouted into the “Peanut,” I found out some unknown stories behind the clicker. Stuff like TiVo butting heads with Sony.”

Atmos Clock (Monoscope)_1216935925939Atmos Clock
[monoscope] EXCERPT: “The Atmos 561 Clock, made by Jaeger LeCoultre and designed by Mark Newson, is powered entirely by changes in temperature and sits inside a block of crystal for good measure. According to The Watchismo Times, a change in temperature of one degree celsius can power the clock for two days.”

 on the topic of calendars._1216935932296on the topic of calendars
[girl in the green dress] EXCERPT: “I am a bit fixated on innovative calendars, and I love finding new methods of tracking time! Part of the Corian 40 years/40 designers event, this calendar was created by Niels Kjeldsen Design to demonstrate the design possibilities of Corian.”

This is what happens when Ads are not relevant to your content « Joker_1216935939824This is what happens when Ads are not relevant to your content
[jokerred] EXCERPT: “I came across this while reading Jeff Jarvis’s blog. It doesn’t appear at the top URL, but you can see the displayed ad when you visit any permalink. Notice the top right side of the blog. I was quite surprised to find this image on his blog at first because I thought this was his profile image. Then I saw the captions attached below the picture that said: “Buy Buzzmachine blogads now!”.
Oh, it was an ad. But you know, whether it’s an ad or not, it did hurt his image a little at least. I wonder if he’s aware of this. That ad is apparently transmitting a sexual message, and not many people who read his blog should appreciate it.”

 city engine | serial consign_1216935949214city archive / city engine
[serial consign] EXCERPT: “Over the last few days I’ve discovered a pair of interesting projects that explore urban form through computation. The first is an interactive map of Rome that locates and contextualizes a number of 18th century perspective drawings, the second is a software application that utilizes procedural modeling to generate expansive 3D cities.”

 Thanks, But No Thanks_1216935957505NPR to Non-Old People: Thanks, But No Thanks
[huffington post] EXCERPT: “National Public Radio announced last week that it has canceled its Web-radio hybrid, The Bryant Park Project, after less than one year of broadcasting. (Actually, The New York Times announced it. That’s where most of the show’s staffers discovered last Monday that their jobs will soon be no more.) In the history of Things That Are Stupid, the move falls somewhere between CBS booting Bob Schieffer from the Evening News and The New Yorker asking the reanimated corpse of Jesse Helms to draw its cover illustration.”

Picture 29Mercury Prize 2008 nominations: have they got it right?
[guardian] EXCERPT: “Female solo acts and Music Weekly podcast guests make up this year’s nominations. Do you agree with them? Another year, another set of Mercury (or Nationwide Mercury Prize, to give it its full title) nominations for everyone to get angry about in the pub. But before we start spilling Old Speckled Hen on each other, the list… ”

Razor Apple » Lia Halloran, Skater in the Dark_1216935993328Lia Halloran, Skater in the Dark
[razorapple] EXCERPT: “White lines of light crisscross and circle the Los Angeles skate parks and ditches of photographer Lia Halloran. Skating these locations at and capturing the image at night, she lets her light trail be the self-portrait and record of the evening. Tonight, ten of Halloran’s photographs are featured in Dark Skate, her second New York solo show, at DCKT Contemporary (195 Bowery at Spring St, New York, NY) from 6 to 8 PM, and stays up through September 13.”

 Welcome to NASA Earth Observations_1216936002292NEO: Welcome to NASA Earth Observations
[NASA] EXCERPT: “New dataset: Solar Insolation. See the ‘Energy’ tab below.”

 Pound the pavement_1216936008741Pound the pavement
[google-latlong] EXCERPT: “It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and when it’s not too hot, it feels like a waste of gorgeous weather to get behind the wheel or hop in a cab. Doubly so when you’re traveling to a city you’d love to explore, and you’re pretty sure that you could walk from your hotel to the aquarium, if only you could figure out the way.”

 safe bike routes made easy_1216936023413Ride the City: safe bike routes made easy
[ride the city]EXCERPT: “Welcome to Ride the City, a website that helps you find the safest bike route between any two points in New York City. The concept is pretty simple. Just like MapQuest, Google, Microsoft, and other mapping programs, Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points. But there are two major differences. First, RTC excludes roads that aren’t meant for biking, like the BQE and the Queens Midtown tunnel. Second, RTC tries to locate routes that maximize the use of bike lanes and greenways.”

Aza’s Thoughts » Mobile Firefox and Designing Without Modal Overlays_1216936030727Mobile Firefox and Designing Without Modal Overlays
[azarask] EXCERPT: “In the concept video I recently did for laying out the interface paradigms for Firefox Mobile, I listed five guiding principals. 1. Touch it with your finger, 2. Large targets are good, 3. Visual Momentum and Physics are compelling, 4. Typing is difficult, 5. Content is king, It’s these principals that inform the design of new features long after the original design as been coded, released, and iterated on. In discussions with the perspicacious Mike Beltzner, another design principal emerged. 6. Use modal overlays sparingly, if at all.”

19 Cool Watches that Require a PhD to tell Time | Cool Material_121693603778319 Cool Watches that Require a PhD to tell Time
[cool material] EXCERPT: “If your the kind of guy that likes to “figger things out” and never have to be anywhere on time, perhaps one of these ultra-geek (yet cool) watches should be on your shopping list.”

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)


By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there was a combo of culture between photography, radio, music, architecture, advertising and some stuff that would fall into the category of misc. A lot of it was forward thinking – like what’s next. It’s kind of obvious that there’s a shake up going on and those that have a pov are trying to shape the next stage.

– Michael Surtees

SR-1154+TH+2008+Maker+Map-4Future of Making Map [The Institute For The Future]
EXCERPT: “Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences—the “stuff” of our world—will be designed, manufactured, and distributed over the next decade. An emerging do-it-yourself culture of “makers” is boldly voiding warranties to tweak, hack, and customize the products they buy. And what they can’t purchase, they build from scratch. Meanwhile, flexible manufacturing technologies on the horizon will change fabrication from massive and centralized to lightweight and ad hoc. These trends sit atop a platform of grassroots economics—new market structures developing online that embody a shift from stores and sales to communities and connections.”

The Coalition for Daring Behaviour_1216343298864The Coalition for Daring Behaviour
EXCERPT: “Launched in January 2008, The Coalition for Daring Behaviour is an on-line artist project that strives to facilitate a global exchange of dares, double dares, and possibly triple dog dares. An ever-expanding network of international artists/daredevils, the CFBD promotes creative collaborations of a spontaneous, non-traditional and, most importantly, daring nature.”

