Nostalgia; why, why, why is it used so much in muzak videos from Canada

Between the Celine Dion and Bryan Adam videos being played non stop on the airwaves of Canada (just kidding), a spin off music channel from Much Music called Punch Much got my attention. I remember when the concept was just a hour long show. Basically people vote through their cell phone about the videos they want to see. Usually there’s four options. They’ve just extended the idea to a whole channel. In theory and it did happen a couple times you could see the same video more then once in a ten minute span. One of those videos that I thought was kind of funny though it played the nostalgic card was Shaketramp by Marianas Trench. It’s kind of catchy though not something you probably want to hum at work.

A Ha and Take on Me, Johnny Cash and NIN

Considering how old the video from A Ha (Take on Me) is, it’s a pretty amazing feet of low fi and narrative. It got my attention this morning, maybe it will for you too. via David Airey

and for bonous viewage, check out Johnny Cash’s rendition of Hurt from NIN. I can’t embed the video so you’ll have to go to YouTube. via Lauren from Renegade

MIA No Longer

Usually when a blog goes quiet, lots of things are happening outside the blogosphere. That’s been the case here for a couple days. I just got a really great book in the mail from Princeton Architectural Press that I’ll hopefully get time to talk about before the end of the week.

Over at the CR Blog, they’ve grab a lot of great muzak videos. I’ve stolen three from them to post here. For background info on each of the clips, visit the CR Blog. The first two video’s are dedicated to Tiny Terror who floats around Renegade. The third video is extremely addicting both to listen to and watch.

East of Havana’s Interests

Tania, a past friend from Renegade who’s now living in Singapore passed me on an email about the documentary East of Havana’s Interests. In the original email from her friend Paul Heck that she included, he had a small blurb about his part in the film. I paraphrase from the email ““East of Havana” is a feature length documentary that I worked on over the past couple of years. I was brought into the film as the Music Supervisor, but then also took on composing the original film score (with help from my composing/production partner Federico Fong).” If you watch the trailer, it would seem that music has a big part in the film, and hey I don’t know anyone that has a job like that. If you’re interested in the seeing (and hearing) it, you can visit or read the NYT review.

Where did hockey go, what the head office of the NHL in New York doesn’t get

I try to keep this blog w/ in the realm of design for the most part, but on the night of the NHL All-Star game I thought it would fitting for this post. What you say – the National Hockey League has an All Start game tonight, you’re forgiven if you didn’t know about it. The YouTube video above is from last year’s Oilers vs. Hurricanes Stanley Cup Finals – Game 3 Intro. It’s nine minutes of pure sports passion from Edmonton where I used to live. The whole play off run was unreal. Between the riots on Whyte ave. to the city wide beer shortages, it was unreal. And yes I now hate Chris Pronger…

But that’s not what this post is about, it’s really my disbelief that the NHL sold the idea to Canadian viewers that it was ok for them to not re-sign tv rights to ESPN, and to go with OLN which is now VS. Guess what channels ESPN and ESPN2 is on in New York. They’re 28 and 29. It took me weeks to even discover VS which is on 122. But the big deal is not so much the channel number, it’s the coverage that ESPN now gives hockey. It is so weak that I can’t help but wonder if it has to do w/ the tv rights to some degree. It is almost never mentioned and when it is, it’s one game that is highlighted.

I’m not even going to mention the pain that I have when the only game that is available is from New Jersey. As for hockey promotion in New York, there’s been some commercials for the Rangers that I think hockey fans can appreciate. But for promoting the game to a city as diverse as New York, the NHL is no where to be seen. Why not show the Cup once in a while around the rink at the Rockefeller Center?

As for the Oilers this year, Kim who’s a die hard fan says it best when his MSN message reads this: The Oilers have failed me! I’m short. The End.

Ok, not the end. There’s still hope for the Oilers when you see this goal.

UPDATE: I just realized that I need to have a part 2 of this. The NHL Network vs. the NFL Network channels. I’ve seen both of them and it’s not pretty for the NHL.


While this youtube video is slightly flakey, NYLON magazine had a couple interns who didn’t want to hang out at work visit the new TASCHEN store in NYC. If you’ve never been inside it gives you an idea about what they have. Oh, btw there’s the TASCHEN Warehouse Sale: New York this weekend!Thousands of slightly damaged and display copies from TASCHEN on sale at bargain basement prices, 50-75% off! Friday January 19th, 11am to 8pm, Saturday January 20th, 11am to 8pm and Sunday January 21st, 12 to 7pm. Address is 107 Greene Street, NYC, NY 10012. More info at TASCHEN Books: Events & Exhibitions. via jhayne at Quipsologies No. 5

Books on Video


I couldn’t help but notice the speed and coincidence of two books that are making the tv news circuit these days. Both books Made to Stick and Citizen Marketers have blogs, and more recently have been on tv. I only knew this b/c I’ve been visiting their sites and have been reading their self hype. Each blog site is listing where they’ve been with links to media clips. It’s an interesting progression that is only going to get louder as authours and marketers have the latitude to write whatever they want without recourse except for their time. I also wonder if the video links would be as readily available if google had not spent the money they did on youtube…