Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 21st (November 2008)

Maxing out your Triangle — jackcheng.com_1227219560218

The week started fast, then it dragged and then suddenly it became Friday – just like every other unexpected week at DesignNotes. Just looking at what I have for this week’s Link Drop, there seems to be a slight bias towards info design and typography. Perhaps b/c of foosball, perhaps not. I don’t think there’s much else for me to say except to take a look and hopefully you find something interesting and make the most of your late fall weekend.

– m

Maxing out your Triangle — jackcheng.com_1227219560218Maxing out your Triangle
Jack Cheng wrote “I find that most people take on new jobs, projects and hobbies for three reasons: 1. To learn something new, 2. To pay the bills, 3. Because they love doing it. These three things fulfill some of our very basic needs—they give us stability, excitement, ways to contribute and opportunities to grow. If you’re with me so far, then allow me to present exhibit A, the love-growth-cash triangle:…”

Design Observer_1227219739230Dogs and Their Designers
Design Observer wrote “I love our dogs, Ruby Eleanor and Maude Beatrix. Ruby is the mother, age 6, and Maude is one of her six puppies. (Jessica delivered them all.) Each of our children is linked at the soul to one of these dogs, and they sleep together. Our dogs do tricks: they can open doors. (Regrettably, they have never been able to shut them…”

DIN for Typographic City Posters | The FontFeed_1227219930503DIN for Typographic City Posters
FontFeed wrote “Show how much you love your city with an Ork Poster, designed by Jenny Beorkrem. With the help of DIN (1451 Engschrift) these clever prints sidestep traditional maps and bring forth top-notch typographic design, simplicity, and a modern edge. Out with small type and in with DIN’s strong letter forms and bold personality.”

Mr. Bowyer’s Fantastic Machine by Giles Turnbull - The Morning News_1227219458981Mr. Bowyer’s Fantastic Machine
The Morning News wrote “You have come to interview a man about his replicating machine. You hope it might make a good article for a magazine. You park your car and observe your surroundings. The University of Bath sits on top of a hill, high above the city. It is a grubby collection of gloomy architectural horrors, all gathered in one place for mutual support…”

Titanium - A coffee bar instead of reception desk_1227219465500A coffee bar instead of reception desk
Titanium wrote “In recent years I’ve learned that I am more productive in cafes than behind a desk. So I was interested to see that the Vancouver outpost of Taxi has turned their reception area into a coffee bar. CoffeeVancouver says: “they wanted to open up the front space of the offices…”

Crayon Physics Deluxe_1227219471881Crayon Physics Deluxe
About: “Crayon Physics is a freeware puzzle game designed by Petri Purho and released on June 1, 2007. Its object is to guide a ball to a goal point marked by a star or, in the final level, multiple stars. The player does not have direct control over the ball, but can interact with it by drawing shapes…”

330 - From Pickin’ Cotton to Pickin’ Presidents « Strange Maps_1227219498551330 – From Pickin’ Cotton to Pickin’ Presidents
Strange Maps wrote “Both these maps show the same segment of the southern United States, and demonstrate a similar pattern. Yet each describes a wholly other era and a completely different process. The bottom map dates from 1860 (i.e. the eve of the Civil War), and indicates where cotton…”

 Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)_1227219508056Now that Jerry Yang is out as Yahoo CEO, what would you do if you became the next Yahoo CEO? How would you turn Yahoo around?
37 Signals asks their audience to reply

Flavorwire » Blog Archive » Abstract Art or a New York City-Provided Bike RackAbstract Art or a New York City-Provided Bike Rack?
Flavvorwire wrote “A sleek and modern cast-metal design from Denmark’s Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve (Bettlelab) has been selected from over 200 entries as the first-place winner in the New York City Department of Transportation’s CityRacks Design Competition. Along with a $10,000 prize, Mahaffy and De Greeve will have the thrill of seeing their bike racks…”

 The First 100 Days»_1227219525242GOOD Sheet: The First 100 Days
Good wrote ““I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people,” Franklin D. Roosevelt told supporters in 1932 while accepting the presidential nomination. When he took office the following year, he spent his first 100 days enacting a dizzying number of reforms designed to stabilize an economically depressed nation. Since then, a president’s first 100 days have been an indicator of what he is able to accomplish…”

 Using the design process_1227219537291Using the design process
Make Blog wrote “In engineering, programming, web design and most other creative work, many people consciously use The Design Process. The PBS show Design Squad provides some great examples of how people can work with this system. There are also plenty of resources for working with students and other learners on their site. The Android G1 is pretty much ready for the public to use, but it is still not done. One of the reasons I wanted the G1 was to follow the process…”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » Google Earth helps yet worries government (USA Today)_1227219544207Google Earth helps yet worries government (USA Today)
Kelso’s Corner wrote “Republished from USA Today, Nov. 6, 2008. By Peter Eisler.
WASHINGTON — The secretive National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is rushing to get the latest, high-definition satellite photos of Afghanistan into the hands of U.S. ground troops as they ramp up operations in the country’s tangled terrain. The NGA analysts aren’t tapping the government’s huge network…”

Designers Review of Books_1227219553728Designers Review of Books
About: “Although there are several good design websites that occasionally have book reviews, there didn’t seem to be a single place online where you could get constant updates and reviews of new (and sometimes old) design books. Design books are often expensive and contrary – sometimes the book is worth having for the physical production values alone…”

 AIGA_1227219575032The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway
Voice: AIGA Journal of Design wrote “There is a commonly held belief that Helvetica is the signage typeface of the New York City subway system, a belief reinforced by Helvetica, Gary Hustwit’s popular 2007 documentary about the typeface. But it is not true—or rather, it is only somewhat true. Helvetica is the official typeface of the MTA today, but it was not the typeface…”

Online onpaper - that’s HOT! « Designing everyday joy_1227219582171Online onpaper – that’s HOT!
Designing Everyday Joy wrote “About a month ago, I wrote something on reading (online vs. paper). Saying I prefer Internet (mostly blogs) to paper (newspapers, magazines) almost always, save for the few occasions when I would like to read, but cannot go online (in the tub, in bed, on the train, on the sofa).”

Herman Miller Tie-In, Provoking Thoughts and Innovation | Marktd_1227219588619Herman Miller Tie-In, Provoking Thoughts and Innovation
Marktd wrote “Herman Miller’s heir apparent to the Aeron Chair, the Embody series, is a design that promises to promote clear-minded thinking by lowering the stress placed upon the body while sitting. With that in mind, they’ve created a microsite called Thought Pile that invites users to participate in an ideas forum by answering weekly questions that are meant to provoke conversation and innovation. The results are displayed…”

Based on what ppl wear, I try to guess his or her occupation._1227219716509Based on what ppl wear, I try to guess his or her occupation.
Hipster Runoff wrote “Isn’t it kinda weird how a personal brand tells basically everything about a person. Based on what u wear/do/say/eat/miss/h8/<3/etc., u r basically giving away ur social security number+credit information. People can tell a lot about u. (btw I have suuuch bad credit) Most people want 2 look like they are in bands / are artists / are designers / work at a coffee shop bc those jobs seem interesting...'”  Talks by Gregory Crewdson and Philip-Lorca diCorcia_1227219728772Lo-fi: Talks by Gregory Crewdson and Philip-Lorca diCorcia
SHANE LAVALETTE wrote “Here are two lo-fi audio recordings that I made of recent talks delivered by noted photographers Gregory Crewdson and Philip-Lorca diCorcia. These recordings are not very professional and the one of Crewdson doesn’t include the Q&A, but hopefully some of you will enjoy them…”

Disney Career Guarantees Nudity » Adrants_1227219749435Disney Career Guarantees Nudity
Adrants wrote “So what does an “aging” Disney star do when she gets too old for Mickey? She gets nude, takes pictures, puts them on her laptop, loses the laptop at JFK, reports it stolen and then attempts to twist the whole thing into a career-shifting media frenzy. But unlike her younger Disney brethren, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens who accidentally…”

Picture 2Piracy, Live at Sea
BLDGBLOG wrote “With all the talk of piracy at sea, it was only a matter of time before the Live Piracy Map was developed. According to its creators, the map “shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during 2008.” It’s the geography of aquatic crime, mapping realtime adventures in buoyant larceny.”

 Illustrated Guide to the Stamps of the World_1227219971664Illustrated Guide to the Stamps of the World
San Francisco Art & Design Lover wrote “The third installment of the Tiny Showcase Learning Press Illustrated Guide Series became available tonight. Gavin Potenza’s Illustrated Guide to the Stamps of the World is now available for sale online. Here’s what the artist has to say about it: “These stamps were inspired by various elements surrounding the culture…””

 Wi-fi structures and people shapes_1227219964154Wi-fi structures and people shapes
City of Sound wrote “Following on from my recent ‘post-occupancy evaulation’ of the State Library of Queensland’s wi-fi (see previous post), I thought I’d share a couple of outputs. (Thanks to Tory Jones of the State Library of Queensland for permission). One of the ideas I’ve been exploring relates to how urban industry – in the widest sense of the word…”

writing | ben fry » Did Forbes just write an article about a fontDid Forbes just write an article about a font?
Ben Fry wrote “Via this Slate article from Farhad Manjoo (writer of tech-hype articles with Salon and now Slate), I just read about Droid, the typeface used in Google’s new Android phones. More specifically, he references this Forbes article, describing the background of the font, and its creator, Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation in Elk Grove, Illinois.”

A Photo Editor - Jeff Riedel’s Massive GQ Photo Essay_1227219937705Jeff Riedel’s Massive GQ Photo Essay
A Photo Editor wrote “I was floored when I picked up the November issue of GQ and saw in it a 32 page photo essay (online here) shot by one photographer. That’s major. There are very few photographers getting 32 pages in magazines all to themselves these days (anytime actually) and a photo…”

 Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis design for Ordos at The Urban Center_1227219921386Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis design for Ordos at The Urban Center
papressblog wrote “An exhibition of projects by New York-based architects participating in the Ordos 100, a new residential development in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Gallery hours: Monday Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Thursdays). Admission is free. For more…”

Do not seek praise. Seek criticism. | David Airey » graphic designer, logo designer_1227219907756Do not seek praise. Seek criticism.
David Airey wrote “Paul Howard Arden, advertising creative and successful writer, was born on April 7th, 1940, and died on April 2nd, 2008. This short blog post can, in no way, do justice to his creative influence. What it can do, however, is serve as an introduction to those who are unfamiliar, and as a brief reminder to the rest of us.”

Iranian 'Blogfather' Hossein Derakhshan is arrested on charge of spying for Israel - Times Online_1227219900889Iranian ‘Blogfather’ Hossein Derakhshan is arrested on charge of spying for Israel
Times Online wrote “A prominent Iranian blogger, nicknamed the Blogfather for spawning Iran’s spectacular blogging revolution, has been arrested in Tehran and accused of spying for Israel.Hossein Derakhshan, who was last based in London after spending several years in Canada, returned to live in his homeland a few weeks ago.”

Obama poised to rebrand America, experts say - CNN.com_1227219892470Obama poised to rebrand America, experts say
CNN wrote “President-elect Barack Obama is poised to restore the United States’ image in the international community, but experts say the president-elect must…”

 Hannah's Story_1227219884388Adaptive Design Association
About: “The Adaptive Design Association works to ensure that children with disabilities get the customized equipment they need to participate fully in home, school, and community life.”

What next for information architectsWhat next for information architects?
Three Minds wrote “Richard Saul Wurman, who coined the phrase “information architect” in 1976, said that IAs are people who have a passion to make the complex clear. It’s a very concise, simple description. But many information architects working in interactive media now constantly struggle with how to describe what they do, and where to set the boundaries of their expertise.”

Science News_1227219449738Science News
About: “Science News has been published since 1922. This award-winning biweekly news magazine covers important and emerging research in all fields of science. It publishes concise, accurate, timely articles that appeal to both general readers and scientists, reaching nearly 130,000 subscribers and more than one million readers. distributes an audio edition of Science News. News from the Science News…”

The Obama Dog Blog_1227219411936The Obama Dog Blog
About: “Here you’ll find breaking Obama family dog news. Puppy watch. Political analysis of the First Dog. Breed speculation. Press coverage. Controversy. Humor. Presidential dog art. Photography. And a look at the history of dogs in the White House.”

UI Highlights from Ffffound on Vimeo_1227219954878UI Highlights from Ffffound
Vimeo Video


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 14th (November 2008)

The New York Times > Science > Image > Mapping the Epigenome_1226666579818

It’s interesting for me that as the hype for the elections grew, so did the number of sites dealing w/ politics that I included inside Link Drop. Now with things almost back to normal and the news turning back to the craziness that is the economy, one of the effects of stress is people getting ill – this week I found a couple sites trying to explain what Google is doing to track the flu. On a parallel path I also have a couple other science things. And on top of that there’s typography b/c w/ out that, what’s the point of reading something if it isn’t set nicely?

– m

The New York Times > Science > Image > Mapping the Epigenome_1226666579818Now: The Rest of the Genome
NYT wrote “Over the summer, Sonja Prohaska decided to try an experiment. She would spend a day without ever saying the word “gene.” Dr. Prohaska is a bioinformatician at the University of Leipzig in Germany. In other words, she spends most of her time gathering, organizing and analyzing information about genes. “It was like having someone tie your hand behind your back,” she said.”

 Leslie David by boicozine_1226662013290What’s Up #42: Leslie David
boicozine wrote “Leslie David [] is junior designer at Petronio Associates [] and has just completed design and art direction for the quality French free mag, Redux []. Having a solid grounding in both Graphic Design & Illustration (having worked with both Deanne Cheuk []…”

 A retrospective_1226633903882The Obama Brand: A retrospective
Visual Culture wrote “ithout question, Barack Obama’s identity raised the bar of political campaign branding. It is by far the best-designed identity of a U.S. presidential candidate – courtesies of two leading Chicago-based firms: Sender & MODE. n Mr. Sender’s words: “We were looking at the ‘O’ of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day. The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope.””

Chase solved the financial crisis_1226633897398Chase solved the financial crisis
an error occurred while processing this directive wrote “Chase has figured out how to recoup their losses, and it’s ingenious. Don’t give out money, but pretend like you did. Let me explain. I went to an ATM today and requested forty dollars. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but every time I’m at an ATM I have an irrational fear that it’ll screw up the counting and nobody will believe me when I try to correct the mistake.”

About: “My street work consists mostly of isometric rectangles and squares. I selectively place thes graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. All execution of a piece is done on site with little to no planning.”

gongblog - journal - Your Own Democracy_1226633864557Your Own Democracy
gongszeto wrote “I was born on May 18, 1967, one year and two days after Mao Zedong officially launched the tumultuous, bloody, and destructive Cultural Revolution. My parents fled 6 months after I was born, emigrating to the United States, along with most of my extended family (both sides) including my grandparents and about 10 aunts and uncles and their children who eventually settled in various parts of the U.S. and Canada.”

Speak Up › Writing Books for Graphic Design Students_1226633809434Writing Books for Graphic Design Students
Speak Up wrote “s the author of six books on graphic design and an adjunct professor at the Cooper Union I was asked to write an essay on the subject of writing books for graphic design students. The following is a shortened version. 1. Have a clear idea of what you wish to cover.”

 Tracking Flu across the U.S. - information aesthetics_1226633801095Google Flu Trends: Tracking Flu across the U.S.
infosthetics wrote “Google has discovered a close relationship between how many people search for flu-related topics online, and how many people actually have flu symptoms, by comparing their query data with data from the surveillance system managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of course, not every person who searches for “flu”…”

kim from dallas_1226633783333Fashion Rocks
Kim from Dallas wrote “I found a new site this evening called It’s created by a small group of people who decided it was a great idea to build a community where both designers and musicians can socialize and sell their stuff. It’s hip, it looks good, and they have great content. And it’s only the beginning.”

Design » Towards Relational Design_1226633777584Towards Relational Design
walker art wrote “The following is extracted from a series of lectures about relational design practices. A related article can be found at Design Observer. A seemingly random selection of projects from various design fields with an underlying thread:An expansion strategy for the Hermitage Museum in Russia simply annexes the surrounding government-owned buildings in St. Petersburg, increasing the available space for objects from…”

About: “Writing Design Criticism is a blog where we write design criticism. It’s housed and curated by Alexander Bohn, under the auspices of David Sokol and the WDC staff. We welcome submissions from design writers and other opinionated individuals.”

 Social Souvenir | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1226633757841Community through Clothing: Social Souvenir
PSFK wrote “What we wear and own isn’t just about self-expression and individualism; these things broadcasts our affiliations and display our social capital. People pay a lot of money for limited-edition Aston Martins and LV handbags, while others take pride in their Karmaloop hoodie or copy of Tigermilk on vinyl.”

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done | Zen Habits_1226633751157The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done
zenhabits wrote “What if I told you that you could be totally lazy and irresponsible, and still accomplish just as much? What if you could slack off, loiter, and essentially do nothing and get more done than the average person. It’s a bit of an art, but you can master this skill with some practice.”

r-echos » Blog Archive » Face Visualizer_1226633740799Face Visualizer
r-echos wrote “Most digital media players have built-in visualizers that display graphics synchronized to music in real-time. A group of Japanese sound artists took this principal to a new level and exchanged the graphics with a human face. The computer system is connected to the user’s face with electrodes that makes the face twist in sync with the music. The 10 electrical-pulse stimulators are connected to the…”

 Blog_1226633735091Feminine hygiene ad of your nightmares
maud newton wrote “Whoa. I thought the midcentury Lysol ones were the worst, but this Tampax ad collected amid some of the more misogynistic print campaigns of yore is singularly dreadful in its own way.”