Picture 2Prototype Packaging using Photoshop Smart Objects [creativetechs]
EXCERPT: “Are you working on a product packaging job? Here’s a way to combine digital product photography with Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects in CS2 or CS3 to create quick virtual prototypes. The process is fairly easy once you understand the technique, and can be used for some pretty remarkable results.”

On the death of BPP | Gravity Medium_1216343338131On the death of BPP [gravity medium]
EXCERPT: “Well, the Bryant Park Project has less than a month left. Literally. Was it too beautiful to live, perhaps? Hardly. I mean, can anyone really feign shock that well? Let’s recount the strikes against this endeavor:”

The Facebooker Who Friended Obama - NYTimes.com_1216343352764The Facebooker Who Friended Obama [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Last November, Mark Penn, then the chief strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton, derisively said Barack Obama’s supporters “look like Facebook.” Chris Hughes takes that as a compliment. Mr. Hughes, 24, was one of four founders of Facebook. In early 2007, he left the company to work in Chicago on Senator Obama’s new-media campaign.”

Design Observer_1216343365301I Was A Mad Man Design Observer
EXCERPT: “In the winter of 1976, while still a student, I worked lunches at a Greek restaurant on Madison Avenue in New York City. Three or four days a week, a well-dressed gentleman in his 50s would come to lunch — strangely alone — and sit at the bar and order a martini. (And ultimately two more, but never three.) He managed to read the Wall Street Journal and eat a little lunch. I was his waiter and his bartender.”

 Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known_1216343375722Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known [Good Experience]
EXCERPT: “Following up on these overviews of the book industry, I thought I’d share some lessons I learned from publishing Bit Literacy. I originally tried to go through mainstream publishers but eventually self-published it, because of what I learned in the process. I wish I had known everything below before I wrote my book.”

Orbicule | Undercover_1216343382368Undercover
EXCERPT: “Because laptops are increasingly popular, and desktops are becoming smaller and more portable, computer theft has reached huge proportions worldwide: there were about 600,000 laptops stolen in the USA in the year 2004. According to a recent FBI report, 97% of all stolen computers are never recovered. Many people we know have had their Macs stolen, often in ‘safe’ situations. That’s why we developed Undercover: a unique theft-recovery application designed from the ground up for Mac OS X.”

design mind | business. technology. design._1216343400362design mind | business. technology. design.

 News, Coverage, and Commentary_1216343408466NPR cancel Bryant Park Project – Can a hybrid work? [fast forward blog]
EXCERPT: “It was announced this weekend that NPR will have to cancel their new News program The Bryant Park Project for cost reasons. The NYT story is here. The BPP site with comments on the closing of the show is here. You can see that I was not the only fan nor am I the only one who is upset!”

 Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters - O'Reilly Radar_1216343415111Ignite NYC: Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters [radar oreilly]
EXCERPT: “The first Ignite NYC is going to happen 7/29 at M1-5. We are going to feature 16 speakers. Each speaker will get 20 slides that auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of five-minutes. Ignite is free and open to the public — you’re on your own for drinks. We’re also going to be joined by Ignite co-creator, Bre Pettis. Bre is going to lead us in a creative soldering contest. RSVP at Upcoming or Facebook to let us know you are coming.”

Barbarian Group Adds Strategist_1216343424741Barbarian Group Adds Strategist [adweek]
EXCERPT: “The Barbarian Group is beefing up its strategic offering by adding Noah Brier from Naked Communications.”

 Coffee shop chalkboard signs_1216343430820Coffee shop chalkboard signs [cellar door]
EXCERPT: “In the past several months, I have been taking photos of chalkboard signs outside of coffee shops. Very specifically: Sweet Farm and El Beit in Williamsburg. These two shops started out being next to each other, and I wasn’t sure how each one would do, competition-wise.”

EXCERPT: “A visual listing of redesigns, design refreshes/updates, and overhauls.”

Sandra’s Sources | Leffot - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1216343447626Sandra’s Sources | Leffot [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Steven Taffel, a self-proclaimed shoe hound, was tired of having to hoof it all the way uptown for quality footwear, so he decided to open the ultimate boot-ique in the heart of the West Village. The tightly curated selection includes labels like Edward Green, Pierre Corthay, Artioli, Aubercy and Gaziano & Girling, a young English cobbler.”

 Three Glimpses of Photography's Future_1216343452814Three Glimpses of Photography’s Future [pop photo]
EXCERPT: “By now I’m guessing that most people who read blogs (or email) have read Vincent Laforet’s insightful, tough-love opus at Sports Shooter about the state of photography today (and tomorrow), The Cloud is Falling. It’s a long piece, so there’s a chance you might not have gotten to this late paragraph:”

Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture | Jason Santa Maria_1216343461251Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture [Jason Santa Maria]
EXCERPT: “Sometime next year, Polaroid will stop producing instant film. There have been lots of people jumping in to help save the format, and others writing some striking eulogies, as the rest of us start mourning the oncoming loss. But one thing I can’t quite shake is what Polaroid represents to me, something that will likely be on its way out the door too: the visual metaphor of a photograph.”

 prince of the gift economy_1216375597296Lil Wayne: prince of the gift economy [This Blog Sits at the: Culture By]
EXCERPT: “Since his last LP, Lil Wayne has been working the gift economy. In the words of Jonah Weiner, [T]he New Orleans MC struck upon a music-distribution model so radical it made Radiohead look like Thomas Edison shipping wax cylinders by Pony Express. Step 1: Rap about whatever pops into your head, over any beat you please–copyright laws be damned. Step 2: Flood the Internet with material, compiled on mix tapes or leaked a la carte. Step 3: Say yes to anyone who invites you to guest star on a track (anyone: meaning Enrique Iglesias and Gym Class Heroes). Step 4: Repeat at an inhuman clip, not merely keeping pace with the relentless blog cycle–in which MP3s ping from studios to iPods to trash cans in a matter of days, but leaving the blog cycle face down on the racetrack, turf in its teeth, gasping for air.”

 NYC Window Display Series continues..._1216375058930NYC Window Display Series continues… [Copyranter]
EXCERPT” “Last time, years ago, I went inside The Apartment at 101 Crosby St., they were an offbeat furniture store. But now, apparently, they offer “fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture, and interior design services.” Here, in their ever-changing window display, they present six people (employees?) artfully faking taking a dump.”

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 27th (June 2008)

Kick ass N and T lig.

Going for two months now, the latest edition of Link Drop contains bigger thumbnails as an easier target to click to the sites you want to see. Below are a list of sites and posts that got my attention this week. Unexpected stuff like the kindle made a mark while a followup to the Obama seal follows from last week. In between that there’s some pretty cool stuff that you’ll probably want to sit back and check out.

Picture 1R.E.M. – Hollow Man Shot, designed and animated by Crush, Toronto.

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » RFID Aesthetics_1214522767803RFID Aesthetics pingmag
EXCERPT: “RFID — or radio-frequency identification… we’ve heard of that before. Now, while strolling the booths at the RFID Expo that just took place at Tokyo’s Big Sight, we began wondering what RFID is used for best: as a button on a chef’s uniform to let him open the kitchen door; as an infant’s bracelet for a motion detector; embedded in boxes to trace its contents on their way across the globe or inside price tags in department stores to calculate the sales. Ah, well, if you just keep standing in front of the chip displays, you start to make out figures and characters of their shapes, wondering who came up with these fascinating structures… Instead of delving into new technology, this time PingMag takes a closer look at the appearance of RFID transponders.”

Picture 4Facebook overtakes MySpace worldwide sfgate
EXCERPT: “Worldwide, Facebook has surpassed MySpace in monthly users. Nearly 124 million people dropped by Facebook in May, compared with more than 114.6 million people checking out MySpace in May, comScore said. The statistics are drastically different from last year.”

Picture 3Blue Bottle Coffee Making nbrier’s photostream

EXCERPT: “Why bother with a paper newspaper when you can get is all on the new Amazon Kindle. And in such bright and easy to read typography. It’s light and easy to carry. You download all your content via wireless like a snap. The Kindle does a remarkable job of being my daily newspaper, favorite book, and all those magazines I love reading over the summer vacation like the New Yorker. The only big problem is where did all the ads go? Oh, jeez there aren’t any. It’s a subscription based business model. Dang that’s another nail in the old traditional advertising model. Pretty cool technology though. I’m a fan.”

 a guide to today's news_1214522825099Daylife: a guide to today’s news Christa In New York
EXCERPT: “Jon Fine’s article in this week’s issue of Business Week discusses a new news provider, Daylife. As a devoted fan of the news and someone who believes that the plethora of new media channels can help to reinvent traditional media, I am intrigued by Daylife’s business model.”

 muxtape madness_1214568211392muxtape madness a clock with out hands
EXCERPT: “Some are sloppy and some are neat (if you are into yé-yé, I might recommend some samplings proffered in muxtape ten and eleven, respectively). I really just want muxtape to let me upload “Nous Tous” by Françoise Hardy- it’s my current jive, a tune I’ve gotta share.”

 It Ain't Easy Being Supreme_1214522856417It Ain’t Easy Being Supreme charlie gower
EXCERPT: “A friend of mine brought this back for me from the Supreme store in LA. I expect most people have seen the Kermit ads here and there but this little dude is the icing on the cake.”

 Focus on Results, Not Time from Behance Magazine_1214522992266 Tip: Focus on Results, Not Time behance mag
EXCERPT: “We often assume that the number of hours spent at work are an indication of one’s effort, interest, and accomplishment. However, in reality, the greatest ideas and the execution of these ideas happen in spurts. The best ideas often do not require a lengthy conception, and the most productive days are seldom the longest. But still, managers instinctually measure employees with an eye on the clock. Working hours remain rigid, and morale suffers when the rules fail to support the ultimate goal: a productive creative workplace. What working conditions are ideal for maximum creativity and productivity?”

Picture 5The Brilliant George Carlin “Passes Away” debbie millman
EXCERPT: “George Carlin died yesterday. The world is a much sadder place today.”

 Whitney Biennial for Kids ( of all ages )_1214523074474 Whitney Biennial for Kids (of all ages) bigsecretpizzaparty
EXCERPT: “I went to the Whitney Biennial awhile back, and while most of the stuff there was marginally close to the cliche idea of contemporary art being things like piles of trash, and chunks of wood with hot fudge dripping from them, they had a fantastic activity-oriented brochure to get kids involved in the exhibits, and thinking about what the art meant ( or didn’t mean, as the case may be).”

 All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Obama’s presidential seal gone after one use « - Blogs from CNN.com_1214524524309Obama’s presidential seal gone after one use politicalticker.blogs.cnn
EXCERPT: “Barack Obama’s communications director said Monday that the presidential seal the campaign unveiled last week at a meeting with Democratic governors won’t be seen again.”

swissmiss_1214543553548 Fanette Mellier swissmiss
EXCERPT: “Love this font by Fanette Mellier. (the navigation of the portfolio site is slightly painful though) (via whatmademelook)”

Universal Edit Button | urlgreyhot_1214524550915Universal Edit Button urlgreyhot

EXCERPT: “There is a group of people getting around the idea of having a Universal Edit Button in browser bars to indicate when a page is editable. The green pencil icon is similar to the orange “broadcast” RSS icon that indicates there is an RSS feed available.”

 research_1214570841078data-driven parenting serial consign
EXCERPT: “Last week, Kevin Kelly wrote about a web service right on point with some of the recent projects examined here on Serial Consign. Trixie Tracker is a parental database and scheduling application developed by interface designer Ben MacNeill. The service is designed for parents to track the daily rhythms of their infant(s) and over time, build up a body of data pertaining to sleep schedules, diaper changes, breast feeding, milk inventory and diet development.”

Interactive Hug » 5 Keys to Becoming a Successful Interactive Designer_12145245753325 Keys to Becoming a Successful Interactive Designer interactive hug
EXCERPT: “Here’s a list of what I consider to be the fundamental skills needed to make it as a designer in the interactive advertising world.”

Leica D-Lux 3 | Dog Pixel_1214524604521Leica D-Lux 3 | Dog Pixel comunicadores
EXCERPT: “Para demonstrar que você pode ter muito mais detalhes usando a câmera digital Leica D-Lux 3, o pessoal da agência Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, desenvolveu essa ação de ambiente utilizando objetos 3D fabricados com pequenos.”

Concrete Washbasin from HighTech - Ammonite washbasin shaped as a fossil | Trendir_1214524630073 Concrete Washbasin from HighTech trendir
EXCERPT: “Introducing new concrete washbasin shaped as a fossil, the Ammonite washbasin from HighTech. Inspired by the archaic beauty of ammonites, this unique design showcases the organic qualities of concrete. The washbasin can be produced in widths between 90 cm and 330 cm with a standard depth of 56 cm, and is available in several colors. It can be installed either with a table-mounted or wall-mounted tap. “Ammonites are an extinct species of cephalopods which lived in the sea about 400 million years ago. Their shells are found all over the world and they are very much sought-after by fossil-hunters, their collector’s value depending on size and the state of preservation. The fascinating shape of ammonite fossils – which resembles a rolled up helix – is the basic design element in the new HighTech washbasin. The association of water and fossil design is a clear allusion to the prehistoric inspiration for the Ammonite washbasin.” HighTech”

The Dashboard_1214524660689The Dashboard
EXCERPT: “The Dashboard is a physical manifestation of a design theory. Created at the Institute Without Boundaries to negotiate complex real-world projects, it is both a theoretical framework and a practical tool for the creation of design.”