 Welcome To The Biggest Laboratory Ever_1226633725792Welcome To The Biggest Laboratory Ever
basement wrote “What Google is doing here is combining a couple of dimensions of data: where you are geographically and flu-related search queries to determine how the flu virus is spreading. A few years ago, I talked about Google Base and what I then called the “Incidental Semantic Web.” In short, what I was talking about then is how the monitoring or mining…”

A Photo Editor - Failure is an Option_1226633719134Failure is an Option
a photo editor wrote “When I worked at a magazine, every month a couple of the shoots we assigned would fail. Fail to meet our standards, fail to be interesting, fail to capture what we were looking for. Immediately we would need to either kill it and reshoot, kill the story altogether, find pickup to…”

murketing » Blog Archive » In a book clubIn a book club? Here’s an offer.
murketing wrote “Last night I posted’s exclusive Reader’s Guide to Buying In, compiled and written by the author (me). I believe, as stated, that now is a really good time to take consumer behavior seriously, to talk about it, to think about it. I think the book would be good in the book-club setting.”

Pictures of Numbers blog_1226633706377Pictures of Numbers blog
kottke wrote “Pictures of Numbers is infrequently updated, but the subject matter is timeless and the archives are worth a look. Pictures of Numbers is a book-project-in-progress, consisting of practical tips and techniques for busy researchers on improving their data presentation.”

Now Boarding « The Dapper Alchemist_1226633701158Now Boarding
dapper alchemist wrote “Flight404 is the brain child of Robert Hodgin, a founding partner of The Barbarian Group. His website features his experiments in Processing and I must say that much of his work is rather breathtaking. The video below, illustrates that real-time capabilities of Processing; it’s a landscape formed from tracking a fast Fourier transform (FFT) of music over time.”

Judges knock down Lego's trademark case - Europe, World - The Independent_1226633688330Judges knock down Lego’s trademark case
independent wrote “For half a century it has formed the building block of playtime for millions of children across the globe, transporting them to fantastic castles, space ships and dolls’ houses. Yesterday, European judges stripped the Lego brick of its trademark status, after a rival toymaker…”

Type Tweets_1226633914070Type Tweets
About: “Typetweets displays the last 100 tweets from Twitter that mentioned a typographic related term for your viewing pleasure. These tweets range from humorous, to useless, to providing hours of fun with links to other sites. It’s really up to the community at large to determine the quality of its contents at any given time, but that’s what keeps things fresh.”

mosaic art, pop culture mosaics, magnetic artworks | motifo_1226633675047Funki-fy your fridge
About: “Motifo magnetic artworks are a brand new concept. Choose from our wide range of funky designs and easily create an impressive mosaic masterpiece on any magnet-friendly surface.”

Blog — School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design_1226633653296Blog – School of Visual Arts – MFA in Interaction Design
About: “Not all updates belong in the curriculum, and the Interaction Blog is where we talk about news and events around interaction design far and wide.”

Pixelated Tiles at Urban Prankster_1226633892079Pixelated Tiles
urban prankster wrote “Poster Boy continues to outdo himself. See if you can find the hidden smiley face.”

IAVA - Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America - Community of Veterans_1226633858016Community of Veterans
About: “Watch the new PSA, which announces; the first social network exclusively for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 7th (November 2008)

Olly Moss at FormFiftyFive - Design inspiration from around the world_1226072109310

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1226072052009

Well this has been quite the week for me if you don’t mind me mentioning it. My brain is fried and it’s actually kind of painful to even type this out. So I’ll be short and sweet and offer some of the urls that I’ll be spending more time w/ over the weekend.


– m

Olly Moss at FormFiftyFive - Design inspiration from around the world_1226072109310Olly Moss
form fifty five wrote “Some interesting design and illustration work by Olly Moss.”

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1226072052009To Paraphrase Alasdair Gray
Ask H&FJ wrote “You are. —JH”

weather » Blog Archive » Frontpages of the world_1226071983053“Frontpages of the world”
I Am the Weather wrote “All images are sourced from the Newseum on November 4 2008.News sites on the web got ongoing screenshot treatment at Electioneering08. Large Version of the above image 2MB

 Election photography roundup - the photo blog of Magnum Photos_1226072008034Election photography roundup
Magnum Photos wrote “714 Front Pages, A Photo Editor, No caption needed, Five Photos That Cinched the Election, The visual side of returns”

Newsweek's in-depth report on the 2008 election_1226072015532Newsweek’s in-depth report on the 2008 election
kottke wrote “If you followed or were at all interested in the 2008 presidential election, this seven-part series by a group of Newsweek reporters is a must read. The reporters were granted exclusive access to the campaigns of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton for a year on the condition that they wouldn’t print anything until after the election was over.”

little did i know » Obama's Speech in Chicago_1226072023197Obama’s Speech in Chicago
“Hello, Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer. It’s the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen…”

Personism » Blog Archive » A Man with a Plan_1226072035232A Man with a Plan
Personism wrote “Tucker, he is super.”

About: “Tucker Nichols has had recent solo shows at ZieherSmith Gallery in New York, Lincart and Gallery 16 in San Francisco, and the Kunstpanorama in Luzern. His work has been featured at the Drawing Center and John Connelly Presents in New York, and Rocket Gallery in Tokyo. His drawings have been published in McSweeney’s, J&L Books, Zoetrope:… ”

About: “FilzFelt was founded in 2008 by two felt loving designers, Kelly Smith and Traci Roloff. This female run business prides itself on simplicity in design, beautiful photography, good packaging and jaw-droppingly great customer service. Born and raised in Northern Virginia and trained in architecture, Kelly has called Boston home for more than 10 years…”

writing | ben fry » Change is always most interesting_1226072085402Change is always most interesting
Benfry wrote “The New York Times has a very nicely done election map this year. Amongst its four viewing options is a depiction of counties that voted more Democratic (blue) or Republican (red) in comparison to the 2004 presidential election: The blue is to be expected, given that the size…”

 Where are the Best US Election Result MapsQuestion: Where are the Best US Election Result Maps?
information aesthetics wrote “During today and tomorrow, data visualization will be on the forefront of everyone’s attention. Everywhere in the world, people will be exposed to a plethora of bar, line and pie charts twinkling in distinct bright blue and red colors. Graphic design departments of magazines and newspapers go into overdrive, overlaying the US map…”

 flat bulb by joonhuyn kim_1226072100786tokyo design week 08: flat bulb by joonhuyn kim
designboom wrote “’flat bulb’ is designed by korean designer joonhuyn kim. unlike ordinary bulbs its volume is 1/3 smaller, reducing the cost of packaging and transport. its slim shape allows bulbs to be easily stacked and prevents breakage as it does not roll. his work was on display as part of 100% design tokyo.”

 I'm Ready to Declare a Winner in the 2008 Race_1226072127128I’m Ready to Declare a Winner in the 2008 Race
huffington post wrote “Okay, all the arguments have been made. And I am ready to declare a winner in the 2008 race. The Internet. (The other winner will have to wait until Tuesday night). From the way campaigns connect to supporters, to the way those campaigns are covered, to the way voters decide…”

 How To Make a Great iPod Dock Using A Record Player « memoirs on a rainy day_1226072136208DIY iPhonola: How To Make a Great iPod Dock Using A Record Player
From Range “The trouble with iPod docks is that they mostly look the same. And when the design is unique, it’s usually tacky it’s hard to find something distinctive that doesn’t look tacky. DIY enthusiast Mlaargh found an old Waters-Conley Phonola “portable” record player at a Goodwill shop for $25. He decided to use it as a base for an iPod dock.”

Visual Culture » Amazon says “Away with the excess”_1226072145769Amazon says “Away with the excess”
Visual Culture wrote “Amazon’s Frustration-Free Package is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials such as the annoying, impossible to open hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties. It’s designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging.”

 Air France's Sexy Sojourns_1226072156395Annals of Advertising: Air France’s Sexy Sojourns
State of the Art Wrote “Even those of us who can’t afford a week in Paris can admire the new print campaign from Air France. It’s sophisticated and sexy, and these days you don’t see that combo very much. I love the visual simplicity–the ads show the Air France logo on a flight trajectory that fuses with a passenger’s clothes. The passenger, natch, is a beautiful…”

About: “RjDj is a reactive music format for the Iphone and other mobile devices. Our goal is to kickstart reactive music and turn it into a consumer format. “RjDj is mainly consumed with headphones. Think of it as the next generation of walkman or mp3 player. The consumer experience of RjDjis similar…””

 The Colors Of Invader by COLOURlovers_1226072182117The Colors Of Invader
Colour Lovers wrote “These incredible images, tagged Rubikcubism, are created using Rubik’s cubes by french street artist Invader who is know for ‘invading’ cites with his pixelated creations.”

Campaigns in a Web 2.0 World - NYTimes.com_1226072190558Campaigns in a Web 2.0 World
NYT wrote “Shortly after 9 a.m. on Oct. 19, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president during the taping of “Meet the Press” on NBC. Within minutes, the video was on the Web. But the clip was not rushed onto YouTube; it was, the network’s sister entity online, that showed the video hours before television viewers on the West Coast could watch the interview for themselves.”

 Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog_122607220755590+ Graphic Design Blogs – Blogs about Graphic Design, Web Design, Typography, Photoshop
All Graphic Design wrote “Do you like to keep up with up and coming news about graphic design, typography, web design, and design industry news? We have come up with a list of almost 100 quality graphic design blogs and we thought that we would share this list with you. Please feel free to comment…”

Randy Troppmann — Flash Platform Hybrid_1226072214660Mark Logic 4.0 Geospacial Range Demo
Randy Toppmann wrote “Mark Logic tells me that anyone who cares about free text analytics will be very interested in this visualization, because it previously was not available in any product. The keyword here being Real-Time. A geospatial analysis of documents returned from a free text search, plotted in arbitrary geographic bounding boxes…”

 steve jobs on design_1226072222431steve jobs on design
swissmiss wrote “”Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs, The New York Times, 2003”

The Post-Materialist | Magazine Shops - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1226072230769The Post-Materialist | Magazine Shops
The Moment Blog wrote “A report from our Berlin correspondent on design and society. I love magazines, which means I’m in heaven in well-curated, well-designed stores featuring handpicked selections of the world’s best art, design, fashion, culture and style titles. So Berlin’s newest magazine boutique, Do You Read Me, has me throwing my hat in the air…”

The Long Here, the Big Now... | serial consign_1226072240960The Long Here, the Big Now…
Serial Conseign wrote “Tonight the final lecture of VISUALIZAR’08 took place and a large, enthusiastic crowd crammed into Medialab-Prado for the event. Adam Greenfield (design director at Nokia) presented The Long Here, the Big Now, and other tails of the networked city, a talk on ubiquitous computing and urban space. Greenfield opened his talk by defining everyware, a geo-web paradigm in which…”

Change.gov_1226072246464Change has come to America
About “Throughout the Presidential Transition Project, this website will be your source for the latest news, events, and announcements so that you can follow the setting up of the Obama Administration. And just as this historic campaign was, from the beginning, about you — the transition process will offer you opportunities to participate in redefining our government.”

 Answers from Matt Dent_1226072278027Answers from Matt Dent
noisydecentgraphics wrote “I guess with a name like 3 Fish In A Tree it’s apt that their office should have some of characteristics of a goldfish bowl. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m sure there are lots of you reading this who would swap your office for 3 Fish In A Tree’s place in the Oxo Tower on London’s Southbank. It’s a vibrant community where tourists…”

In Defense of Print | Blog | design mind_1226072265313In Defense of Print
Design Mind wrote “Yesterday – the day after an historic election – there was a run on the newspaper industry. People were buying hundreds of copies at a time of their local daily. When newsstands in New York and Washington sold out, crowds were said to have gathered at the Times and Post headquarters looking for copies announcing the new Obama presidency…”

My Methodology « petitinvention_1226072271019My Methodology
petitinvention wrote “One year anniversary of petitinvention! I started this blog on November 9th, 2007, so it’s just one year old. I really thank you all for your comments, pingbacks, interviews, features in magazines, etc. etc. I never thought it’d have this many readers and fans. It was such a wonderful first year, but I just had by far the most exciting experience last week, which I’ll be able to let you know next year…”

Flickr_1226072311354Election Night 11-04-08
Flickr set from Barack Obama


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 31st (October 2008)


For this Halloween edition of Link Drop™ you’ll notice that I tried my best to ignore that today is October 31st. With that out of the way this week is heavily influenced with what me and a lot of others at Daylife have been working on for some time. There’s two or three posts below that talk about what Daylife Select is, and how it’s going to change things once it’s rolled out next week. I’ll have a nice post about it after the switch has been flipped – but until then I’ll let others explain what it is. Whether it was intentional or not there’s a lot of other interactive stuff that’s also been included in this drop. And finally I think this was the biggest drop so far – I had to edit it down actually. Thanks to all those that sent me in stuff to look at. Enjoy your day and be sure to treat someone, tricks are for kids after all.

– m

About: “Antrepo Design Industry is a multi-disciplinary Design culture. Viral communication, printed matter, product design, interactive design. It derives its power from exciting and passionate design members who are actively contributing to the core of design. The antrepo team formed to create unique design ideas for forward-thinking clients. At the base of Antrepo are New formulas created by the Antrepo Team.”

Daylife Select « Upendra Shardanand_1225408944055Daylife Select
Upendra Shardanand wrote “I’m pretty lucky. I love the team here at Daylife – such a crazy concentration of talent and creativity (and a few quirks), no-nonsense, super thoughtful, and an endless source of amusement. And for the past few months they’ve been hard at work in the lab busting out our latest service, which launches today.”

Could Daylife solve the problem of profit vs contentCould Daylife solve the problem of profit vs content?
editorsweblog wrote “With shrinking newsrooms due to increasingly drastic budget cuts and a biting global economic environment, newspapers have been searching for a solution to the age-old problem of profit margins versus quality of product. A relatively new player is marketing a solution to this problem.”

How To Make News Cheaper - Forbes.com_1225409487656How To Make News Cheaper
Forbes wrote “Cheap content is on everyone’s mind, not just Helium’s. New York City start-up Daylife announced its own answer yesterday. It released a product for newspapers to create aggregated news and photo pages for their sites using an easy menu system. The site already works with newspapers like Gannet Co.’s USA Today and the Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.,”

_1225409159452News, by Colour
About: “A look at how different colours appear in the news. This page contains articles and topics that are related to the idea of “colour”, while the blocks to the right will give an overview for each of the colours – articles mentioning the colour, the topics that are deemed relevant to that colour and quotes from…” 

 Meet the people behind John McCain and Barack Obama_1225409273036Behind the Candidates: Meet the people behind John McCain and Barack Obama
About: “Behind the Candidates is an interactive news site that addresses what we feel was lacking in most of the election coverage. While most buzz-worthy news stories focus on the presidential and vice presidential candidates themselves, we were surprised how little resources have been…”

Young Professionals Meet for a Power Breakfast, but They Don’t Call It Networking - NYTimes.com_1225408682127That Business Card Won’t Fly Here
NYT wrote “TO Erin Middleton, a 27-year-old brand strategist in Dallas, the word “networking” calls to mind “stodgy business types in suits,” who are “very uncomfortable and poor at engaging conversation,” she said in an e-mail message. Melissa Clark, an advertising account manager in Minneapolis, said there is “something smarmy” about the word. Peter Bihr, 28, a media consultant in Berlin, was even stronger in his denunciation…”

Merch Madness | CMJ Band T-Shirts - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1225408636584Merch Madness | CMJ Band T-Shirts
themoment.blogs.nytimes wrote “This week, thousands of young, zealous music fans descended upon New York City for the 28th annual CMJ Music Marathon to see roughly 1,200 bands playing at over 75 sites across the city. The assortment of microgenres at this year’s confab — including world music noise, minimal techno, avant-garde metal and dancehall grime — was reflected in the multitude of well-designed band…”

 Famed Office Chair Shrinks Into Premium Snowboard Binding_1225408655932Famed Office Chair Shrinks Into Premium Snowboard Binding
Gizmodo wrote “The Aeron chair was the most famous office seat of all time, but we never expected it to show up in a Burton CO2 snowboard binding. Craziness? No, just look at the picture. The binding borrows the chair’s breathable webbing and strong Y support core, creating a lightweight and flexible structure that will run interested snowboarders $390…”

 NoahBrier.com_1225408665203On Predictions and Cruft
Noah Brier wrote “Some thoughts on how we understand the world, make decisions and keep patching things until they’re unrecognizable. – I recently watched Kevin Kelly’s great TED video on the next 5,000 days of the web and two things in it really struck me. First was Kelly’s assertion that man is an extension of technology, not vice versa…”

About: “Founded in November 2006, Shift is governed by an association comprised of four Basel organizations active in the fields of film, video, media art, and electronic music. Specifically: [] art and new media; sinus series, platform for electronic music; the videofilmtage Basel and the DVD magazine compiler.”

Picdit » Blog Archive » Interactive Mirror_1225408690180Interactive Mirror
Picdit wrote “Conceptualized by Alpay Kasal of Lit Studios and Sam Ewen of Interference Inc. Designed/constructed by Alpay Kasal. This is a patent pending touch capable mirror. The interactive mirror features proximity sensors, gesturing, and both nearfield and farfield infrared.”