Cracking the Code - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 13 of 15_1214524815031Mystery on Fifth Avenue NYT
EXCERPT: “THINGS are not as they seem in the 14th-floor apartment on upper Fifth Avenue. At first blush the family that occupies it looks to be very much of a type. The father, Steven B. Klinsky, 52, runs a private equity company; the mother, Maureen Sherry, 44, left her job as a managing director for Bear Stearns to raise their four young children (two boys and two girls); and the dog, LuLu, is a soulful Lab mix rescued from a pound in Louisiana.”

 A Design Fellowship Is Like a Box of Chocolates_1214524857045From the Design Desk: A Design Fellowship Is Like a Box of Chocolates chronicle books
EXCERPT: “As our six-month design fellowships come to an end, we wanted to share a few thoughts on our experience. Each of us came up with our own colorful analogy for what the design fellowship was like for us followed by some examples of our work here at Chronicle.”

Picture 6inhibitionxhibition
EXCERPT: “This site contains a collection
of work produced by graduate Graphic Design students from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. We specialise in a range of mediums through print and screen.”

 good or annoyingBalloon thing: good or annoying? noisy decent graphics
EXCERPT: “So this balloon thing, good or annoying? I’ve wasted a decent amount of time playing it today and I’ve had fun. I was even 5th at one point! But I can totally understand that it’s very annoying seeing all those balloons when you arrive at this site. On the internet some people seem a little confused by it (I was at first) and some people seem very annoyed with it all. What do you think?”

 Army Wives poster suicide bombed._1214525126975Army Wives poster suicide bombed. copyranter
EXCERPT: “NYC subway pranksters, who recently remixed The Happening into The Crapening and The Penis and turned Get Smart into Wet Fart, have graduated from 8th grade and moved on to high school poli sci class. I give him a B+. Army Wives just started its second season on Lifetime.”

The Decoder Ring Design Concern_1214525171543The Decoder Ring : Testy Typographer Tee
EXCERPT: “A favorite of design educators, this one pretty much speaks for itself. Impress design bloggers with your commitment to geekery! Printed on American Apparel sweat shop-free super awesome t-shirts.”

Un-Boxing and Getting Started with Amazon's Kindle | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English_1214525218702Un-Boxing and Getting Started with Amazon’s Kindle commoncraft
EXCERPT: “About a month ago, I got a Kindle as an early birthday present (Thanks Sachi’s Mom!) Since that time, I’ve become consumed by not only the device, but the potential for it to become a foundation for Amazon to disrupt the publishing industry.”

 Richard Serra and experience design_1214525242418 Richard Serra and experience design good experience
EXCERPT: “Serra is best known as a sculptor and artist, but what struck me most about the exhibit, and the Charlie Rose interview, was Serra’s explicit focus on creating an experience, rather an object to be revered, in his art.”

SamFlores-12Grain_1214525271832Sunday, June 22, 2008 samflores
EXCERPT: “they also had gifts one of them consisted of a little Nike box, with a bumble bee dunk that is a hard drive.”

Picture 3NY Governor Breaks the Tape awearness blog
EXCERPT: “This image is a testament to the power of something as basic as running to bring people together in a spirit of good will — not to mention that exuberant feeling everyone feels at the end of a race.”

 Cannes 2008_1214525798762HBO ‘Voyeur’ Collaborator Calls Cannes Prizes Unfair ad age
EXCERPT:“In an interview, Michael Lebowitz, co-founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, one of the shops instrumental in executing “Voyeur,” criticized both BBDO and the awards system for not giving due credit to his firm for its role in a campaign that crossed from outdoor to digital to film. The campaign picked UP a number of awards at festivals this year, and in Cannes it earned two Grand Prix trophies in the outdoor and promotion categories, five Golds, a Silver and a Bronze in media, cyber, design promotion and film, with the bulk of the credit attributed to BBDO, New York.”

 Top Ten Compared_1214525838352Exhibitions: Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition: What’s in the Gallery
EXCERPT: “You are viewing the photographs installed at the Brooklyn Museum in Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition.”

 Mark Boulton_1214525875211Design isn’t about tools mark boulton
EXCERPT: “The other day, 37Signals wrote about Why they skip Photoshop. Fine. I think that suits them and their workflow, considering they don’t do client work and have an established UI style on which to draw. Jeff does a much better job of summarising my thoughts on the subject that I could. As does Jon. So, yesterday, we see this post on SVN, presumably as a follow up. Is it an inflammatory post? Or, do they have a point?”

Search Engine | CBC Radio | The future of Search Engine_1214525904539 The future of Search Engine CBC
EXCERPT: “Todd Maffin, who writes the Inside the CBC blog, asked me to clarify what’s happening with Search Engine this fall. He also asked for my thoughts on the exuberant online reaction to the changes.”

Photographers » Blog Archive » Caught in a rebel offensive in eastern Chad | Blogs | Reuters.com_1214525947766Caught in a rebel offensive in eastern Chad blogs.reuters
EXCERPT: “GOZ-BEIDA, Chad – Harsh light and shifting shadows in the windblown desert of eastern Chad can conjure strange images, but this was no mirage. Lurking in the shade of a thorn tree was the dark outline of a pick-up truck carrying a dozen men brandishing weapons. Ruled by the gun, this lawless corner of Africa borders Sudan and has inherited the violent power struggles from neighbouring Darfur. The shapes under the tree spelled trouble. I quickly ordered the driver of our battered Suzuki Samurai to U-turn, but as we accelerated away, kicking up sand, the sharp “crack-crack-crack” of gunshots split the air.”

Corporate Information - Google User Experience_1214525989474Google User Experience
EXCERPT: “The Google User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful, fast, simple, engaging, innovative, universal, profitable, beautiful, trustworthy, and personable. Achieving a harmonious balance of these ten principles is a constant challenge. A product that gets the balance right is “Googley”…”


Picture 8I C U: Los Angeles Connections – Map LA TIMES
Where the boys/girls are

Picture 1NewTalk
EXCERPT: “NewTalk presents focused discussions by experts on the most important domestic topics shaping American society today. We bring together experts in theory, policy and practice—from academics and lawmakers to admired practitioners—to share their diverse perspectives on pressing domestic issues.”