Olimax - Possession 78 - Condensed Alphabet Shoot- Portrait Photography. Typography. Design_1225408724761Condensed Alphabet Shoot
About: “On 31st August 2008 about three-score participants gathered together at The Victoria, Mornington Terrace, London to have their portraits taken, based around letters of the alphabet. All this was accomplished over the course of one splendid Sunday afternoon…”

weather pattern » Blog Archive » What is the Role of the AnthropologistWhat is the Role of the Anthropologist?
Weather Pattern wrote “On Saturday, I got to hear Grant McCracken speak at the AIGA GAIN conference in New York. I documented that I was going to the talk in my usual way of writing a quick note in twitter, which gets dumped into my facebook status. “At AIGA, just heard Grant McCracken say…”

 Making Plans_1225408767050Making Plans
Archinect wrote “Often overlooked and recently playing supporting actor in the age of the section, the plan is ripe for rethinking. More recently, plan drawing has been absorbed into representation systems of mapping, diagramming, and indexing, therefore relegating plan drawings simply to plan-making.”

 the barbarian group_1225408961760It’s like I made it myself!
Robert Hodgin wrote “This was the New York City all my friends told me about and I finally got to see it with my own jaded eyes. But of all the experiences I had this last week, there is one that stands out. A single moment that made the rest of the week pale in comparison. It was the moment I realized Paul Smith owed me an apology.”

Lives - Facebook in a Crowd - NYTimes.com_1225408775937Facebook in a Crowd
NYT wrote “One day this past summer, I logged on to Facebook and realized that I was very close to having 700 online “friends.” Not bad, I thought to myself, absurdly proud of how many cyberpals, connections, acquaintances and even strangers I’d managed to sign up. But the number made me uneasy as well. I had just fallen out with a friend I’d spent a lot of time with…”

Atlas of Cyberspace_1225408783102Atlas of Cyberspace
About: “The Atlas of Cyberspace, by Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin, is the first comprehensive book to explore the spatial and visual nature of cyberspace and its infrastructure. It uses a user-friendly, approachable style to examine why cyberspace is being mapped. Full download version at

October Randomness | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1225408791579October Randomness
Michael Karnjanaprakorn wrote “1. Nike “Fate” Commerical. Beautifully done! 2. Gmail Goggles (Thanks to Trumpet for finding this). According to the Gmail Labs blog, “Sometimes I send messages I shouldn’t send. Like the time I told that girl I had a crush on her over text message. Or the time I sent that late night email to my ex-girlfriend that we should get back together…”

E-sushi - Art et Design » Julien Vallee_1225408799008Julien Vallee
e-sushi wrote “Des travaux de qualités, un style très intéressant et original, c’est ce que nous présente Julien Vallée, directeur artistique canadien.”

Picture 22Plus+ International Design Expo
About: “The Plus International Design Festival is run by designers for designers; it serves as an emissary for the design profession, an advisor to business, and a champion for design education. Plus is a touchstone for the design community. The Festival is managed by Plus Expo Ltd a not-for-profit company based in Birmingham.”

About: “I collect bookmarks wherever I go, and have long been puzzling how best to keep track of them — and how, as well, to record what books they’ve been happily paired with (should they be so lucky). And so: this blog. –”

Design Glut - Home_1225408820049Design Glut
About: “ is a resource which tells the stories of how many creative businesses got their start. You don’t need magic. You may, however, need some inspiration and a little advice. See the interviews below.”

 Free Redistributable Rich Data Sets - – Gallery of Visualizations
About: “ We want to help make finding and combining datasets so easy that data mashups combining dozens or hundreds of different datasets become straightforward. We’re not there yet, but we’re intent on being part of the ecosystem that will make this possible. As a way of eating our own dogfood — and since finding beauty in rich information is what gets us out of bed each morning — we’re going to post the occasional exploration…”

About: “Nepotism is alive and well in Belgravia: the subject of our first real softcover is the BP’s proprietor, Raymond E. Biesinger. Within its 106 5×5″ pages are 100 B&W images from Biesinger’s archive, including pieces for the NY Times, Nylon, Vue, Monocle, etc. Boasting a spot-varnished cover, it’s of interest to any illustrator or fan.”

Picture 20*** Kids Vote 2008 ***
About: “The site gives students a medium to state their opinion about the two presidential candidates, and to submit a vote for one or the other. We are interested in showing how kids are perceiving the political process and how they view Obama and McCain. Their opinions are presented in an impartial manner…”

 When it comes to influence, bloggers beat friend lists | The Social - CNET News_1225408952650Study: When it comes to influence, bloggers beat friend lists
cnet wrote “Facebook likes to trumpet the value of “trusted referrals”–recommendations and ads with the endorsements of members of your friends list. But a new study from Jupiter Research, commissioned by analytics company BuzzLogic, says that consumer purchases are more likely to be influenced by what they read on a blog versus what their social-networking rosters recommend.”

About: “Flavorpill loves culture. We embrace the high-brow, low-brow, underground, mainstream, and everything in between — as long as it’s good. Every day, our editors comb through emails, websites, newspapers, and magazines in search of the must-see happenings in their cities — then they get off their computers and experience the events firsthand.”

Domainr, the domain search engine_1225408982829Domainr, the domain search engine
About: “There’s a whole world of domains out there—hundreds at the top-level and even more beyond—Domainr helps you explore them all. Some of our favorites are, and”

 Color Inspiration | The DesignO'Blog_1225409015758Just For Kicks: Color Inspiration
The DesignO’Blog wrote “As designers we are continually looking for inspiration to keep our design skills sharp. We can find inspiration in the strangest places. What better place to look for color inspiration than our own shoes? Think about it – if we pride ourselves on our ability to spot good design then this would carry out into our choice of footwear. I hope you enjoy this post. Thanks to everyone who participated!”

projectbueller wrote “On October 31st, we are recreating the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at the Village Halloween Parade. This will involve tens of thousands of people breaking out into the world’s largest Beatles sing-a-long. We want the streets to erupt in joy and for it to be one of the greatest experiences of everyone’s lives…”

 UnBeige_1225409168150Forget Ringtones, Now Switch Up Your Cell Phone’s Font
UnBeige wrote “If you’re like us, you find your cell phone’s immutable display typeface blocky and depressing. Maybe it’s time to move to England! There you can avail yourself of FlipFont, a new service that offers downloadable, mobile-optimized fonts to replace the factory-installed default that kills your design mojo…”

 Everyday User Experience by alex rainert_1225409175093Obama ‘08 shows why he he gets it and how politics has truly changed
everyday UX wrote “I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the Obama ‘08 iPhone app (iTunes link) that was released yesterday. The thoroughness and the polish really shows how a political process so often stuck in the past can really be revolutionized in 4 short years”

 purple fashion magazine_1225409182857purple fashion magazine
f&art wrote “purple fashion = goddess of fashion magazines and fortunately they now resell some of their out of stock back issues. Be quick and order your missing copy here – I aldready have them all…”

 The Street Art in Japan (グラフィティ) Pool_1225409190338Street Art in Japan (グラフィティ)
Flickr group: “A place to post photos of street art from Japan. Art from artists from Japan and around the world found on the streets of Japan. From Okinawa to Hokkaido.”

Big Think - We Are What You Think_1225408601212Big Think – We Are What You Think
About: “ is a new and growing website, currently in its beta version, with a simple mission: This is a digital age, one in which a wealth of accessible information empowers you, the citizen-consumer. But where is the information coming from? How accurate and unprocessed is it, really?…”

 Best of Ari Gold_1225449403722Best of Ari Gold
Day of the Dreamweavers wrote “This man is the only reason why I still watch Entourage (via TMBLG).”

 Space Invader Explains His New Binary Code Street Art- Part 1_1225408755942Space Invader Explains His New Binary Code Street Art- Part 1 and Part 2
From Wooster Collective


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 24th (October 2008)

one strange morning » kevin cyr

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 0
The last two weeks over here on the blog have been slightly weird – I’ve always had decent amount of traffic, nothing noteworthy but as long as I had a couple more uniques a month than the last I was happy. It was progress. Then last week happened and it really didn’t slow down this week. I’m slightly exagarating when I say I’m up 5,000% – but not by much. Most of the increase was from other people passing on stuff that I posted here. If you’re one of those people – thanks a ton, I’ve discovered a lot of new blogs so hopefully I can return the favour at some point.

Link Drop™ is something that I like to do to wrap up the end of the week, it allows me to really filter things down to some things that I want to spend some quality reading time w/ and best viewed sans rss feed reader. I also like to see what patterns emerge – this week it was more about food then politics, street art continues strong, tech. stuff. and even a couple sites that just use flash… It’s also fall which means people are looking to change gears in fashion.

Ciao for seven.
– m

one strange morning » kevin cyrkevin cyr
one strange morning wrote “Check out these awesome truck paintings by Kevin Cyr!”

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 09 0 0 0’s photostream
Flickr Profile “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison…”

Robert L. Peters » fontpark—by Morisawafontpark—by Morisawa
Robert L Peters wrote “If you like Kanji, typography in general, and/or online opportunities to ideate and compose in real time… fontpark 2.0 by the Japanese type giant Morisawa may be your cup of tea. Check out the gallery first, then “play and create” at will. (thanks for the fun link, Cameron).”

Limits to GrowthLimits to Growth
the teeming void wrote “A new generative work that has just fallen into place; I’ll be showing prints at the upcoming Dorkbot CBR show (CCAS Manuka, in November). Made with Processing. More will accumulate here. Economic growth is a central tenet of contemporary capitalism; but the logic of endless growth…”

5 key design trends - Bulletin - David Report - your pathfinder into the futureIssue 10/2008: 5 key design trends
David Report wrote “The key words to design trend COOLTURAL let’s us understand that we speak of a trend that has a personality and faces away from the anonymous globalisation. We described globalisation like this in the two year old trend rapport “Supreme Regionalism””

The Cooliris Blog » Blog Archive » iPhone, meet Cooliris!iPhone, meet Cooliris!
About: “Now you can experience Cooliris anywhere you go, by navigating the mobile web with our brand new iPhone app! Cooliris for the iPhone is perfect for browsing through media-rich web content on the fly. Searching the web for media with the Cooliris iPhone app displays…”

X-Ray PhotographerNick Veasey: X-Ray Photographer
Cool Hunting wrote “Nick Veasey calls himself the original x-ray nerd. Having spent over a decade obsessively chronicling thousands of objects through x-ray photography, it’s an appropriate label. While our society is taught to concern itself with the alluring surface of things…”

40+ Streetartists You Should Know Besides Banksy40+ Street artists You Should Know Besides Banksy
Streetsy wrote “Everyone knows who Banksy is– but the international streetart community has hundreds of other great artists that deserve your attention. Here’s a selection of the very best. If you think someone important has been left out, please email us!”

 Pics of My Home Office) - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss_1224809181568Rethinking the Office – Dutch Design (Plus: Pics of My Home Office)
Tim Ferriss wrote “Through simple redesign of workspaces, Interpolis of Holland increased productivity 20%, and sick leave has dropped from 9% to 2.5%. Last but not least, their new design also brings in 90,000 visitors a year. How was it done? How do you create a Results-Only-Work-Environment (ROWE) for yourself or a company…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » McCain momentMcCain moment
Reuters wrote “The third and final debate between the 2008 U.S. presidential nominees had just ended. Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama and Republican nominee Senator John McCain had just shaken hands moments before and turned away from each other, when Senator McCain suddenly lunged forward with his hands out in front of him and stuck out his tongue.”

Container Color Systems « Thinking for a Living™Blog/Container Color Systems
Thinking for a living wrote “Loving these container color systems posters by Antrepo Design Industry. The graphic simplicity and saturated colors hit the sweet spot for me. I’ve got to get my hands on these!”

wk studio wrote “W+K and EA rolled out Will Wright’s much anticipated game launch last month with a multi-city “War of the Worlds” attack pattern. Billboards, subway dominations, walls, bus shelters, phone booths – nothing was safe. Much of the buzz even created some theft in many of the bus shelters.”

murketing » Blog Archive » Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’
Murketing wrote “So from everything I have read, Joe The Plumber would not, in fact, be fiscally penalized by an Obama administration. He does not actually, as he has conceded, make $250,000 a year. The plumbing business he supposedly wants to buy almost certainly does not net $250,000 a year…”

Lettercult wrote “HE LEFT JAPAN, LEFT HIS FAMILY, and found himself at a little-known art school in Maine, the coldest place he could ever imagine. Satoru Nihei, aka Mr. Beautifool, has never followed a traditional path. His parents are proud teachers—he’s a high-school dropout. He landed a job with Gento Matsumoto, a legendary designer in Japan…”

street art manifestostreet art manifesto
she sees red wrote “mr gower, my urban-art-lovin’-partner-in-crime, sent me this article by wooster’s marc schiller. i replied to him with a huge rant about it and then realised that i should probably post my rant here, not in his ear. So, go on, read the article, ‘cos i’m going to rant about it and it won’t make sense otherwise. Firstly, this kind of dynamic has happened with art since the renaissance – it’s called a ‘movement’…”

Trends in Japan - CScout Japan Blog » Calamete fork made for spaghetti twirlingCalamete fork made for spaghetti twirling
CScout Japan Blog wrote “Normally we don’t get so excited about cutlery (having long ceded authority to chopsticks), but there’s just something about the Calamete that has grabbed at us since we saw it at the Tokyo Gift Show this year. Sure, we can’t keep a different fork for every type of food…”

how to eat popcorn | Stickers and Donutshow to eat popcorn
stickers and donuts wrote “So, the only real design-related piece to this post is the popcorn fork, but I figured, while I’m at it, I might as well explain the very best way to eat popcorn: 1. Use a popcorn fork (6 pack for $7) so you do not get it all over your hands. Yes, these are like training-wheel-chopsticks, but they make digging-in very easy…”

A.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone ElseA.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone Else
Racked wrote “Back in July, news broke that cult retailer A.P.C., known for their excellent denim, would be releasing a line of jeans called Butler Worn Out. The idea: shoppers who love that worn-in look but hate the lengthy process to achieve it can now buy pre-worn jeans. Well, the pants are now in store…”

I'm Looking For Cool KicksI’m Looking For Cool Kicks
Design O’Blog wrote “If you are a graphic designer and you have cool, colorful sneakers – i’d like to blog about them!
What im looking for is a picture kind of like this:”

Peter NenciniDesign/Illustrator: Peter Nencini
Pica + Pixel wrote “I stumbled across designer/illustrator Peter Nencini and I fell in love with his illustrations for TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Thought all of you would like them too.”

Spiewak Uniform WorkwearSpiewak Uniform Workwear
About: “I. Spiewak & Sons, Inc., commonly known as Spiewak, is a New York-based apparel company founded in 1904. Originally a maker of sheepskin lined work jackets, Spiewak evolved into a major manufacturer of military jackets during WWI and WWII. The company, family owned for five generations, is a leading manufacturer of uniform outerwear..”

Blackbeltjones wrote “Rip it, steal it, web it, mail it, post it. This message wants to MOVE!”

Get Out! Art Book Edition (printfetish)Get Out! Art Book Edition
Printfetish wrote “Thursday October 23: There are two art book fairs this weekend, Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair and the Arlis/NY Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference. Today, I’m heading up to MoMA for a talk at the latter. The talk is Multiple Ideas…”

OpenVisualisation - Open Knowledge Foundation WikiThe Open Knowledge Foundation Wiki
About: “Visual representation is a time-tested way of making large, complex bodies of information manageable – whether in the form of maps, timelines, graphs, or charts. Emerging digital technologies have revolutionised what is possible in this domain. These pages are to document open-source software for visualisation and existing (open) knowledge…”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Graffiti JapanGraffiti Japan
Ping Mag wrote “A long while ago, we introduced you to (legal) graffiti in Japan (and in Tokyo) and its leading lights. Now, a new book has come out to show us the skills of the Japanese masters: For two years, Australian Remo Camerota…”

About: “Really solid. Made in London of galvanised steel with plastic front. Black wire with switch exits bottom right. Holes in reverse for wall mounting or can rest on any flat surface.”

Historical Bush Approval RatingsHistorical Bush Approval Ratings

Click here to try drugs!Click here to try drugs!

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 17th (October 2008)

 Portland · And God saw that it was good.

As tradition’s go, on Friday’s I collect some of the more interesting stuff that I found on the web and call it Link Drop™. I only mention this b/c there was 12,000+ new friends that have visited after reading about How I Find Good Stuff On the Web. As for the week itself there weren’t too many patterns that I discovered from what was keeping me interested aside from the usual political stuff. Enough about me, see you in seven if not sooner.

– m

 Portland · And God saw that it was good.AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD.
Wieden+Kennedy wrote “Sporons unite! After a year and a half of hard work and evolution (haha, lol, rofl), EA’s Spore campaign has finally launched. Enjoy.”

 Marc Schiller on Commerce - PAPERMAGFor the Love of Art: Marc Schiller on Commerce
Papermag wrote: “”Soon after we published the blog, “Space Girl and Bird,” a Banksy stencil created for a Blur CD cover sold at Bonhams auction house in London for $575,000 — 20 times the estimate, making it the most expensive BANKSY ever sold at that time. Back then, my thinking was that everyone was benefiting from this “Banksy Effect”…”

Body Navigation by Recoil Performance Group on VimeoBody Navigation by Recoil Performance Group
About: “Excepts from a modern dance performance that was part of the Danish Dance Theatre installation Labyrint by Tim Rushton, in Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen 2008.”