Stuff that I found interesting this week


The week is finally winding down after lots of ups and downs on a continuous cycle for me. With some drinks on the roof of Daylife in SoHo on a sunny Friday afternoon it was a fitting end. The weekend promises to be pretty great – lots of sun, hanging with friends and getting a kicking new haircut are some of the things scheduled. Now in my fourth week I offer some of the better links that caught my attention. For this set I decided to start off with my top five tracks swirling in my head at the moment.

Mark Ronson feat. Paul Smith
Apply Some Pressure

The Submarines
You Me and the Bourgeoisie

She and Him (ft. Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward)
Bring It On Home To Me

Marlena Shaw
California Soul (Diplo Remix)

American Boy (ft. Kanye West)

Welcome to BrickGun, the world leader in custom Lego weapon models. We specialize in creating the coolest, most realistic kits that can be built using genuine Lego parts. Each model is life-sized, with accurate dimensions and details. They feature functioning mechanics such as triggers, hammers, slides, safeties and magazines so they not only look like the real thing, they work like the real thing as well. Take a look at our models and see why we believe they are the best that can be made. Once you do, we think you’ll agree that they are The Coolest Lego Weapons in the World.

Lost America’s photostream

Certain spatial fears seem endemic to the modern metropolis, and Los Angeles defines this term in ways that no other American city can approximate. This amorphous skein of strip malls, gated developments, highway entrances and exit ramps, lays unfurled over the landscape like a sheet over a cadaver. Surely the earth is dead beneath the sheer weight and breadth of this built form?

Rachael Ray’s Paisley Scarf Puts Media on Orange Alert
Time was, the only reason a marketer would pull an ad was because it wasn’t selling stuff. Now all that’s required to knock a spot out of circulation is an outraged blogger with bad eyesight.

Tailor’s Absinthe Gummi Bears: Is the Green Fairy Jumping the Shark?
We’re not sure how we feel about this.Photo: UrbanDaddy Now that it’s legal, is absinthe doomed to become the new bacon — a sacred product that is endlessly corrupted for the sake of a cheap laugh? We suspected as much when we saw absinthe lollipops get the sort of press attention that bacon lollipops did, and now that UrbanDaddy has alerted us to Tailor’s absinthe Gummi Bear, we’re really worried. Of course, it’s a good sign that the treat, which is served with a cup of espresso, is 85 percent absinthe with just a bit of sugar and gelatin (Eben Freeman wouldn’t corrupt this hallowed drink too much), but to lesser artisans who are planning on serving absinthe cupcakes or turning Tucker Max’s infamous “absinthe doughnuts” into a reality, we beg you to stop the insanity.


Oscar And The Alma Doll
I wonder whether any of you have seen the film Lars and the Real Girl? It was a sweet, chaste sort of film considering its casting of a Real Doll as the female lead, and though I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but spend its entire length being reminded of the altogether less sweet, less chaste, true life corollary of “Oscar and the Alma Doll.”

VivoBarefoot is a revolutionary, back-to-basics design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be. An ultra thin puncture resistant sole allows your feet to be as millions of years of evolutionary design intended – Barefoot!


Live: Panel Meets To Discuss ‘The Future of Media’
Today a panel of journalists (including our own Erick Schonfeld) is meeting at NYU at an I Want Media Forum to discuss the future of media

15 Photographs by 100 Photographers is just that.
A collection of the best work from all our contributers, displayed without hierarchy or the burden of competition.
It is also a place for collaboration and the production of ideas that represent the endless possibilities that exist when a group is fueled by a common, selfless purpose.
Enjoy the diversity of talent we have here, and be sure to make the flow of support reciprocal and rewarding.

mutek 2008 mini-review
For me, the end of May is always marked by a road trip to Montreal for the Mutek festival. I haven’t taken in the entire festival since 2006 as that year I realized that I have a tolerance for about ten shows in a week, after which point I start to run up a dangerous bar tab and foam at the mouth. As luck would have it, this year’s schedule condensed most of the programming I was interested in into a 48 hour window.

You used to share clothes with your roommate. But a hostile ballet flat takeover meant a formal designation of borders (drawn by a third-party witness) and a changed statehood. You two could benefit from A Peace Treaty, a new socially conscious label of global artifacts. Operating from the UWS, it’s based on a pact made by two smart ladies (a Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew) to raise global awareness.

Everything New is Old Again
Designers are becoming more masterful at creating social experiences, yet reading with most feed readers is still much like reading a magazine or a book: isolated but portable, modular yet somewhat sequential. While that timing and sequence is controlled by the reader, it is still a solo experience.

When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison’s growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.

This work was done in Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, as part of the group project “20 Eventi”. The group of artists developed projects for 4 villages of the Sabina region and decided to create a compilation of drawings, for collectors to purchase, and to support this project.

To enter the somewhat formidable Neo-Renaissance building at Boltzmanngasse 3 in Vienna, you must pass through a small door sawed from the original cathedrallike entrance. When I first visited this past March, it was chilly and overcast in the late afternoon. Atop several tall stories of scaffolding there were two men who would hardly have been visible from the street were it not for their sunrise-orange jumpsuits. As I was about to pass through the nested entrance, I heard a sudden rush of wind and felt a mist of winter drizzle. I glanced up. The veiled workers were power-washing away the building’s façade, down to the century-old brick underneath.

Adobe Launches Online Document Collaboration Suite
Adobe quietly launched Acrobat.com earlier this week which the company hopes will change the way the world works together on documents, for the better. Acrobat.com is obviously Adobe’s answer to Google Docs.

Info that caught my attention this week (Sunday May 18th to Friday May 23rd)

The Ting Tings

This is the second week of me collecting links that made me pause for a moment and save. Now I share that info in this post.

The Ting Tings

You searched for The Ting Tings

Without Yahoo, Microsoft Has Little for Advertisers
Online advertisers next week will descend on Seattle seeking signs of how Microsoft Corp. will compete online without buying Yahoo Inc. They will have to wait a bit longer.

A distributed strategy for news
I’ve been talking with folks lately about the need to develop distributed strategies for news, which includes:
* Widgets that enable people to embed your news (and links and brand) anywhere.
* A platform strategy enabling people to build on your content, data, and functionality.
* A network strategy that includes blog networks (a la Glam).

The objection always thrown up is that Comscore/Nielsen/ABC et al won’t count that. I say we need to count differently. Rather than counting page views from users on a destination, we need to count relationships with people wherever they are.

It’s Not The Data, It’s The Flow
My partner Brad and I were having lunch with Umair a couple months ago and we were talking about how we look for a unique data asset in all of our investments. And Umair scratched his head and said something like, “I don’t think it’s the data that’s so valuable, it’s the flow of the data through the service.”

prss release
Information is confined to domains. Although different mediums merge more and more, still the concept of ‘cross-media’ is an ideal which is rarely realized, and if attempted often unsuccessful. One of these confined domains is the blogosphere, a mystery to the most of us and even to most internet users. That is where prss release comes in. We want to disclose all the goodies that are posted in the blogosphere to an audience that doesn’t keep track of blogs on a daily basis, an audience that hates reading more than a few sentences from their computer screens. We do this independently, not for profit, for fun, for all our friends who are not the nerds that we are and to bring the writing efforts of bloggers to a larger audience.

where lia bulaong obsesses about pop culture, technology, art, politics, and their various intersections

emma cott
emma cott creates a connection between the analogue and the digital and makes it wearable. adopting this innovative style allows you to communicate and interact in a mysterious kind of way – through a clean and simple yet beautiful and elegant code concealing your hidden message.

I thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to the post about Petshop boys using QR codes in their new music video and yet more proof that the future is now. I got this link about Banksy (via 2d-code) tagging his graffitti with a QR code which apparently points people to his wikipedia entry. It is now officially the cool way to brand yourself from underground street art to high end fashion. Tell people who you really are with an abstract barcode on your butt. (The scarves say “game over” or “insert coin for extra life”, but the hope is to have them link to music downloads and cell phone games. Read more here.)

O Canada, Where Have Your Bargains Gone?
ONCE upon a time, not all that long ago, there existed a magical country that was a lot like the United States, only less expensive. Its enchanted currency — the other dollar — allowed Americans to indulge as they could not back home. This delightful fantasyland was called Canada, and for centuries it was synonymous with frugality.

From Blank Is Like Blank (”analogies to live by”):

Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information.
(no explanation necessary)

Babies are like drunk men in bars:
They only crave what’s in their immediate vicinity.

Watching your baby projectile vomit for the first time is like witnessing a car accident:
It’s mostly scary, but a little fascinating, assuming no one is seriously hurt.

The Company That Could Destroy Google?
The knock on Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is simple. It goes like this:

1. Come on, guys, it’s just search.
2. Search technology is in its infancy and will be transformed by upstarts that will wipe out any competitive advantage Google thought it had.

New York Times announces Times Machine
Yesterday I got a great tour with my cell phone of the new New York Times building. While there I met some of the top geeks behind the New York Times and they told me a few things and showed me some interesting stuff.

Full Interview: Clay Shirky on your “cognitive surplus”
It’s these kind of interviews that make us really happy we can post the uncut audio for everyone to hear. Nora recently interviewed author, teacher and thinker Clay Shirky. On the show, we play edited interviews so we can cover lots of ground, but online we have all the time in the world (wide web! haha…) Clay’s interview is worth hearing in full.

Horacio Salinas

mingle bee

excellent thread, i like the caps

Game-Changer: How the Online News Revolution is Altering the Media Landscape
I am frequently asked if the rising influence of online news sources is the death knell for Big Media. My answer is that Big Media isn’t dead; it’s ill but will actually be saved by the transfusion of passion and immediacy of the blogging and online news revolution.

Cover Story – Emily Gould – Exposed – Blog-Post Confidential – Gawker – NYTimes.com
Back in 2006, when I was 24, my life was cozy and safe. I had just been promoted to associate editor at the publishing house where I’d been working since I graduated from college, and I was living with my boyfriend, Henry, and two cats in a grubby but spacious two-bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I spent most of my free time sitting with Henry in our cheery yellow living room on our stained Ikea couch, watching TV. And almost every day I updated my year-old blog, Emily Magazine, to let a few hundred people know what I was reading and watching and thinking about.

I admit that this post falls far outside the realm of what is usually tossed up on the web here, but bear with me. Not only is this project artful, and interesting from more than an Information Science perspective (where yes, Borges matters), but it’s fairly originally graphically designed.

Mapping the Blogosphere
Is the above from a new series of artworks by a contemporary designer, an explosion of scientific data, or a photograph of a strange creature discovered by deep-sea biologists? Well, while most of the following images are just crying out to be placed on a T-shirt, they actually have little to do with design, fashion, photography or art, and much more to do with cyberspace…

Eames LCW and LTR
“LCW”, recently submitted to our photo group by quangdiggity. Also pictured: the LTR (Low Table Rod).

600k and Counting
So it’s been 12 days since I launched brand tags and it’s been an amazing ride to say the least. As I write this I’m at 600,000 tags (whizzed right by 500k yesterday), a number so large I’m having trouble comprehending it. As I mentioned in my last entry it’s been keeping me incredibly busy. I’ve been trying to answer all the emails sent through the site (now in the thousands), which has led to a few very late nights.

Visual Translation

muskrat vs. ragondin

Here’s a bit of a geeky post for a sunny Wednesday morning. If you’ve ever used Babelfish to translate a word or phrase you know the results can be a bit dubious. What if there was a clearer way? Here’s a quick and dirty way of understanding a word from a different language – throw the mystery word into google image search. You should get an image of what the thing probably is. Above I’ve illustrated how you would describe a muskrat to a french person.

Stuff to check out from the last week


It’s a rainy Friday morning over here, I’ve had way too much coffee already and I’m just reviewing stuff that I’ve done over the last week. I thought it might be interesting to try something new and see if it sticks. Every Friday I’ll post some of the more interesting links that have been passed on to me or I’ve just found through other means that I haven’t already blogged about. Most of the sites are already on my delicious site http://del.icio.us/Michael_Surtees, but making them a bit more readable seems like a good idea.