Password security questions considered useless [STREAM]Password security questions considered useless
Naveenium wrote “My issue with the security question approach is that it doesn’t completely solve the problem of forgotten passwords. Each drop down prompts you with a choice between five questions.”

aside design studio » Design RockstarDesign Rockstar
Aside Design Studio wrote “A rock star is not someone who takes the temperature, who gauges the marketplace before he creates his “art”. A rock star is someone who needs to create and is willing to tolerate the haters along with the fans. He’s someone who incites controversy just by existing. That’s what we lost in the dash for cash. Unique voices.”

 This debate proudly brought to you by..This debate proudly brought to you by…
Make the logo bigger wrote “This isn’t the first debate Anheuser-Busch has sponsored, nor are the only sponsor. (And you thought elections were supposed to be free from undue influence again… how?) Might as well just throw a few taps on stage and serve the audience between questions.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » 7-Eleven’s Obama - McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map7-Eleven’s Obama – McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map
Kelso’s Corner wrote “I pass by a 7-Eleven on my commute and have wondered about the “Every Cup Counts” 7-Election ad for their coffee. Apparently you can choose a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup to fill your morning Joe (no, not the plumber mentioned 21 times tonight in the last debate…”

 For creative peopleKeith Loutit tilt-shift miniature look
Lost at E Minor wrote “The tilt-shift miniature thing has been pretty hot lately amongst photographers, but until Keith Loutit’s amazing videos, it’s seldom been seen as moving images. Loutit’s films make humans seem insignificant, small, and toy like, much in the ways William Turner and Thomas Cole did in the 19th century.”

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.Multicolr Search Lab
About: “We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography.”

GANT - Scott SchumanTen New Yorkers through the lens of the Sartorialist
About: “The Sartorialist has been appointed by GANT to document how ten different New Yorkers would combine items from Gant with their own wardrobe. Here is the result.”

 The Atlantic | New at Pentagram | PentagramNew Work: The Atlantic
Pentagram wrote “The 151-year old general interest magazine The Atlantic is known for championing the “American idea” in all its diversity and for exhibiting a curiosity for topics ranging from politics to design. The result can range from Andrew Sullivan’s prescient and influential essay “Why Obama Matters” to Corby Kummer’s 2,300-word treatise on apples.”

FutureMe.orgCreate an email to send to the future!
About: “two fellas started this here site so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date. we’ve all had to do them in high school and college. it’s sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you’d be a year (two years? more?) later. is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. we strive for accuracy.”

Super Colossal » Sydney Architecture Festival 2008Sydney Architecture Festival 2008
Super Colossal wrote “The Sydney Architecture Festival was held at Customs House on Monday. This is the second year that it has been running and the scope of the event and the visitor turnout was all much improved over last year, so it looks promising that it will grow into a fully rounded festival in the next few years.”

Op-Chart - Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.comBulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants
NYT wrote “Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or Republican administrations. How would you have fared?”

Slow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & InspirationSlow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs
PSFK wrote “The argument against the magazine industry’s sustainability generally goes like this: People now want their information on-demand, in short quantities, and from hundreds rather than dozens of sources. But one very important factor contributing to the industry’s demise is not often recognized. Magazines – lumbering machines that move at a snails pace – are just not equipped to remain relevant in a world that moves at lightning pace.”

The mental_floss College Ain't Cheap Tuition GiveawayThe mental_floss College Ain’t Cheap Tuition Giveaway
Mental_Floss wrote “In 750 words or less, explain why you (as the most deserving person on the planet) should win a $10,000 prize for tuition/books in the fall of 2009. The contest is open to full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S. or Canada in the fall of 2009.”

Twits on ParadeTwits on Parade
the weekly Standard wrote “Maybe you’ve noticed: These political blogs can be so gabby. Yap yap yap. You go to some website–,, whatever–and there will be a new post for you to read, and the blogger goes on for one, two, sometimes three paragraphs…”

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The WWGDThe WWGD? world
BuzzMachine wrote “In the financial crash, we are seeing two forces at work: first, a corrupt system of unregulated leverage gone mad — virtual value (which is to say, bullshit) created in derivatives — but second, a world whose fundamental structure is changing in ways we can’t yet fully fathom.”

The DO Lectures | 4th - 8th September 2008Let the Doers of the world inspire the rest of us.
About: “The Do lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.”

 Notes from The Feast ConferenceNotes from The Feast Conference
Swissmiss wrote “Today’s Feast Conference was truly inspiring and made me think! What impressed me the most were the attendes; every person I spoke to was a “Doer”. Jerri Chou and Michael Karnjanaprakorn of All Day Buffet did a fantastic job in organizing The Feast…”

Following The Election OnlineFollowing The Election Online
Nate Archer wrote “Yesterday was election day here in Canada and while our elections are not as sensational as those south of the border, I nonetheless followed it closely. This year’s election was significant to me not because of the result, but because of the process; I followed the election almost entirely online…”

Barack Obama Tea BlendDrink for Change.
About: “Let me be absolutely clear, this organic African Red Bush Rooibos based tea is a mix of herbs with hints of Hawaiian fruit. It’s smooth, fresh and lacks bitterness. Environmentally friendly, unexpected, and a little left of center. Contributes to your overall well being and Health(care).”

The eyeballing gameThe eyeballing game
About: “Some people are bothered by pictures on the wall hanging slightly crooked. Others may not even be aware that something may be amiss. If you are somebody who is into woodworking or construction, its good to be one of the people who notice when things are crooked. But I suspect the ability to notice that things might be just a little off square, off centre, or not quite straight, varies greatly.”

The Municipal Art Society of New YorkThe Municipal Art Society of New York
About: “MAS fights for intelligent urban planning, design and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy.”

What should I b 4 HalloweenWhat should I b 4 Halloween?
Hipster Runoff wrote “Should I be a pack of teens waiting to be picked up by our parents at the movie theatre?”

 playboy france + nookaplayboy france + nooka
Nooka wrote “playboy france october 2008. c’est tres cool et chic. si vous etes en france achetez une copie toute de suite!”

 the flybrarythe flybrary.
the girl in the green dress wrote “the flybrary by satina turner.”

The Wisdom of ExperienceThe Wisdom of Experience
Alan Cooper wrote “Most of you know me as an interface designer.”

no excerpt


How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

How I Find Good Stuff on the Web

One of the topics that came up while I was having lunch last week w/ Swissmiss was our systems for checking stuff out on the web. For me one of the ways of getting around using an rss feed reader which I deplore is to use tabs. For me I bookmark blogs and place them in folders in Firefox that then become tabs that I can open. What that means is that within a couple minutes I can open between 35 – 60 blogs and sites. In the past on DesignNotes I’ve gone over why I don’t like rss feed readers so I won’t bore you with the explanation aside from the fact that rss feed readers make reading blogs seem like a never ending chore. My tab method is as follows. I’ve named them M1, M1B, M2 etc… the M1 is a bunch of blogs that I check out quite often during the day and as the folder numbers progress the less I check them out. The last folder (M5) is for new blogs and sites that I’m checking out. It’s a test phase to see whether after a couple weeks if they’ll make the cut to be placed in one of the other folders.

Why bother reading blogs anyways? There’s a couple reasons for me, first off I want to learn what other people are observing and how they’re thinking – after all I want to take those ideas, make them better and implement them somehow soon. It’s also for content for Link Drop that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. As the diagram notes, there’s a systematic flow to how I find sites for Link Drop and what I do with the other sites.

The main sources outside of my own tabs is from people mentioning stuff on twitter and from the occasional friend via IM. What has changed from a year or two is that I don’t find that much new stuff on flickr. One guess is that a lot of that content has migrated to FFFFFFFFFFFFound. Inside my tabs there’s very few sites that come from FFFFFFFFFFFFound and believe it or not – tumblr. While I don’t ignore some of the people that use those sites I try to stay from it as a crowd. They’re kind of like business marketing books – everyone is looking at them so the chances of finding something that is unique is diminished by the mass popularity of the services.

Do you have a different method of finding great stuff on the web that isn’t via rss feed readers?

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 10th (October 2008)

At this point in the news cycle it would be hard not to be influenced by what’s going on in US politics and the economy. Interestingly enough a lot of the sites that I found useful this week had a nod to those issues. There’s tons of statistical data out there that should make things easier but is that really the case? Behind that information are the stories – is it easy to find a truthful pov on the news that reflect those stories? I dunno if we’re at the end or the beginning stages where things get clearer but I do know that there’s a lot to have an opinion on. Till next week…

– m

About: “The maps that now appear on the front page of and other parts of the site allow you to quickly scan the latest trend poll trend estimates for every state in the Presidential race, as well as races for Senate and Governor (with U.S. House coming soon). The maps also allow you to navigate to our poll charts by clicking on the state.”

eismann-sf »’s Charting’s Charting Widget
eismann-sf wrote: “I’ve seen these widgets popping up on various political blogs around town, and think they are fairly well designed. It’s tough to cram as much information as they do into such a small space, but they succeed by practicing the right approach to information design: content is king.” - Graphing the Debates_1223592991242Graphing the Debates
Graph Paper wrote: “One thing that’s been fun about watching the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates on CNN is that you get to also watch a scrolling EKG-like graph of how viewers are actually responding to what is being shown.”

Picture 15Minor Landscapes and the Geography of American Political Campaigns
bldgblog wrote: “If you’ll excuse a quick bit of landscape-inspired political speculation, I was reminded this morning of something I read last year on Boing Boing and which has stuck with me ever since – and that’s that there are more World of Warcraft players in the United States today than there are farmers.”

Google Reconsiders Its Aversion to Advertising - WSJ.com_1223592739856Google Reconsiders Its Aversion to Advertising
WSJ wrote: “Since its earliest days, Google Inc. has largely promoted its search engine and search-advertising products through word of mouth and partnerships. But in recent months some of the Internet company’s executives have been pushing for the company to overcome its aversion to paid advertising. That has created some conflict within Google, which is maturing and looking to reinvigorate its slowing growth.”

The Contrarian_1223592761284The Contrarian
About: “The Contrarian is a tool that brings into focus disparate facts and views in today’s media narrative. Taking content entirely from published articles and photos, The Contrarian seeks to sharpen the edges of the hazy world view presented by internet media. The product of this effort seeks not to discredit any particular source, but to encourage users to seek out other sources for information.”

Bagpipes_1223592800504Joel C. Robinson Historical Woodwinds
About: “While the first instrument I played was the modern oboe, the first instruments I made were harpsichords and organs. A talent for metal and woodworking as well as an attraction to early music led me to recreating woodwinds of the past. It was 1973 and I bought a metal lathe and designed and made my first instruments: cornamuse and bagpipes.”

 Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards_1223592810046Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards
A List Apart wrote: “We’ve been talking about Web 2.0 for so long now it’s already passé to argue about what it means and what it doesn’t. But one thing’s for sure, there’s a lot of data out there on the web these days. And as web designers, we’re designing a lot of data-driven sites.”

Meat & Cheese Combo Proves Edible | Jason Santa Maria_1223592854579Meat & Cheese Combo Proves Edible
Jason Santa Maria wrote: “Armed with empty stomachs and discerning taste buds, we descended upon New York City determined to find a cheesesteak of quality. I’m happy to say, we succeeded.”

Creative Edward de Bono quotes | David Airey » graphic designer, logo designer_1223592927674Creative Edward de Bono quotes
David Airey wrote: “Edward de Bono is one of the very few people in history who can be said to have had a major impact on the way we think. He has written numerous books with translations into 34 languages (all main languages plus Hebrew, Arabic, Bahasa, Urdu, Slovene, Turkish etc).”

 Muji Chronotebook — jackcheng.com_1223592967949Stuff I love: Muji Chronotebook
Jack Cheng wrote: “Start with the simplest thing imaginable: a blank sheet of paper. Add a rows of lines and it becomes a notebook. Add a grid instead and it becomes an drawing pad for architects. Add a few tiny boxes and it turns into a to-do list. Put in dates and you’ve got a calendar. But as they teach you in your high-school econ class, everything has a cost. For each function or feature you add, you lose a purpose.”

 12 Year Old McDonald's Hamburger_122359297970312 Year Old McDonald’s Hamburger
the Sherman Foundation wrote: “What does a 12 year old McDonald’s Hamburger stored in tupperware look like? It looks exactly like it did 12 years ago. A woman named Karen Hanrahan who teaches a workshop titled Healthy Choices for Children uses this to show parents the true nature of what children are eating when they eat fast food.”

Life_1223593003469Book Mining: Work/Life
pica-n-pixel wote: “I thought I’d share a peek into some of my most recent book acquisitions. First up is the Uppercase Gallery directory of Canadian illustration and photography Work/Life. I don’t know what they feed those folks north of the border but it makes them crazy talented!”

3rings » Could outdoor LED walls have saved Wall StreetCould outdoor LED walls have saved Wall Street?
3rings wrote: “Just this past Friday, both Congress and our President all signed off on a $700B rescue package. Personally, I am in favor of this legislation as it effectively aims to help both the wealthy and the poor, but I often question how we might have prevented this crisis sooner.”

Tina Brown’s Daily Beast Starts With A Growl, Not A Roar | paidContent.org_1223593031669Tina Brown’s Daily Beast Starts With A Growl, Not A Roar
paidContent wrote: “By now, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that Tina Brown’s online project with Barry Diller’s backing is called The Daily Beast after the paper in Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop. Brown’s high-profile move to the web from glossy print is scheduled to go live Monday at 7 a.m. eastern, in the softest of launches, scant months after a team was assembled in the Gehry-designed IAC headquarters.”

‘the village pet store and charcoal grill’ by banksy_1223593054880‘the village pet store and charcoal grill’ by banksy
designboom wrote: “the infamous UK street artist banksy has been overseas in new york. last week, he was spotted painting a large mural that touched on the US economic situation. now he has opened a pet store in the west village. as you would expect from banksy, ‘the village pet store and charcoal grill’ isn’t your typical pet store; there are definitely no gold fish for sale here.”

 Blog_1223593065347Photo Essay: The Denim Factory
DFP:Blog wrote: “I shot these photos at a denim factory in Kentucky that specializes in distressing high-end jeans for a few top designers. I used to scoff at paying a premium for jeans that come with holes in them already.”

What's New York ReadingWhat’s New York Reading?
About: “Books people are reading on New York City subways. Send your photos (along with the book title and train) to whatsnyreading [at]”

 I will do one thing today._1223593013513I will do one thing today.
swissmiss wrote: “No more of this multitasking business. I need to focus more. Right after I finish blogging this.”

[command save]_1223592958223[command save]
About: “Portland State Graphic Design! Keeping PSU Graphic Design Grads, Students, Faculty & Friends in Touch”

The Money Meltdown_1223592997815The Money Meltdown
About: “Everything you need to know about the global money crisis of 2007-?.”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 3rd (October 2008)


One of the things that I take for granted each week as I post my collection that I’ve called Link Drop is that people are coming to my site to read this. If you’re following this post from a rss reader you have my apologies – the code to get Link Drop is a bit of a hack to say the least. It probably doesn’t look that nice – keep in mind that this site is still a work in progress. So if you are reading this post from your fav. rss reader today, before you close it down maybe check out the links via the blog – you might be surprised.

This week has a bit of everything, between seeing people’s awesome places, learning how to make a lot of cash via the blog (nope – no advertising for me just yet), maps and just smart observations there’s an eclectic mix. Did the last week seem to guy by quicker than last week’s or was it just me?

– m

GJ_1222977242234Latest Thought for the Week
GJ wrote: “Johnson Banks’ latest Thought for the Week explores copyright and “inspiration” as it relates to logos and brands and is a really interesting article. The hedgehog balloon-dog (yes…) is awesome.”

theselby - photos in your space_1222977005955theselby – photos in your space
About: “I am looking for people with amazing spaces in london and in new york.”

 Help A College Student!_1222976091093Help A College Student!
The One Train wrote: “I’m in an architecture seminar focused on product sustainability and recycling paths, and I need your help. I’ve been gathering data on recycling legislation and regulations in a dozen or so countries around the world for a comprehensive Flash website — which is surprisingly fascinating in and of itself — but I’d like to collect some graphical data as well.”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Tokyo Topographies_1222976103364Tokyo Topographies
PingMag wrote: “When Hajime Ishikawa isn’t working as a landscape architect in Akasaka, he follows his passion for Tokyo’s topography. Sometimes you’ll find him developing concepts for a future city in an altered landscape (think of the rising sea levels) for the Fibre City project, and other times he’ll be depicting Tokyo in all kinds of visualisations: He calls himself a map evangelist and GPS is just one of his tools. Hajime spoke to PingMag about his unique interests.”

 the internet cupboard_1222976383935the internet cupboard
Russell Davie wrote: “It occurred to us later on on Friday that more of the internet could benefit from being preserved in this way. Wikipedia should be kept in a ring-binder, flickr should be in a shoe-box. Just in case. Haha. You know. Funny.”

 Location Made Simple | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1222976393241MetropoliPhone: Location Made Simple
PSFK wrote: “Location-based services are on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, and iPhone apps that leverage GPS are coming from left and right. As promising as it is, though, location is still a bit complicated. Even if the technology is there, the culture still needs to catch up. iPhone owners are no longer the early adopters, but their friends and family. America is learning that you don’t need to be a magician to use an iPhone, in fact, it’s like a smartphone for dummies.”

The credit crunch is feeding LinkedIn | Media | credit crunch is feeding LinkedIn
Guardian wrote: “The credit crunch. It might be bad news for investors, the housing industry, the government, tax payers and home owners – but LinkedIn would like us to know that they are doing rather well as a result of international economic meltdown. Every cloud.”

Obsessions | The Ministry of Type_1222976493196Obsessions
Ministry of Type wrote: “I came across this remarkable piece of work earlier today. It’s a design created with 250,000 euro cents in a public square with the intention that people would interact with it, presumably by taking (or rearranging?) the coins. Even though it’s €2500 lying there, it would take a fair bit of determination to take the lot and get it to (at least) a coin-changing machine, a level of hard work a casual thief is unlikely to want to do I think.”

Why do you dislike conferencesWhy do you hate conferences?
Michael Karnjanaprakorn wrote: “As I’m putting together and curating The Feast Conference, I’ve started to generate some new ideas to make the experience unique and different. As someone that goes to a lot of conferences, I have developed a personal list of things I would like to see that I’m incorporating…”

 The New Yorker_1222976551898Warm-Up
From the New Yorker: “If you have not entered the dance-party contest, please do. If you’ve already bought tickets, thank you. And for everyone—this Friday’s guests, Montreal’s own Megasoid, have given us their new mixtape, “Remix Runners,” which will be available here exclusively this week. We also have the new “Turbo Crunk” mixtape, by associates of Megasoid named Hovatron. As they explain, “Hovatron is part of Mofomatronix, which is part of the Turbo Crunk family/ monthly party in Montreal, Canada.””

Sign of the times - Design Week_1222976573320Sign of the times
Design Week wrote: “My favourite door sign is on the south side of Long Acre in Covent Garden. About halfway down one of London’s busiest thoroughfares, there is a brown door that has written on it: ‘The brown door between Replay and Jane Norman’.”

We make it better » Blog Archive » Chomp_1222976660250Chomp
We make it better wrote: “Been meaning to post this for awhile, I keep seeing these images coming up on ffffound. Theyre by tebe_interesno, who I gather is a Russian illustrator. His site here is full of beautiful, funny work, and like all the best things I see on ffffound make me think ” I wish I’d done that”…”

werenothipGuido Daniele’s Hand Painting Used To Sell AT&T’s Roaming Capabilities
If It’s Hip, It’s Here wrote: “Most of us ‘creative types’ and net surfers have seen Milan-based artist Guido Daniele’s amazing hand painting before, but its latest incarnation is in a new AT&T International Roaming ad campaign by BBDO Atlanta, shot by Toronto based photographer Andric (who happens to speak Italian so he could converse easily with Daniele). The animals and imagery painted on the hands are to symbolize the countries in which you have ‘roaming’ capabilities with AT&T.”

Richard Phillips Unveiled on ‘Gossip Girl’ - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1222976790845Richard Phillips Unveiled on ‘Gossip Girl’
NYT wrote: “Not since Andy Warhol had a cameo on “The Love Boat” in 1985 have contemporary art fans had this great an excuse to watch prime time television. As the Van der Woodsens — Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Serena (Blake Lively) — moved back into their renovated loft on “Gossip Girl” this week, viewers got a taste of some splashy new editions to the space, namely a Ryan McGinley photograph, a piece by Kiki Smith and a scaled-down version of Richard Phillips’s 1998 painting “Spectrum.” A licensing deal to use his imagery was brokered by Art Production Fund, which even managed to angle a walk-on part for Mr. Phillips in a future episode where the painting is formally unveiled.”

 WaMu Changes Stance On Grey_1222976798570WaMu Changes Stance On Grey
Gawker wrote: “”Most banks are grey,” read the colorful little tagline on Washington Mutual’s website last week. “That’s just not our style.” Then WaMu catastrophically collapsed, ha. After the jump, their new homepage ad now, which is just so perfect that I demand you click through to see it:”

 Album Covers Map_1222976899921Word Magazine’s World: Album Covers
About: “Word Magazine readers have been busy building this map showing where iconic album cover photographs were taken. You can zoom in by double-clicking an area of the map or by using the slider on the left hand side. Click on a blue marker to see full details of that album.”

How do bloggers make moneyBlogging for Dollars – How do bloggers make money?
Slate wrote: “Last week, the blog search engine Technorati released its 2008 State of the Blogosphere report with the slightly menacing promise to “deliver even deeper insights into the blogging mind.” Bloggers create 900,000 blog posts a day worldwide, and some of them are actually making money. Blogs with 100,000 or more unique visitors a month earn an average of $75,000 annually—though that figure is skewed by the small percentage of blogs that make more than $200,000 a year. The estimates from a 2007 Business Week article are older but juicier: The LOLcat empire rakes in $5,600 per month; Overheard in New York gets $8,100 per month; and Perez Hilton, gossip king, scoops up $111,000 per month.”

Neil Barrett And Zaha Hadid Create Retail Bliss | JC Report_1222977249842Neil Barrett And Zaha Hadid Create Retail Bliss
JC Report wrote: “Neil Barrett’s new flagship store opened in Tokyo with the help of a mighty collaborator—none other than Zaha Hadid. Though the world-renowned architect has recently experimented in fashion design, this is her first retail space project.”

Election 2008 | powered by Twitter_1222976059646Election 2008 | powered by Twitter
About: “We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts.”

 space invader_1222976400145space invader
Hovering Cat wrote: “This comes from Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circle Photographs.”

Steak Club 7_1222976522790Steak Club 7
About: “7 Guys who live in the New York City area who can’t agree on anything, save how much they love steak.”

About: “The Best of International Visual Communications”

8 Days a Week * New York City Design Events_1222976083322New York City Design Events
About: “for those who work, think and dream design 8 days a week”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 26th (September 2008)

Picture 6

You know the week has gone by quickly when Thursday feels like Tuesday – that’s sort of how this week’s Link Drop feels. It’s got a bit of photography, technology and the usual nod to other stuff going on outside and inside. On a personal note I almost get to say good bye to one of the craziest years I’ve had this weekend – both for the lows and highs. When I was twenty nine I had no fears about turning thirty – now I can celebrate the fact that I survived the year and get to look forward to being thirty one. Cheers to moi ( :

– m

Is 190 Bowery the Greatest Real-Estate Coup of All TimeThe 72-Room Bohemian Dream House
From New York Magazine: “The building at 190 Bowery is a mystery: a graffiti-covered Gilded Age relic, with a beat-up wooden door that looks like it hasn’t been opened since La Guardia was mayor. A few years ago, that described a lot of the neighborhood, but with the Bowery Hotel and the New Museum, the Rogan and John Varvatos boutiques, 190 is now an anomaly, not the norm. Why isn’t some developer turning it into luxury condos?”

How Many Web Services Can One Person UseHow Many Web Services Can One Person Use?
From NYT: “How many more new social networking or micro-blogging or video-sharing site can one person use? Most of us don’t have time to respond to voice mail and e-mail every day, let alone check our Twitter updates and Facebook accounts and Flickr friends. And even if we have the time, do we need another site that helps us share and connect and network?”

eismann-sf » CS4 is Here_1222393128184CS4 is Here
From eismann-sf: “Adobe released CS4 yesterday. Congratulations to all those involved. From the XD perspective, this is an incredibly important release for one main reason: the CS application framework has become more unified across the point-products. In CS3, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator all adopted the similar workspace design patterns, but Fireworks and Dreamweaver retained their former Macromedia pattern. But now, in CS4, all the apps have adopted the a common workspace design pattern, which itself is updated. ”

Lazarides descends on New York City with “The Outsiders - New York”_1222392953687Lazarides descends on New York City with “The Outsiders – New York”
From ukstreetart: “Lazarides are currently dominating the UK street art gallery scene and they’ve decided it’s about time they head over the Atlantic and start owning stateside. They’re going to be opening a pop-up show in New York’s Bowery and will be bringing together their artists in a unique show of some very lively work.”

_1222392960372The Balloon Project
From Process: “I wanted to take aerial shots over the streets New York so I spent the last few months designing, building, and rethinking of ways to not only get my camera up in the air, but to make it fire some shots when it was up there.”

 11.05_1222392966866Design Observer’s Fifth Aniversary Party: 11.05
From Design Observer: “Design Observer will celebrate five years with a party in New York City on Wednesday, November 5. The party will take place at Element (the beautiful 19th century bank building that became the Jasper Johns studio), located at 225 East Houston Street.”

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Sarah Kahn_1222392973032Sarah Kahn
From Kitsune Noir: “One of my favorite things to see in a student’s portfolio of work is a really cool book. For Sarah Kahn, a recent graduate of Pennighen Easg in Paris, this meant creating a book around “the emotional intellect delivered by some computing tool and functions.” That sounds pretty ominous and slightly vague to me, but what she created was a book that takes the digital world and makes it physical.”

lindex_1222392980588New York Designs 2008 Threshold
From The Architectural League of New York: “The Architectural League created the New York Designs juried lecture series in 2003 to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative and accomplished work built in New York City. This year’s theme, ‘threshold,’ focuses on projects whose design mediates distinct conditions.”

Vancouver 2010 Graphic Identity - Vancouver 2010 Graphic Identity - Vancouver 2010_1222393037072Vancouver 2010 Graphic Identity
From vancouver2010: “The Host Country of every Olympic and Paralympic Games tells a unique story of culture and imagination through design and artistry. The Vancouver 2010 graphic identity seeks to unify and beautify the Games with a consistent look and feel throughout all its environments and communications. It will also allow VANOC to leave a mark in memories and in photos. Seen on the design of, brochures and publications, merchandise and uniforms, the graphic identity elements will eventually appear on buildings, street signs, banners and venues, dressing the city and venues in colour during Games time.”

Inside Google's Design Process - BusinessWeek_1222393051383Inside Google’s Design Process
From Businessweek: “While many eyes are trained on Mountain View for the official release of the new G1/Android phone from Google and T-Mobile, I got an insight into Google’s design process from the company’s VP of Product Management, Sundar Pichai, and Group Product Manager, Brian Rakowski. These two spearheaded the launch of Chrome, a browser I’m truthfully still getting used to, but whose design certainly adheres to the company’s overarching philosophy of superficial simplicity disguising sophisticated functionality (for an indepth look at Chrome’s development, check out this really fine Wired article by Steven Levy.)”

DIY KYOTO_1222393057671Wattson
About: “I was designed by the nice people at DIY Kyoto to help you do more for the environment. And to do it in style. Of course, they also know you won’t mind saving yourself 5% to 20% on your annual electricity bills, either. With my friend holmes, I look at the energy your home is using, show you usage in graphs and charts, and help you figure out ways to save electricity.”

Michael Moore's SLACKER UPRISING_1222393067999Slacker Uprising
About: “”Slacker Uprising” takes place in the wake of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” during the run-up to the 2004 election, as I traveled for 42 days across America, visiting 62 cities in a failed attempt to remove George W. Bush from office. My goal was to help turn out a record number of young voters and others who had never voted before.”

One Lonesome Cowboy | Creativity Online_1222393088019One Lonesome Cowboy
From Creativity Online: “It was a scene to make counterfeit cops and Midwestern Moms twitch—a spectacular display of so-called limited edition Louis Vuitton bags strewn about vendor tables outside the Brooklyn Museum in New York. Turns out these babies—dolled up in the multicolored imprints created by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami—were not fakes, but the real thing. The stunt was all part of the institution’s N.Y. spin on its launch of ©Murakami, a retrospective of the artist’s work that first opened last year at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by MOCA’s Paul Schimmel.”

Aaron Koblin - The Sheep Market_1222393094461Aaron Koblin – The Sheep Market
About: “ is a collection of 10,000 sheep made by workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Workers were paid 0.02 ($USD) to “draw a sheep facing to the left.” Animations of each sheep’s creation may be viewed at”

 Poster Boy NYC's Photostream_1222393100837Poster Boy NYC’s photostream
About: “Eventually I will stop this art form. By that time I hope that I’ve inspired enough people where I don’t have to participate in order to see the change that is “needed”. I always encourage people to take matters into their own hands. So pick up a razor and reclaim your visual territory.”

FOX Launches ‘Terminator’-themed, location-based MMORPG | Touch Arcade_1222393107780FOX Launches ‘Terminator’-themed, location-based MMORPG
From touch arcade: “FOX Broadcasting has launched a web and iPhone-based game called Ambush [App Store] that ties to its TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Ambush is a simplistic MMORPG that places the player in a virtual city and relies upon real-time iPhone GPS location information to track players within the game world.”

Muxtape_1222393113368Muxtape – relaunching soon, in the service of bands
UPDATE: “I love music. I believe that for people who love music, the desire to share it is innate and crucial for music itself. When we find a song we love, we beckon our friends over to the turntable, we loan them the CD, we turn up the car stereo, we put it on a mixtape. We do this because music makes us feel and we want someone else to feel it, too.”

Designing the UI of Things for iPhone_1222393121351Designing the UI of Things for iPhone
From Culture Code: “We recently shared some early interface sketches of Things for a presentation on iPhone User Interface Design.”

 When Did We Start Trusting Strangers_1222392916924When Did We Start Trusting Strangers
From chroma: “Impressive presentation summarizing a massive worldwide study of Social Media and Influence, from the folks at Universal McCann. Nothing too surprising, but the figures are staggering, and the visuals are awfully purty.”

Welcome to 4mations_12223929874064mations
About: We like animation and games so much we thought we’d make this site.


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 19th (September 2008)

Kerning Crunch

The amount of total capital that has been lost this week for most people is on a scale that is pretty hard to put into context. What does billions and billions of dollars look like? If you’re curious at all to get some context into how the housing bubble grew I’d strongly recommend the second link from This American Life which is a podcast that is illuminating. Aside from the financial issues going on around the world, this week’s Link Drop is equal parts lit and graphic design. See you back in seven days if not earlier.

– m

 Kerning CrunchKerning Crunch
From Noisy Decent Graphics: “It won’t have escaped your notice that there’s a crisis happening in the banking world. All the big household names are affected. It’s slowly engulfing us all and it gets closer to home every day. I’ve resisted writing about it for a long time but I can hold off no longer.”

This American Life355: The Giant Pool of Money
From This American Life: “A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News. We explain it all to you. What does the housing crisis have to do with the turmoil on Wall Street? Why did banks make half-million dollar loans to people without jobs or income? And why is everyone talking so much about the 1930s? It all comes back to the Giant Pool of Money”

 Context and Scope to the 2008 US General ElectionEverymoment Now : Obama Vs. McCain : Context and Scope to the 2008 US General Election
About:“The current version of Everymoment Now is focused on the 2008 US General Election. When the election is complete we’ll have 100 days of data leading up to November 4th. We feel that being able to look back over the election, to see where media shifts occurred and what stories had the greatest impact on the final outcome is pretty important and powerful.”

little did i know » 8. If on a winters night a traveler by Italo CalvinoIf on a winters night a traveler by Italo Calvino
From “This is one of the most unique books i have ever read and also extremely well written due to those and assorted other moments of awesomeness this book is in my top ten books ever read right now.”

 m3 moiré façade modelm3 moiré façade model
From City of Sound: “Back in January, in an entry on façades, I noted a recent, and relatively local, favourite – the extraordinary western face of the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Creative Learning Centre. Brisbane buildings have to posess a trick or two to deal with the fierce sun on their western side, and local firm m3architecture obliged with a protective layer of anodised aluminium slats, overlaid onto a wall painted with black and white stripes … which just happens to create a gigantic moiré effect as you move past it.”

Link by Link - Don’t Buy That Textbook, Download It Free - NYTimes.comDon’t Buy That Textbook, Download It Free
From NYT: “SQUINT hard, and textbook publishers can look a lot like drug makers. They both make money from doing obvious good — healing, educating — and they both have customers who may be willing to sacrifice their last pennies to buy what these companies are selling.”

 The ArrivalThe Arrival
From cellar door: “I wrote this last night while half awake and just remembered about it! Yes, I’m alive. Hopefully the next time I’m this busy, I’ll force myself to stay awake again and write. In short, the past two or three weeks have been solidly filled with a new and super exciting project. In between, I took a long weekend for my birthday! Speaking of, let’s talk about one of the coolest gifts I got this year.”

Lipstick For ChangeLipstick For Change
About: “Lipstick For Change was formed to give men and women the opportunity to show their support for Obama by puckering up for the camera and getting creative about what change means to them. We took to the streets of NYC this past weekend to find out what “Change is…” to the people of this city, and we were overwhelmed by the response- it seems to have hit a nerve! So it’s time to bring the message to everyone…”

Samantha Warren's Web Design BlogSoCal: Typography, Surfboards, & Recharging
From Bad Ass Ideas”: “I had never visited the West Coast so earlier this year Jim and I decided that this was the year to do it. The week before last I took my first real vacation that didn’t involve parents, my job, or the internet. Southern California seemed to be a solid bet for good weather and good waves so Solana Beach in Northern San Diego was the perfect spot. Before I jump into my backlog of posts to be written (including a recap of Refresh Baltimore, I promise that is next) I wanted to share some quick highlights from my trip.”

Dreaming about designer monographs - the johnson banks thought for the weekDreaming about designer monographs
From Thought of the Week: “Architects dream of their first building going up. Product designers: their first range going on-sale in the Apple store. Graphic designers? Well, perhaps designing a famous symbol, or pack, or poster. Or winning their most treasured award. But another recurring dream is the one where someone writes a bestselling book about their work.”