+ This — more than any other time — is the age of personal expression, for good or bad. Facebook, MySpace, blogging, camera phones, reality tv, etc., etc., etc., have created a worldwide generation of shrewd and shameless self marketers. The internet has become a far reaching and cheap forum for personal projects, visions, and ideas. The niche genre of personal magazines, existing outside the realm of the commercial hoard, has been experimenting with this ethic for years. But, can it, or does it, still have a place in our ever more electronic world? I chat (ironically, via email) with a couple of magazine mavericks, Neil Feineman (original editor of RayGun) in LA and Brit magazine guruJeremy Leslie in the uk, about the state of the personal magazine, and other things too…

Pixel Perfect
+ For a charity auction a few years back, the photographer Patrick Demarchelier donated a private portrait session. The lot sold, for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to the wife of a very rich man. It was her wish to pose on the couple’s yacht. “I call her, I say, ‘I come to your yacht at sunset, I take your picture,’ ” Demarchelier recalled not long ago…

Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?
+ HABITS are a funny thing. We reach for them mindlessly, setting our brains on auto-pilot and relaxing into the unconscious comfort of familiar routine. “Not choice, but habit rules the unreflecting herd,” William Wordsworth said in the 19th century. In the ever-changing 21st century, even the word “habit” carries a negative connotation…

Reason Magazine

Why Dell will not bounce back
+ I love Charles Cooper of CNET and I respect the fact that he’s got to print so many column inches per week in order to earn his paycheck but I have to take issue with his latest effort…

110 best books: The perfect library
+ From classics and sci-fi to poetry, biographies and books that changed the world… we present the ultimate reading list…

The Content Manifesto
+ The Content Manifesto is a collection of posts, a conversations and thoughts about the future of content, brands communications and agencies. I’ve started to put a series of posts together…

Love on Girls’ Side of the Saudi Divide
+ RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — The dance party in Atheer Jassem al-Othman’s living room was in full swing. The guests — about two dozen girls in their late teens — had arrived, and Ms. Othman and her mother were passing around cups of sweet tea and dishes of dates.

Society of Publication Designers : Pub 43 Winners

Color Project
+ As I mentioned the other day, I’m doing a color project for a lovely couple who are about to get married. They own a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Mountain View, CA.

Eisenman’s six point plan
+ Peter Eisenman set out his thoughts on architecture at RIAS 2008

Axis of Praxis. Build, then Think – is this how design process should work today?

Axis of Praxis

I came across this interesting concept of a shirt via the shirt designer’s site Blackbeltjones. You too can buy the Axis of Praxis. Build, then Think shirt at http://224851.spreadshirt.net/en/DE/Shop. Combining that idea along with the quote I saw via MarcSchil’s twitter “change before you have to.” which was quoted originally from today’s WSJ made me consider a couple things. Those types of attitudes are what making things work today while others follow case studies of yesteryear. While not groundbreaking, I do wonder if that type of attitude will manifest itself into the process of design – notably in graphic design. Industrial design has rapid prototyping and just about anything online goes through some sort of beta phase (along with private invites), but what does graphic design have? Are the process and methods that ruled the stages of design outdated – will designers be learning from other creative types for original thinking?

It’s now the weekend, you could do something interesting or be stuck in an elevator for almost two days

Up and Then Down - The lives of elevators. from the New Yorker

I was never a patient person and that has only been accelerated since moving to NYC a couple years ago. I hate waiting more than a couple minutes for an elevator. Imagine being stuck in an elevator for a couple minutes, maybe twenty or thirty minutes. What would you do – I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy. Well the above video shows what happens when one man gets stuck in an elevator. Aside from waiting pains I’ve also been in an elevator that dropped a bunch of floors quite quickly. I can’t remember the exact number of floors but I think it may have been at least ten – for more stories like that and the above video there’s a related article from the New Yorker HERE.

via The Strange Attractor

A couple ideas about dog poo

maddie on the right

Maddie who’s pictured to the above right is my weim. Almost always when we walk she has business to take care of which means a tug towards the street. She’s an urban dog so she know to go to the curb. Unfortunately not every owner does this. Anywhere on the sidewalk is fine and even worse it’s just left there. I’ve never understood how someone can just do that unless they’re out of bags. For those people that don’t mind others picking up after them I’ve seen a couple interesting design solutions. PingMag shows some designers in Switzerland that have taken up the challenge. There’s a large sign that shows in green if the dog is allowed to do their business (red when not) in the park while my friend Christina in Vancouver has come up w/ a more literal approach with copy written signs that stick the you know what. You can see more photos of her campaign at www.flickr.com/photos/peressini/sets/72157604023457456/

A Black and White Issue?

Image from www.2008-FreeTibet.org Poster

While I strongly disagree with some of the sentiment from PSFK’s post Olympics: Do We Burn The Nikes First, Or The Cool Blogs? it also made me consider some other questions in regards to the Olympic Games in Beijing. That question is that if you plan to watch a moment of the Olympics, purchase anything from a corporate sponsor of the games or even follow who wins and looses are you implicitly supporting what a number of protesters are trying to bring to the attention of the world? If you are protesting the Olympics in Beijing yet choose to do any of the following that I mention above is it somewhat hypocritical to criticize others? Is it possible to have it both ways or is everyone responsible to some degree? All comments are welcome as I’m having a hard time balancing the pros and cons myself.

Making something understandable as opposed to just simplifying




Sometimes when you come across something that is just perfect you have to just take a step back to try to understand why it’s great. An easy way for me to do that is by taking a ton of photos of it (or blog about it) to see what I can gain from a second view point. Before opening the tag package from my new Freitag bag I had no idea as to what was going to open up in front of me. 99.9% percent of tags for a bag are unremarkable – it’s an after thought, why bother doing anything with it? You’re going to buy the bag so why bother. It’s an unfortunate theme that isn’t just about bags. Design being taken advantage of is not a new theme by any means but to see how Freitag made a story about who they are is quite inspiring. Another theme is to cut information for the idea of simplification. Again that’s a bit of a misleading idea. Somethings are complicated, cutting content doesn’t help. Make it understandable instead.

The story of Freitag is that they take material from trucks and turn it into bags. It’s a cool idea, no two bags will ever be the same. Before even opening the one of a kind bag tag kit I noticed an image of the bag printed on the material. The other thing that I noticed was the care to the design of the outside of the package. Designer’s can sometimes get carried away with silly die-cuts and other paper stunts to the detriment of the final package. I consider that arts and crafts. With this package it felt right. After opening the paper I was treated to a fold like map that described the process of how the bag was made. The system that they created and carried through was really cool. There’s a story that wants to be read. The design made it more understandable to read and want to keep. How many times have you opened a map to only be frustrated trying to close it. They even made that an easy exercise. If there’s something to be learned by this packaging exercise it’s this – Etsy has the market covered online with how they connect people with products but that doesn’t mean that print packaging is has to die like most of other print materials. Freitag created a system that made who they are as something understandable.

Paper Bag Name

Found on a paper bag

Admiring the stamp that I saw on a paper bag from a sushi place that brought my wife take out, I did the obvious thing and took a picture of it and placed it on flickr. A couple posts in a friend (J. Nordberg) mentioned a npr story about how Alan Rumbo got his name on a lot of paper bags. As he mentions “if your name is on the bag, you watch the quality a little bit more because you don’t want to send out bad bags with your name on it.” Listen to the short npr clip about names on paper bags HERE.