 Yarn From Old NewspapersYarn From Old Newspapers
From Swissmiss: “A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, Greetje van Tiem, has found a distinctive and creative way to recycle old newspapers. Van Tiem completed a project that turns newspapers into yarn.”

iPhone Cupcakes - Core77iPhone Cupcakes
From Core77: “If imitation is considered the highest form of flattery then having your GUI made into cupcakes has to be the pinnacle of success as an interface designer. Nick and Danielle Bilton won The Cupcake Decorating Championship at last night’s Ignite NYC II with their iPhone Cupcakes.”

eye | opinionWho cares about graphic design history?
From Eye: “Q1. What do you think is meant by ‘the canon of graphic design history’? For example: The Bauhaus? Beck’s Underground diagram? Alvin Lustig’s book covers? Swiss Modernism? George Lois’s Esquire covers? Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet? Milton Glaser’s ‘I [heart] NY’? Barney Bubbles? Ray Gun? Do you ever think about the canon, or buy design history publications? A1. The canon is now an endless list. The only thing that changes is the ranking. Since (almost) all ‘classics’ and archives have become accessible through the Web and now draw much more immediate connections to the present and future, their order within the canon is subject to continued change and growth.”

The Numbers Guy - WSJ.comMaking Every Word Count
From WSJ: “If you’re like me, you’ve wasted time taking online quizzes like the one my friend challenged me to take: Name the 100 most frequently used English words in five minutes. (I got 45.) You could waste all the time you’d like, as Top 100 word lists abound. Word-frequency rankings are part — albeit just a sliver — of the vast output from studies of language corpora, or large collections of written and sometimes spoken text. Researchers parse such data to help make sense of our ever-evolving language.”

 Morgan Friedman, turning flaneurs into plannersMorgan Friedman, turning flaneurs into planners
From Grant McCracken: “In some circles, the “flaneur” is a key idea. The flaneur is a person walking, watching, stopping to pay attention and otherwise engaging with the city as it presents itself to someone in motion and on foot. It’s an idea discussed by some of the most gifted observers of contemporary life: Baudelaire, Simmel, Benjamin, and Sontag. Indeed, it has become so fashionable that it has become a kind of pose. (Baudelaire’s great fear realized.) ”

David Foster Wallace (Harper's Magazine)David Foster Wallace – In memoriam.
From Harper’s Magazine – his published work for the magazine

Did You Ever Imagine... « Thinking for a Living™Blog/Did You Ever Imagine…
From Thinking for a Living™: “Posted by Duane King / Filed under Random”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (September 2008)



This weeks Link Drop is kind of interesting for me b/c there’s a lot of people w/ links that I’m friends with. I didn’t start off the week w/ a strategy of collecting stuff from everyone I know – it’s just that there’s a lot of people doing interesting stuff at the moment. If there’s one common theme among all of them is that even if I didn’t know them I’d still be throwing them all up. Kind of motivating to say the least.

– m


 Columns_1221166412126Brand Tags’ Noah Brier: How My Website Took Off
From Advertising Age: Now, it should be noted that I’m no programming wizard. Only a few weeks before, I had started to teach myself PHP, a not-quite-programming language that allows you to build web applications, and MySQL, an open-source database software. What I did not have is years of building websites and apps, though that didn’t matter much, as I quickly discovered through the rapid growth of Brand Tags, as this site would be called.

From SND- Rethinking yourself as a motion designer - Visual Editors_1221166545431Jody Sugrue’s SND Vegas Talk – Rethinking yourself as a motion designer
By Allison Ghaman […] Hillary Ruffe next to me whispers, “I think I want to be her!” in reference to Sugrue and that is DEFINITELY a sentiment I share. “Being more conscious and less automatic gives you power” — Jody Sugrue’s mom’s horoscope. Jody Sugrue’s gateway piece into motion design was a series of voicemails from her mother. She calls Aftereffects “Photoshop on crack” and recommends it as a bridge between Photoshop and Flash. Her first professional challenge was a tribute to 9-11 commissioners. Even in this, she emphasizes the importance of collaboration. Instead of using too much video, she wanted to also incorporate photographs. […]

The Curious Blog » Handmade Flipbooks_1221166202943Handmade Flipbooks
From the The Curious Blog […] As a heavy After Effects user, I wanted to create a project template that would input video from my camera and quickly export out a sequence of frames for print. I didn’t have a decent office printer at the time, plus I like the quality of a professionally developed print, so my output would need to be in a format that a photography shop could handle. I usually send my digi-pics to Ritz Photo, but any photo shop will work. […]

Confections for the Healthful Gourmand_1221166315354Confections for the Healthful Gourmand
ABOUT: […] My name is Jessica Levine and I LOVE to bake. You’re probably thinking, yeah so do a lot of people. So I’ve created this blog to ignite my passion for healthy baking in all of you. This blog will teach you to appreciate the fine art of baking and the joy in eating it afterwards, without feeling bad about it. […]

The Oldest Living Things in the World_1221166276525The Oldest Living Things in the World
ABOUT: […] a vital part of the experience of being in greenland is a true disconnection from civilization…which is increasingly harder to come by anywhere on the planet. i did my best to embrace that distance while there, including writing the old fashioned way…and so i am transmitting out to the blogosphere now from the comfort and safety of my own digs in brooklyn. […]

From Debbie Millman […] Corpoetics is a collection of ‘found’ poetry from the websites of well-known brands and corporations created by the fabulous Asbury & Asbury. They visited various company websites, found the closest thing to a Corporate Overview, and then set about rearranging the words into poetry. […]

Torino World Design Capital - Designing Connected Places Summer School - Complexity Maps | DensityDesign | Communication Design & Complexity_1221166334680Torino World Design Capital – Designing Connected Places Summer School – Complexity Maps
[…] Designing Connected Places is the slogan of the International Summer School, an initiative of great interest in the calendar of Torino 2008 World Design Capital, which led students and teachers to look at the territory of Piemonte understood as a complex network of social co-existence and production processes.[…]

 New York Magazine at 40 - Speaker Series - SPD.ORG - Speaker Series_1221166586538Adam Moss: ‘Sales Don’t Matter’ When Choosing Cover
From FishbowlNY […] Moss opined that “sales don’t matter” when picking his magazine covers. “Sales fluctuate within a tiny little margin,” the EIC said. “It represents under five percent of the readership. It’s very much a subscription magazine.” He did remark that since sales were a hard number, it was easy to get competitive about how well different covers sold, but thought that a cover should ultimately be chosen by the “heat” it would generate and the “clarity” with which it told the story. […]

Esquire's E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video - Engadget_1221166344672Esquire’s E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video
From Engadget […] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Sorry, but where else were we gonna use that line?) For those unaware, Esquire’s October issue is on newsstands now, and for 100,000 99,999 lucky souls out there, they’ll receive one with a flashing E Ink display. Just in case you aren’t quite lucky enough to apprehend one of your own, however, The Dastardly Report’s Ryan Joseph was kind enough to snap a few photographs and even host a video of the exclusive mag before tearing it down for hacking purposes. Head on past the break for the clip, and tap that read link to have a gander at the stills. Oh, and dart out right this instant to snag your own. […]

 A deeper dive into definitions « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1221166354942More songs about context and mood: A deeper dive into definitions
From Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird […] Let me be the first to assure you that it rapidly becomes obvious, at least to me, when I’ve opened a can of worms: my post last week on the distinction between “location-based services” and “context-aware applications” has generated some really tasty pushback from readers, including a rather pointed missive from someone who we’ve agreed shall remain nameless here, and who felt my definition was unduly reductionist. […]

 So that was.. uh, interesting_1221166366070So that was.. uh, interesting
From The Divine Miss N […] One my most beloved professors ever, prof Paul Hoftijzer, once told me ‘Everything is interesting if you’re interested’. And you know what? He’s right (well, of course he would be, he is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met and one of the best bookhistorians). Totally right. Everything IS interesting if you take an interest. […]

Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation « Upendra Shardanand_1221166375050Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation
From Upendra Shardanand […] Fred perceives a key aspect of a content network like Daylife: the super-distribution of content, and the audience it brings. Or put another way, increasing the economic utility of content. If a piece of content is used in more places, more easily, then its value increases and it’s easier to financially rationalize its creation. Now, for Daylife or any other content network to make a dent in the economics of original content creation will require Google-esque scale, and likely a value-capture model richer than just “driving traffic.” Not quite there yet. […]

Graphic Design Everyday_1221166396797Graphic Design Everyday
[…] I think design is a lifetime experience, it’s an everyday labour. It’s like brushing your teeth every morning, but harder. […]

Words They Used - 2008 Political Conventions - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.com_1221166404295The Words They Used
From NYT […] The words that speakers used at the two political conventions show the themes that the parties have highlighted. Republican speakers have talked about reform and character far more frequently than the Democrats. And Republicans were more likely to talk about businesses and taxes, while Democrats were more likely to mention jobs or the economy. […]

Speak Up › Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up_1221166424130Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up
From SpeakUp: […] Jenny Beorkrem left a cushy nine to five design job after her typographic city posters became an online phenomenon by showcasing her work at Ork Posters. Her designs, sold to the rich and famous, are intricate studies in type, texture, and information design. She fielded my questions about inspiration, screen printing, and how she arrived at the name Ork. […]

 The Palin Nerve_1221166444983Reading The Pictures: The Palin Nerve
From Huffington Post […] Even without the larger media sensationalizing and the echoing of GOP spin about Sarah Palin, this would still represent a very fine cover. You don’t get this kind of portrait without a photographer daring to look at a not-so-passive subject — and requiring the subject to have to deal with it. […]

 La Banquise vs. Patati Patata | Serious Eats_1221166558313Poutines Deathmatch: La Banquise vs. Patati Patata
From Serious Eats […] Words and Photographs by Kathy Park and Rob Price | After a seven-hour road trip from New York City with only one food stop for breakfast, we were ravenous when we arrived in Montreal for Labor Day weekend (it was Canada’s Labor Day, too!). For the drive, we had printed out pages of Montreal food chatter from Serious Eats and Chowhound, and learned about poutine. After many jokes about the word poutine, we decided that the dish Montreal is famous for, made of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, was the equivalent of chili cheese fries in the U.S. […]

photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul_1221166575205photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul
from Designboom […] ‘layer’ is a solo exhibition of photographic works by artist sanggil kim. on show will be pieces from two series including work from kim’s ‘mode’ series. the collection of photographs shows the appearance of various buildings which trace the structures to their most modern element. construction components are layered repetitively within each photograph, capturing architectural patterns in each photo taken. […]

 Kings of Cyan_1221166604265Tim Davis: Kings of Cyan
From /J […] Tim Davis has a show coming up in Zurich, Switzerland at mitterrand+sanz that features some interesting new photographs of his from a project entitled Kings of Cyan, a body of work that is not even on his website yet. Since Tim is a rare breed of photographer – that is, one who is equally great at putting ideas into words – I’ll leave it to him to describe the work […]

 Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles_1221166612849Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles
From Dog Art Today […] Jeff Koons’s Let Them See Kitsch exhibition opens today at Versailles. The installation of his works in the historic palace created controversy when it was announced this summer, and continues to offend. […]

code turn Snark into Sport | Creativity Online_1221166647027MTV, area/code turn Snark into Sport
From Creativity Online […] The cable network debuts Backchannel, for its show The Hills, which may prove once and for all who’s the king (or queen) of posting cutting remarks online. […]

iTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription ServicesiTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription Services?
From Frog Blog […] At the moment these are only available with the usual 30 second preview, but it seems like just a short hop to get to a full streaming, subscription-based approach, probably living in parallel with the pay-per-song approach Apple has successfully used so far. Rumors have been around for ages that Apple will introduce a subscription service, and the Genius Sidebar seems like a simple way to step into that approach. […]

 The future of search_1221166676729The future of search
From the Google Blog […] I am a search addict. I’m naturally inquisitive – I’ve always liked finding things out. Plus, I’ve worked at Google on search for the past 9 years and 3 months. Of course I search – a lot. Yet I would guess that on any given day, I only do about 20% of the searches that I could. This past Saturday, I kept track of the things that came up in conversation that I wanted to search for right then but couldn’t: […]

From scott goodson […] I think the best places to think up ideas are: 1. Boring meetings, 2. Bedrooms, 3. Bars, 4. Bathrooms, 5. Buses […]

Yay! Monday! — Issue #36_1221166180528Yay! Monday!
EXCERPT “A weekly collection of Design, Art, and Photography that I like and want everyone to know about.”

art » Blog Archive » Nerd-Graffiti_1221166383801Nerd-Graffiti
From rebel:art […] “What happens if some IT comes into our real life?” Mehr Bilder von Paul The Wine Guy hier! Vgl. auch “Train Spamming“, “Nerd-Intervention” und “Nerd-Demo“! […]

Florence Montmare_1221166481822Florence Montmare
About: […] Floressence Studios differs from traditional photo studios, in that the location and ambience are central aspects of the process. […]
About […] Neste site você encontra uma seleção de desenhos digitais feitos desde 2004 […]

 sharpness is such a bourgeois concept_1221166567420sharpness is such a bourgeois concept
[…] Do think of a rich story on photos submitted to this group: for example, a blurry “decisive moment” photo is always a favorite. […]


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 5th (September 2008)

Simon Heys_1220589607723

The week started off pretty good w/ the labour day holiday making the week a bit shorter than usual. There’s a healthy dose of politically influenced links – probably the most interesting being what happens when you go to an error page for each of the presidential candidates. Aside from the politics there’s the usual dose of maps, visualization of time and tech links that make up Link Drop this week. In other personal news I’ve got a new updo of an old site going live Monday – so stay tuned.

– m

Simon Heys_1220589607723Word Clock for Mac, PC and iPhone
EXCERPT: “Here’s the first release of the new version incorporating the original linear and new rotary version, for Mac and PC.”

 ‘Consumer Reports’ | New at Pentagram | Pentagram_1220589367939New Work: ‘Consumer Reports’
[New at Pentagram] EXCERPT: “Remarkably, given the current climate for print media, Consumer Reports is one of the few magazines that is not only healthy but thriving, with a monthly circulation of 4.2 million and newsstand sales that continue to grow. Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise in today’s economy, given the magazine’s subject: helping consumers find the best quality products in relation to cost. And as a trusted source for product information over 70 years, the magazine has successfully made the transition from print to online, with the largest paid subscription website base of any magazine in the world. It is perhaps best known for its annual issues devoted to automobiles, which affect millions of car sales every year.”

The Aesthetic Poetic » Environmental Cross-Sections_1220589453071Environmental Cross-Sections
[the aesthetic poetic] EXCERPT: “I’m really digging the creations of artist Josh Keyes. His idiosyncratic paintings are surreal cross-sections that feature animals and societal artifacts.”

The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show_1220589496736The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show
EXCERPT: “Building on the success of 2007’s The Seattle-Havana Poster Show, curator Daniel R. Smith has gone half way around the world to unite the graphic design communities of Seattle and Tehran. Co-curated with Tehran designer Iman Raad, The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show is a selection of 50 posters from each city in a variety of mediums sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theater and contemporary art. Artists included range from Tehran University Professor Reza Abedini, a powerful figure in contemporary Iranian graphic design, to younger talents born since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, such as the female design duo Soha Shirvani and Reyhaneh Sheikhbahaei. These Iranian designers’ posters are paired with the work of Seattle designers, such as Cornish College Professor Robynne Raye of Modern Dog, Coby Schultz and Barry Ament of the Ames Bros and many more. When The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show premiers at Bumbershoot in August 2008, it will be the first exhibition of contemporary Iranian posters in the United States. In 2009 this exhibit will travel to Tehran where it will be shared with Iranian designers generally prohibited from visiting the U.S.”

O2 - Group press releases_1220589546121The six degrees of seperation is now three
[02] EXCERPT: “Rodrigues finds that we are usually part of three main networks based on family, friendship and work. Outside of these we are, on average, part of five main shared ‘interest’ networks based on a range of personal interests from hobbies, sport, music and the neighbourhood we live in, to religion, sexuality and politics. It is the growth of these shared interest networks and the influence of technology on them that has led to the reduction in the number of degrees of separation.”

 who says aliens are inflexiblespace invaders bendiboard keyboard: who says aliens are inflexible?
EXCERPT: “Just weeks after I got my hands on my new light-up LED keyboard, now I’m drawn to a new keyboard that I think I need on my desk. The ubiquitous invaders from space have adorned many a product, and now you can think about those aliens every time you sit down at your computer to type a memo or surf the web.”

 Visualising Music_1220589721998Tom Hingston Studio: Visualising Music
EXCERPT: “If you ask graphic designers how they got into graphics in the first place, a lot of them will tell you about their favourite album covers or something else visually related to music. Enter London-based Tom Hingston: For over ten years, he has been designing quite a lot for music, from flyers for the legendary Blue Note club to Massive Attack’s covers. So for today, PingMag asks Tom about visualising sounds.”

Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1220589584240Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
EXCERPT: “Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum wants to join forces! Due to the popular demand and success of last year’s National Design Week Calendar (218 events in 38 states!), we are making the National Design Calendar a permanent part of our Web site.”

Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria_1220589594203Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria
EXCERPT: “Alright, this has gone on long enough, and frankly I’m fed up. I’ve been in New York for over a year in a venerable cheesesteak drought. I aim to do something about it and I want you to help me. We’ll say it’s a mission of discovery to find the best, and “best” might be a dubious honor, cheese and meats combo in town. Let’s call it a Cheesesteak Crawl. And you’re all invited.”

 Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences - Core77_1220589619939Conventional Wisdom: Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences
EXCERPT: “Show’s over, kids! Design conferences have become exercises in regenerated, wasteful spectacle. A self-described conference junkie shows us how to bring back the magic.”

 UnBeige_1220589628860 Shepard Fairey Talks About Obama Poster Image Theft
[unbeige] EXCERPT: “Heard while running around before the flurry of holiday activities were upon us, NPR’s Alex Cohen spent some time with designer Shepard Fairey, talking to him about his work creating his now wildly popular/familiar Obama posters and how he quickly lost control of the design, finding his work being sold on eBay and illegally copied and slapped onto signs, t-shirts, and everything in between, much of which is being sold on street corners (at least here in Chicago anyway) and at the DNC’s blowout last week. Yet he created the posters as a way of supporting the candidate, not as a money-making endeavor, so he’s stuck in an uncomfortable spot, wanting to aid the campaign, but also finding it upsetting that he’s been robbed by shameless merchandisers. It’s an interesting piece, particularly when you reflect on Fairey’s career, which has largely been built upon borrowed images.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)_1220589636610Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)
[kelso cartography]: EXCREPT: “Perhaps a bit alarmist but does point to the changing role of maps from conveyances of static sets of edited knowledge into a digital tabla rasa that displays the “where” of an individual user’s search results. Cultural landmarks that used to be included on maps for spatial orientation and perhaps a bit of boosterism are being left off the initial view. Users now have to know a feature exists before it is shown to them or ask for a certain overlay layer. But perhaps this is a reflection, too, on a society where the mainstream has been turned into 1000 separate channels? Or a jaded appreciation of information overload instead leaves us with a dirth of map information. Perhaps cartographic editors are good, after all.”

vh1 holiday card | Do the right thing in the right time_1220589651679vh1 Holiday Card
[leogogo] EXCERPT: “動畫不一定只能用電腦畫,用蠟燭也能做出一部動畫;但是要很大耐心,一部立體動畫,每個分鏡必須一張一張拍!應該耗掉vh1不少蠟燭跟corona啤酒”

The page cannot be found_1220589667703The page cannot be found
EXCERPT: “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found_1220589674594Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found

The Paypal Google Mafia | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1220589691148The Paypal Google Mafia
[Michael Karnjanaprakorn] EXCERPT: “Last week, when I was at the VCU Brandcenter, I gave a presentation called “Start Brands, Not Bands” on creative entrepreneurship and how that intersects with branding today. Basic premise of the presentation: Do Not Work in Advertising!”

» Pedestrian scramble time-lapse • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1220589699250Pedestrian scramble time-lapse
[spacing toronto] EXCERPT: “Spacing teamed up with the highly-regarded photoblogger Sam Javanrouh to create a fun time-lapse of the new Yonge-Dundas pedestrian scramble (see below). We’ve written a handful of posts on it over the last few days, so there’s no need to elaborate much more.”

Google Chrome - Google Book Search_1220589442525Google Chrome
“Google Chrome By the Google Chrome team, comics adaptation by Scott McCloud”

opentape - Twitter Search_1220589467126Realtime results for opentape

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 29th (August 2008)

BeautifoolTYPE --- TypeBeautifool

Where did August go, it seems like only a week or two ago it was July and I was complaining about how I wasn’t doing too well under the NYC humidity. I’m now back from vacation, walking to work and didn’t feel any effects of the summer weather I’m still trying to get used to. Not sure if it was subconscious or not but there’s a lot of architecture influenced stuff that caught my attention this week w/ the Link Drop. Advertising and tech play supporting roles. I think summer unofficially comes to a close after this weekend, so make the most of it as you chill.

– m

BeautifoolTYPE --- TypeBeautifoolBeautifoolTYPE
“We need a daily dose of typography. Typography that speaks, reminds, connects and dwells in our lives. They are looking for a place to live in your life.”

The One TrainThe One Train
“Daniella Zalcman is an insufferable shutterbug who can always be found carrying at least one and sometimes as many as four cameras simultaneously, depending on her spirits. Sometimes, she thinks she sees the world more clearly through a lens than she does through her own eyes, which are terribly nearsighted and not very useful anyway.”

 Our Fave 20 Design BlogsOur Fave 20 Design Blogs
[east coast Architecture review] EXCERPT: “Earlier this year we set out to promote our favorite Top 10 Urbanism Blogs that we feature in our sidebars. In the spirit of our first review, our second centers on Design blogs. So what where our metrics for selection? The blogs are ranked in the order in which our editor finds them to be most relevant to design, their visual appeal, and by the frequency in which they are updated. In the event of a tie, we selected our favorite reads first. Some of the blogs will be easily recognizable, while others may be a bit more obscure but well worth your exploration. Of course, this is a highly subjective list and we welcome any comments or suggestions for blogs that are not featured here or elsewhere on our site.”

 designer's workstationdesigner’s workstation
[Bunnehmunches] EXCERPT: “Nice concept of a designer’s workstation from International Designer’s Workstation Competition 2008. I actually like work tables minimal and wide like this.”

weather pattern » Blog Archive » How Ethical is EthicalHow Ethical is Ethical?
[Weatherpattern] EXCERPT: “Even though I haven’t posted much recently (sorry for that, especially when I got some nice links, Thanks Noah. Frontstudio.) I have been thinking a lot about the ethics of design. One post from Rob Walker’s murketing blog that has kept with me, which I’m finally able to post. Walker mentions luggage companies trying to design an airport security friendly laptop bag. Anyone who travels with a laptop knows the pain of having to take out the computer to be x-rayed. What was most interesting was an aside he made:”

 Top 10 Architects who are not Architects_Top 10 Architects who are not Architects
[(incli)NATION] EXCERPT: “Got this email this morning; ‘Arthur Erickson…Canada’s most famous architect and the first to put Canadian architecture on the world map.’ is no longer allowed to call himself an architect because he will not take the 18 required hours of continuing ed. every year to certify him as such. Hilarious, if it wasn’t so absurd and it made me think of all the influential ‘architects’ in modern history who had no formal architectural training. Here is my first-pass at a top ten list. I’m sure I missed many more so shout-out your favorite non-architects and we’ll get a top 100 list going…”

 80 percent of Facebook users still using old site design80 percent of Facebook users still using old site design
[Valleywag] EXCERPT: “Four out of five Facebook users have yet to move to a redesigned version of the site which launched earlier this summer. It’s an overwhelming rejection of a project that was said to be Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “baby.” A Facebook flack tried to put a positive spin on the stat: “Around 20 percent of our users have now migrated to the new platform and it has been received well after people get used to it.””

 Starting with the UniverseBuckminster Fuller Symposium
Visionary designer, philosopher, poet, inventor, engineer, and advocate of sustainability, Buckminster Fuller was one of the great transdisciplinary thinkers of the last century with a legacy that extends to nearly every field of the arts and sciences. This symposium takes its cue from Fuller’s dictum, “I always say to myself, what is the most important thing we can think about at this extraordinary moment,” and explores the diverse ways in which contemporary scholars and practitioners are pushing Fuller’s ideas and projects into the 21st century.

'Gossip Girl' Creator Josh Schwartz Doesn't Like the Show's Ads -- New York Magazine‘Gossip’ Guy Hates Snotty Billboards
[New York Magazine] EXCERPT: “The CW has been promoting the second season of Gossip Girl, which begins on September 1, with irony-laden ads quoting outraged reviews of the show. (“‘Very bad for you’ —The San Diego Union-Tribune”; “‘Mind-blowingly inappropriate’ —Parents Television Council.”) But the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, doesn’t like how the ads come across, “using other people’s displeasure as a compliment.” In fact, it makes him feel “weird.””

AMC Asks Twitter to Remove 'Mad Men' Accounts » AdrantsAMC Asks Twitter to Remove ‘Mad Men’ Accounts
[Adrants] EXCERPT: “AMC didn’t take too kindly to the onslaught of Mad Men characters appearing on Twitter and sent a Digital Millenium Copyright Act take down notice asking Twitter to remove @Don_Draper and @PeggyOlsen. The accounts are currently suspended. There are other accounts on Twitter for the Mad Men characters Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, Joan Holloway, Paul Kinsey, Sal Romano, Bertram Cooper and Bobbie Barrett. Many are still active though @joan_halloway has recently been suspended as well.”

 The Irony of The Mad Men Tweet Scandal (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)Around The Twitterverse: The Irony of The Mad Men Tweet Scandal
[three minds organic] EXCERPT: “The Twitterverse was a-twitter yesterday due to AMC issuing take down notices to a series of fan-created accounts for the characters of their hit series Mad Men. When the accounts went up a few months ago, the characters were embraced by Twitter users, who probably skew on the side of an advertising/marketing/consulting tech-savvy audience. They didn’t care whether they represented AMC or not. No, this was a new and exciting form of fan-fiction.”

Lebbeus Woods Remains an Architect Unbounded by the Status Quo - NYTimes.comAn Architect Unshackled by Limits of the Real World
[NYT] EXCERPT: “These are lonely times for Lebbeus Woods. In the early 1990s this irreverent New York architect produced a series of dark and moody renderings that made him a cult figure among students and academics. Foreboding images of bombed-out cities populated by strange, parasitic structures, they seemed to portray a world in a perpetual state of war, one in which the architect’s task was to create safe houses for society’s outcasts.”

“Opentape is a free, open-source package that lets you make and host your own mixtapes on the web. Upload songs (via web or FTP), reorder, rename, customize the style, and share what you like on other sites with an embeddable player.”

 Density, via the Weaire-Phelan structure, the Holbæk Kasba and the Monaco HouseDensity, via the Weaire-Phelan structure, the Holbæk Kasba and the Monaco House
[City of Sound] EXCERPT: “Many of you will have enjoyed the work of the Bjarke Ingels Group aka BIG, and their indefatigable leader, Bjarke Ingels. On a recent trip to Melbourne, for the International Design Festival, Ingels was interviewed on Triple R’s The Architects recently and was a breath of fresh Danish air.”

Complément d'objet indirect — From graphic subject to graphic objectFROM GRAPHIC SUBJECT TO GRAPHIC OBJECT
“This exhibition shows contemporary practices of graphic design around a common theme, object. When graphic design is released by the command and starts evolving by itself, the issue is the relationship they have with private space (at home) and public space (at everyone). The graphical object is not a design object. It doesn’t serve a purpose but offers multiple uses.”

 Stefanie PosavecWriting Without Words
“Writing Without Words is a project that explores methods of visually representing text and visualises the differences in writing styles of various authors.”

 Axiotron Modbook - the first Mac-based Tablet ComputerArchinect Reviews: Axiotron Modbook – the first Mac-based Tablet Computer
[Archinect] EXCERPT:“We architects love toys, too. Obviously. How much luckier can we be when the latest electronic gadgets happen to be our daily design tools! Images and review of the Axiotron Modbook – through the eyes of an architect – after the jump…”

 The Myth of the Undecided VoterThe Myth of the Undecided Voter
[The Frontal Cortex] EXCERPT: “I’ve often suspected (based on a highly unsystematic series of conversations with classic New Hampshire independents) that most undecided voters are really just low-information voters, who have actually made a decision but don’t quite know how to explain their decision. If you prod, you’ll typically find that they’re “leaning” in one direction or another, or that they “like” one candidate a little bit more, but they can’t articulate the reasons behind their choice. As a result, the bias remains mostly subterranean: they don’t know what they really believe.”

 David Byrne Bike Racks Go From Sketch to RealityDavid Byrne Bike Racks Go From Sketch to Reality
[Gothamist] EXCERPT: “Is there anything this city won’t do for renaissance man David Byrne? The former Talking Head has been helping out with the DOT’s search for new bike rack designs, and recently got inspired to sketch some imaginary bike racks named for New York neighborhoods and locations. Then, voila; David’s dream is manifest, as he explains on his blog: “To my surprise, [the DOT] responded by saying, ‘If you make these we’ll put them up.’ Holy Moses! I was over the moon — what happened to the legendary red tape and years of bureaucratic haggling I was supposed to go through?””

Presentation of Competation for the Architecture Design of National Stadium (2008 olympic Main Stadium)Presentation of Competation for the Architecture Design of National Stadium (2008 olympic Main Stadium)
Key scheme recommended by evaluation panel:B11
Superexcellent scheme:B11. B12. B08

Super Colossal » Birds NestsBirds Nests
[super colossal] EXCERPT: “Human Birdsnest, Bamboo Birdsnest, Lego Birdsnest…”

Untitled12 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1219961095138the decapitator’s photostream


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 22nd (August 2008)

E-sushi - Art et Design » Daryl Banks

I finally took some time off this week from normal work stuff and headed north back to the mothership for some r & r. I can’t say I’m fully rested but I do feel quite satisfied about visiting Toronto. It had less to do w/ the city and more about meeting up w/ a bunch of people. Friends seemed kind of surprised when I mentioned that I didn’t really have an itinerary of stuff to do. Talking was so much more interesting – stuff is stuff these days, that can be found anywhere. As cliche as it is, people are unique. So w/ all that visiting I still managed to squeeze in a bunch of sites for the Link Drop. Have a good weekend and if you’re looking for advice – meet someone new to talk with.



E-sushi - Art et Design » Daryl BanksDaryl Banks
[e-sushi] EXCERPT en FRANCAIS: “Le photographe canadien Daryl Banks, dans sa collection “Crinoline Flowers” (fleurs de crinoline), s’amuse à créer des fleurs colorées avec les jupes coquettes de danseuses.”

when I asked Takashi Kusui the obvious why question – “To answer your question, I care about Tibetans and their culture as I am Buddhist even though I’m not very religious. Imagine you are Catholic and Rome/Vatican is occupied by a communist party. I’ve been really upset about Chinese Communist Party for more than 10 years. The mainstream media haven’t mentioned Tibet that much until the olympics year. I feel this olympics year is the first and last chance to expose oppression in China since the world’s attention is focussed on China. My dream is to visit Tibet without Chinese communist’s control.”

10 Staggering Data Visualizations (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)10 Staggering Data Visualizations
[] EXCERPT: “One of the big tenets of Web 2.0 has always been “open data”. The move towards opening up statistics and public data along with APIs has lead to a great deal of phenomenal mashups, such as the Chicago Crime Mashup. But that’s not all, this open data movement has lead to some very interesting development in the practice of data visualization.”

T Teens | Too Cool for School - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.comT Teens | Too Cool for School
[themoment.blogs.nytimes] EXCERPT: “Meet our best friends forever: Stephanie, Tavi and Arabelle. These young fashion bloggers, all under 16, are featured in the new fall issue of T Magazine. The writer, Elizabeth Spiridakis, tips her hat to these prodigies for their amazing, age-defying style and their ability to interpret high-fashion looks with nothing but their parents’ closet and the local H&M. (Though some of our own preteen style choices might not have been fashion-magazine-worthy — hello, flower-print leggings? — these girls look right at home in the pages of T.) Check out their blogs, Fashion Robot, Style Rookie and Fashion Pirates, to read their reactions to appearing in T. We’re guessing that having 1.5 million shoutouts for your personal style is a pretty good way to start the school year.”

The Paradox of Creativity | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & InspirationThe Paradox of Creativity
[psfk] EXCERPT:“Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders has done an interesting analysis of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas of how creativity works. The theory is that creative work gets done best in a seemingly paradoxical cycle of laser focused activity, and lazy idea gathering, idling and re-charging. In essence, creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.”

kim from dallasBig Font Discrimination
[kimfromdallas] EXCERPT: “About a month ago, I was visiting my Dad in Tulsa and I used his pc to check my email and do a little surfing. I didn’t know, until I had to adjust my eyes to the huge font size, how bad his eyesight had become. I also didn’t realize how terrible most websites look with pumped up font size.”

10 Futuristic User Interfaces | Monday Inspiration | Smashing Magazine10 Futuristic User Interfaces
[smashing magazine] EXCERPT: “Good user interfaces are crucial for good user experience. It doesn’t matter how good a technology is — if we, designers, don’t manage to make user interface as intuitive and attractive as possible, the technology will hardly reach a breakthrough. To gain the interest in a new product or technology, users need to understand its advantages or find themselves impressed or involved.”

Toronto Fire ServicesCity of Toronto: Toronto Fire Services
[] EXCERPT: “The following active incidents are dispatched from Toronto Fire Services Communication Centre. The contents are updated at five minute intervals from the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.”

“Content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License – powered by FuckFlickr Rendered page in 0.0031 seconds.”

narc-free image gallery | F.A.T.FuckFlickr: narc-free image gallery | F.A.T.
EXCERPT: “Shi Tao is serving a 10-year sentence in prison for writing articles calling for political reform in China. Yahoo helped put him there. FuckFlickr is open-source image gallery software that won’t narc you out. We created it as an alternative to hosting your photos on a certain Yahoo-owned photo sharing site. No database required; just upload it and put images in the data directory.”
ABOUT: “ is my personal website and blog about healthy baking and other fun/healthy/tasty topics. Years of personal passion, research, and experimentation in the kitchen have led me to want to document and share my findings. The site was developed by Substance Communications, a creative communications company I run with my partner, to provide me with a place to do so.”

KinoSport » Super Eight Radio #7Super Eight Radio #7
[] EXCERPT: “01. Jesse Somfay – “The Days of My Youth Ended With Broken Bottles (Eulberg & Reinhold Remix)” (from 100. Traum, 2008) Traum’s 10-year marker and 100th release features solid tracks from Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda. The highlight is Somfay’s track – it’s not just the terrific title: this is a full-tilt melancholy techno anthem that hasn’t been heard since Agoria’s “Les Violons Ivres”.”