Is it bubble wrap if it doesn’t pop?

bubble wrap

This isn’t the most serious post I’ve done in a while, but it’s a question that has been bugging me for some time now. Recently a package arrived in bubble wrap, but the plastic bubbles didn’t pop. When they were squeezed the air just dissapeared – no POP. I’ve placed both types beside each other, on the left is the real stuff while the other side is faux. Sure the plastic stuff looked like bubble wrap, but where’s the satisfaction if you can’t pop it afterwards like this?

Black Toothpaste

Charcle Toothpaste

Charcle Toothpaste

At a recent Likeminds a friend came by to say hello and gave me a cool looking box. Not really knowing what it was, I held it in my hands admiring the type in both English and what I’m going to assume was Korean (not sure) – she then exclaimed it was black toothpaste. Black toothpaste? Interesting idea though I’m not sure how it would take to my mouth. This morning I tried it for the first time, the experience ended up being less pleasant then I first thought it would be. I was fine seeing the black stuff on my brush, it wasn’t until it went into my mouth when my stomach started to turn. Near the end I barely could brush my tongue and when I spit it out to rinse I felt a bit queezy. In the end though my mouth did feel clean, but I’m not sure if the weirdness that I felt would be something I’d want to do again. Sure my review is a bit negative but I’m happy to have gone through the experience – thanks Kathy.

New trendwatching audio blog from the CBC

Spark on CBC Radio One

I was happy to discover that one of my favourite radio announcers is back on CBC radio with a new program called Spark. I first heard Nora Young while she was doing DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) many years ago. When I was in high school and eventually design school, I would listen to DNTO on Saturday afternoons while working on projects. There was such a variety of stories about media culture that it had an influence on me trying to be aware of broad number of interests that would later help me as a designer. She eventually took some time off and passed the show on to Sook-Yin Lee. Most radio announcers sound good, but a great one really brings out the passion of what they’ve learned and pass it on to the audience – and Nora is one of those few that does it successfully.

From the CBC website for Spark, here’s their about: Spark is a weekly audio blog of smart and unexpected trendwatching. It’s not just technology for gearheads, it’s about the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us. What’s a Spark story? Wikis in the workplace, Guitar Hero in your living room, or why the new trend in design is the trailer park. Spark is more than a radio show, it’s a conversation that happens on the air and here on the Web. Spark is something you and the Spark team build together. Maybe you have a hot tip for a story we’re preparing. Or maybe something happened to you that would make a great story. Join the conversation by checking out the blog for the stories we’re working on and leave your comments. Get your voice on the air by leaving us a message. Spark: tech, trends, and fresh ideas.

Go to the Spark website to download the podcasts of the 27 min show at http://www.cbc.ca/spark/index.html?copy-index

McFLY 2015 & Kanye West & Def Jam Holland

McFLY 2015 project: delorean1

McFLY 2015 project: delorean2


It’s been almost a month since I last mentioned anything that had to do with the McFLY 2015 project. Today I received a couple photos through email that show the inside artwork of Kanye West’s Graduation album which features Kanye’s mascot bear rocking the McFLY 2015’s and standing next to a DeLorean. Interesting stuff and no, I’m not part of the project aside from mentioning cool things like this…

My ode to orange?

My ode to orange

I’ve noticed an alarming amount of orange on my desk today. So I thought it would be interesting to spend a couple minutes discovering the psychology of orange via links.

From about.com:
· Orange is a combination of yellow and red and is considered an energetic color.
· Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.
·Orange is often used to draw attention, such as in traffic signs and advertising.

From Wikipedia:
· Calm, depth, natural organisms, nature, richness, rusticism, stability, tradition, anachronism, boorishness, dirt, dullness, filth, heaviness, poverty, roughness, earth (classical element)
· Web colour orange, defined as FFA500
· In English heraldry, orange is considered synonymous with the tincture tenne, and supposedly denotes strength, honor, generosity, and prosperity[citation needed]. However, its use as a heraldic tincture is relatively rare, as it is considered a “stain” (a deprecated tincture) by some. In continental heraldry, tenne is more often deemed to denote a burnt orange colour.

From Colour Therapy Healing:
On the psycho-spiritual level, this chakra relates to self respect. That is to say having the ability to give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves and to respect our own boundaries and requirements and, by the same token, having respect for the boundaries of others. Orange is the colour of creativity and we should give ourselves the space to have creative time just for us.

From Color Wheel Pro:
Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

To the human eye, orange is a very hot color, so it gives the sensation of heat. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity. It is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Orange is the color of fall and harvest. In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance.

Orange has very high visibility, so you can use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design. Orange is very effective for promoting food products and toys.

Dark orange can mean deceit and distrust.

Red-orange corresponds to desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, aggression, and thirst for action.

Gold evokes the feeling of prestige. The meaning of gold is illumination, wisdom, and wealth. Gold often symbolizes high quality.

Use paper, save the plastic

Fwis • Readymech Series

I’m as big a fan as anyone else when it comes to those plastic toys that you can find at kidrobot – but there’s too many options and they’re all pretty cool, how do you choose? Luckily I found a site that offers an almost introductory method of collecting on the cheap. Fwis has created a paper template site where you can download pblueprints of crazy characters to cut and fold. Start choosing at www.readymech.com

Crit on the Wall


I think it’s easy for designer’s to take for granted the informal crits that they can have with their fellow workmates if you’re in a studio. But if you’re a designer that works alone or in a company where you’re the only creative one – where do you go to bounce ideas off with other designers? I received an interesting e-mail recently asking me if I knew of any web sites that offer crits because they work alone.

Personally I don’t know of any sites that do that, but if you do know of any – please post the urls. However I’m also thinking that if there isn’t anything like that, would you be interested in participating? Whether you are looking to get feedback or if you’re willing to share you’re experience with others. I don’t see this so much as a public site, but more about matching people up to share the drive to get better. But maybe there’s a better idea out there too. If you’re up to it, send me an e-mail or post a comment…


As a guest living in a different country that is having their midterm elections, I wonder if it really matters which party wins. As I’ve witnessed, a majority is not a guarantee to victory. Neither does a minority government guarantee failure. I think there’s motivated people that want to make things better, and those that are in it for the wrong reasons and they’re on both sides of the aisle. Once the lawyers have let everyone vote, I hope people don’t forget that their vote is only a starting point. It’s an entry to improve things.

Generate This!


BrazilName – Generate your own Brazil football shirt!

Your Name in Japanese :: Japanese Translator .co.uk

The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager

Emptybottle.org – The Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator

Web2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P

Websites as graphs – an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet


make your own hieroglyphic

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