 Death Knell for GalleriesDeath Knell for Galleries?
[tinkutales] EXCERPT: “I read two articles recently that describe a change in the gallery scene in both Toronto and Boston. The first, an article in the Boston Globe talks about how 14 galleries in the South End and Newbury Street are closing, moving or on hiatus. Considering this represents 1/3 of all contemporary art galleries in Boston, this is a big deal.”

Customizable letterpress calling cards and business cardsSupply Your Own Design
EXCERPT: “The Mandate Press is a full service modern letterpress shop. In addition to custom printing we offer the following goods for sale. $95.00”

[] EXCERPT: ““One of today’s most groundbreaking online music services was created by, and for some time operated by, just one man: Anthony Volodkin. In 2005, when he was all of 19, Volodkin created Hype Machine, a real-time index of music streaming on more than 600 MP3 blogs at any time. With music blogs overtaking professional critics as the primary source of music recommendation, Hype Machine is emerging as a juggernaut of growing influence. What’s more, the now-22-year-old Russian immigrant focused on monetizing music from the start, providing “buy” links to first iTunes, then Amazon. Volodkin now has a few friends helping him with the site, which has spawned imitators and interested investors.””

These tricks ain’t for kids » House of NakedThese tricks ain’t for kids
[house of naked] “When trying to explain Kid Robot to friends, they cannot understand why I am so enthralled by a toy store with smoking rabbits (I am very anti-smoking, however smoking bunnies for some reason I can condone). So, for those who find my fascination bizarre, here are the three main reasons why I love Kid Robot:”

Book Coverstitle: Sexy Librarian
[covers.fwis] INFO “Designer: Kristian Bjornard, title: Sexy Librarian, author: Julia Weist, publisher: Ellen Lupton, 2008”

 Danielle Aubert16 Months Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel
[project 8] EXCERPT: “Various Projects, Inc. is happy to announce the publication of a new book by Danielle Aubert, 16 Months Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel.”

MAPFYA-LA3-2Map ForYourArt: Los Angeles Architecture Issue (PDF)
EXCERPT: “The quarterly guide to arts and culture in Los Angeles”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 15th (August 2008)

Who do u see when u go 2 Music Festivals

I was pleasantly surprised to see that after all the sites were collected for this week’s Link Drop, graphic design and humour had a good showing. Over here the blog has been growing on a monthly basis for quite a while, but the boost that sent me this week was quite noticeable (merci). I’ve also been having a number of interesting conversations via email about other sites, some contained in this set – some not. I have no idea where that’s going to lead but those conversations have been invaluable (merci x2). I’m taking next week off from regular work and heading to Canada. I’m not from Toronto but thought it might be time to visit some friends. I’m planning to do a lot of writing while thinking about how I want to finish this year and how to start the new one. I also want to get a couple book outlines completed. That should mean one of a couple things. A. there should be as many posts next week as there was this week, B. there will be less posts, or C. way more posts than usual. So if you happen to be in Toronto and see some guy typing away madly w/ a negroni in hand mid afternoon on the top of the Drake – that might be me.

– m


Who do u see when u go 2 Music FestivalsWho do u see when u go 2 Music Festivals?
[hipster runoff] EXCERPT: “Did I miss n e 1?, Is n e demographic over/under represented? Do u like live music, or is it better on ur iPod?”

Museum of Art for the ArtsMuseum of Art for the Arts
EXCERPT: “The Museum of Art for the Arts was founded in 2008 as an international institution, and is dedicated to being the foremost art & image museum in the world. Through the leadership of its Trustees and staff, the MofAA manifests…”

designs | TUKAANI | Kayiwa Oy | Scandinavian Product Design and InnovationTUKAANI
EXCERPT: “The sterling silver TUKAANI is a hand made eating device for Asian food consumers in the West. It may be held as traditional chopsticks. But unlike the disposable wooden chopsticks, TUKAANI is hand washable and much easier to set on – and use at table. The matt surface and taut…”

The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt DesignDirty Laundry: The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt Design
EXCERPT: “Dirty Laundry is a gallery show devoted to the concept of potential. Using stains as an integral part of the design and fashion of a t-shirt, the show seeks to shift our perception that something (or someone, for that…”

EXCERPT: “A bunch of us got together yesterday morning to start planning Interesting New York. We discussed the spirit of Interesting:Interesting is a goal, not a claim, It is an opportunity for people to share their passions and what they care about…”

 Heart of Hundreds BlawgShotgun Approach
[Heart of Hundreds Blawg] EXCERPT: “Dig Greg Ball and Shoko César’s Violent Art Collaboration. If there ever were the perfect sign you were in Alberta, this is them. Reminds me of the area down the river by where my friend Raymond and I used to make up stories about living out on the acreage when we were kids…”

How To Demo Your StartupHow To Demo Your Startup
[tech crunch] EXCERPT: “For the past 10 days I’ve sat through 200 company demos for the TechCrunch50 conference. These demos are mostly done over the phone for 10 minutes using the phone and web conferencing software like WebEx or Adobe’s wonderful new “Connect” service.”

Guilloches | The Ministry of TypeGuilloches
[ministry of type] EXCERPT: “Banknote patterns fascinate me. I can get lost for hours in all the details, seeing how the patterns fit together, how the lettering works, the tiny security ‘flaws’ – they’re amazing. Central to banknote designs are Guilloche patterns, which can be created mechanically with a geometric…”

PIG 05049.PIG 05049.
[bb-blog] EXCERPT: “Christien Meindertsma has spent the last three years researching all the products made from a single pig. Amongst some of the more unexpected results were: Ammunition, medicine, photo paper, heart valves…”

News on Japan - Double-wide anime look for your eyeballsDouble-wide anime look for your eyeballs
[News on Japan] EXCERPT: “That is, contact lenses with extra-wide tinted outer ring to give the look of a bigger, wider iris. To quote the sales copy, “Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!””

Complex Shit Wreaks Havoc in SwitzerlandComplex Shit Wreaks Havoc in Switzerland
[Dog Art Today] EXCERPT: “”A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed…”

random thoughtrandom thought
[nooka]: EXCERPT: “this has been stuck in my head since i’ve had an apartment full of nieces and nephews the whole summer and taking them out to restaurants etc. always brings up this issue: why do people freak out when a man uses a women’s…”

20cL Whiskey Bottles20cL Whiskey Bottles
[the dieline] EXCERPT: “I like the look of these 20cL mini bottles of whisky from Glasgow-based Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd. Maybe it’s a diabetic thing, but they caught my eye on account of their resemblance to the crimped vials that injectable medicines (like insulin) usually come in. Also, the labels…”

Aerial music over BeijingAerial music over Beijing
[city of sound] EXCERPT: “Although I’d been meaning to post the previous note on the Terracotta Army for months – in fact, since I’d first read the article in the LRB back in January – I actually hit the ‘save’ button in the middle of last night’s…”

Rickrolling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRickrolling
[wikipedia] EXCERPT: “Rickrolling is an Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The meme is a bait and switch: a person provides a Web link they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to the Astley video…”

Logomania is back - for the iPhoneLogomania is back – for the iPhone
[big secret pizza party] EXCERPT: “I saw the Chanel iPhone application when it first came out, but I was a little late to add it due to raging technical issues with my crappy mac book pro (long story). Anyway, my co-Nakedite Joe and I got to talking…”

2008 Trends article on LogoLounge.ComCurrent Logo Trends
[logo lounge] EXCERPT: “Trend-watching, until recently, has largely been an exercise in watching connections form between direct associations. Photoshop releases a new filter, and voila – entire raft of logos take on that effect…”

AIGA Gain ConferenceAIGA Gain Conference
EXCERPT: “When design and business work together, brilliant things happen. At “Gain,” hear today’s success stories from a select group of business and design leaders from a variety of industries, who will team up to share their…”

Eye blog » Eye, the international review of graphic designEye Blog
[eye] EXCERPT: “Welcome to the new blog for Eye, the international review of graphic design. We’ll be asking a wide range of writers to contribute notes, reviews, work in progress, rants, praise and other comments to help us understand…”

Engage Your Audience | Text The Mobtext the mob
EXCERPT: “The easiest and most entertaining way to collect feedback from your audience. Project polls or message boards on a large screen, have everyone send their input via their cell phones and see results instantly!”

Inhabitat » Announcing the winners of the ‘One Good Chair’ CompetitionAnnouncing the winners of the ‘One Good Chair’ Competition
[inhabitat] EXCERPT: “Back in April we announced the One Good Chair Design Competition, where a $4500 challenge was set to design a chair that ‘Does Good, Feels Good, Looks Good’. Designs for this competition were judged on…”

Cake WrecksCake Wrecks
EXCERPT: “Here at Cake Wrecks, we do our best to poke fun without being mean-spirited. It is never our intention to offend, only amuse. Please bear that in mind while commenting.”

Infographics News / Infographics News
[flickr] EXCERPT: “Space where we can upload our favourite graphic or anything interesting to comment”

Superlocal » Blog Archive » stair climbing trolleystair climbing trolley
[superlocal] EXCERPT: “perfect for HK’s endless stairs.”

Jen StarkJen Stark

Sol MoscotSol Moscot [andrew ackermann]


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 8th (August 2008)

YOUNG GALLERY_1218157580753

Every Friday for what now seems like a long time, I’ve been posting direct links to posts w/ their excepts of stuff that I’ve found interesting filtered through the eyes of a designer called Link Drop. On this 080808 below are some of the ideas that kind made me stop and think. TTTNW (till this time next week) – make the most of your weekend.

– Michael

YOUNG GALLERY_1218157580753Jeffrey Milstein
EXCERPT: “Flying an airplane was one of my earliest dreams. Building and flying all the model planes I could afford, I became intimately familiar with aircraft design, and at the age of 17, I received my pilot’s license. Heavy metal, as the wide body jets are known, is the ultimate achievement in engineering and design.”

 The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1218158893746Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
[Adbusters] EXCERPT: “We’ve reached a point in our civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum. So while hipsterdom is the end product…”

 This is map #6_1218157473446Handmaps
EXCERPT: “an ongoing archive of maps and other interesting diagrams drawn by hand”

Behind Nike's Lawsuit Lies a Branding Story - Advertising Age - Digital_1218157487759Behind Nike’s Lawsuit Lies a Branding Story
[adage] EXCERPT: “There’s a fight brewing over the lightweight, wicking apparel technology known as Dri-Fit — but the battle is about search marketing and the right to bid on trademarked terms.”

 Sony BMG Sells Photos from its Archive, Ineptly_1218157524494Sony BMG Sells Photos from its Archive, Ineptly
[Pop Photo] EXCERPT: “We just saw on that music company Sony BMG is selling prints of images from its archive. With CD sales in the dumper, the company is looking for alternative sources of revenue—what we in the digital content business call leveraging one’s assets.”

 HOW TO Solve The New York Times Crossword Puzzle - New York Times_1218157535171HOW TO; Solve The New York Times Crossword Puzzle
[NYT] EXCERPT: “A crossword puzzle is a battle between the puzzle maker and editor on one side and the solver on the other. But unlike most battles, both sides…”

radicalcartography_1218158087454RADICAL CARTOGRAPHY
EXCERPT: “If we were able to take as the finest allegory of simulation the Borges tale where the cartographers of the Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up exactly covering the territory…”

What I Learned Today - 14 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize its Brand_121815754813414 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize its Brand
[What I Learned Today] EXCERPT: ““We’re not this young, beloved, entrepreneurial enterprise anymore… We have to do business in a different way.” – Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz”

 The "Endless Accident Events" of Los Angeles_1218157567200The “Endless Accident Events” of Los Angeles
[BLDGBLOG] EXCERPT: “Artist Luther Thie’s proposed project LA Interchange would install a “gigantic public water fountain” at the intersection of L.A.’s Harbor and Santa Monica Freeways – and then use the fountain’s water supply…”

A video game inspired craft weblog — Sprite Stitch_1218157594551Sprite Stitch
EXCERPT: “I started this web log as a place to post cross stitch patterns that I have created. Most are video game (pixel) inspired, but not all. I will occasionally also post work by other crafters (with permission of course).”

 A Dutch Town Gone Graphic Design Crazy_1218157609164Breda: A Dutch Town Gone Graphic Design Crazy
[Ping Mag] EXCERPT: “A cryptic slash and a splash of copy-shop pastels announced Breda’s first-ever Graphic Design Festival in best DIY style. Design by Rob van Hoesel. Hands down, Dutch design is definitely a bit famous. From: Wim Crouwel to…”

 Advice for authors_1218157618956Advice for authors
[Seth Godin] EXCERPT: “Always beware free advice. It is worth what it costs! That said, I get a fair number of notes from well respected, intelligent people who are embarking on their…”

 The construct of loneliness & emotional bonds =The construct of loneliness & emotional bonds = ?
[Cellar Door] EXCERPT: “Let’s say a guy (we’ll call him Alex) goes on a business trip to a far away place and he misses his wife (let’s call her Jenny). Alex emails Jenny a photo of himself…”

 The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters_1218157422186Greyhound pulls ‘bus rage’ ads
[] EXCERPT: “Greyhound Canada said Tuesday that it is in the process of pulling a series of ads in an extensive, cross-country campaign featuring the slogan, “There’s a reason you’ve never heard of bus rage.””

 Daniel Eatock thumbprints every copy of IMPRINT_1218157646704Daniel Eatock thumbprints every copy of IMPRINT
[papressblog] EXCERPT: “UK-based graphic designer Daniel Eatock visited our warehouse in Indiana and thumbprinted the spines of each and every copy of his amazing…”

Keeping Up Nintendo's Momentum - WSJ.com_1218191203014Keeping Up Nintendo’s Momentum
[WSJ] EXCERPT: “After overseeing several years of rapid growth at Nintendo Co., President Satoru Iwata faces new challenges: how to keep players of the company’s videogames interested, and how to cultivate a new wave of customers.”

Kurve Designer Karim Rashid Thinks New York Has Some Catching Up to Do - Grub Street - New York Magazine_1218192173887Kurve Designer Karim Rashid Thinks New York Has Some Catching Up to Do
[Grub Street] EXCEPT: “When Andy Yang’s mysterious Thai venture, Kurve, finally went into soft-opening mode a…”

Fecal Face - Buff Monster Interview_1218192507302Buff Monster Interview
[Fecal Face] EXCERPT: “This LA based street artist is about to open his second solo show “The Sweetest Thing” at the LA based Corey Helford August 23rd. We got a chance to ask him about his upcoming show, what it’s like to date a porn star…”

Picture 2dog poo bags


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 1st (August 2008)


This week came and went in the blink of the eye for me and I’m not too sure why. In any case my Link Drop this week has been influenced quite a bit by technology and copywriting. As with every week so far w/ the Link Drop I’ve made some tweaks to the format. Sometimes it’s more subtle than other times. If you’ve been following from week to week and months and have a suggestion to make it better, please let me know. Ciao until next week.
– Michael

[scott goodson] EXCERPT: “bout ten years ago, I wrote the first businessplan for a new kind of company. I hadn’t really figured out everything, but I had a pretty good idea what this company wasn’t going to be about.”'s’s photostream
[Flickr] EXCERPT: “Nervo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based on Portland, OR USA. Led by founder and Creative Director Nando Costa, the diverse collective of digital artists create filmed and animated artwork for a variety of applications. The studio’s wide-range of styles and techniques…”

The blueness of Heat_1217550799866The blueness of Heat
[noisydecentgraphics] EXCERPT: “I reckon there are only four films I’ve seen more than once, properly, all the way through, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings and Heat. Breakfast at Tiffany’s used to be my favourite…”

3rings » The Cootie Catcher_1217550810207The Cootie Catcher
[3rings] EXCERPT: “Uh, Oh, I spy a theme emerging. Fresh off a look at 3Fold, in which George Rice both critiques and invigorates the aesthetic of the boardroom, comes another example of modern minimalism in glass and steel.”

In the creative world, the only constant is change - International Herald Tribune_1217550861548In the creative world, the only constant is change
[IHT] EXCERPT: “Design is all about change. It can help us to understand the changes in the world around us, and turn them to our advantage by translating them into things that make our lives more efficient or enjoyable, sometimes both.”

Literacy Debate - Online, R U Really ReadingLiteracy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?
[NYT] EXCERPT: “Books are not Nadia Konyk’s thing. Her mother, hoping to entice her, brings them home from the library, but Nadia rarely shows an interest. Instead, like so many other teenagers, Nadia, 15, is addicted to the Internet…”

Pussies in Beaverton_1217550903627Nike pulls Hyperdunk ads amid criticism
[the sherman foundation] EXCERPT: “Nike said Friday it would pull its ads for its Hyperdunk basketball shoes, responding to criticism that they fed homophobic views.”

Creative Review Monograph_1217551074894Creative Review Monograph
[bantjes] EXCERPT: “This is a really important piece for me. Patrick Burgoyne at Creative Review offered me one of these “Monograph” pieces they send out with subscription…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » Let there be light | Blogs | Reuters.com_1217551117844Let there be light
[blogs.reuters] EXCERPT: “It’s after 9:00 pm on a Sunday night, Centre Court, Wimbledon. I am up on platform B with about 15 other photographers. This position often produces the best celebration photos as players turn and face their family and coaches seated above us upon match point…”

Untitled Document_1217551126512WallKandy
EXCERPT: “WallKandy is an art forum for people who have a passion for the ‘Urban Art’ movement. It covers artist news, releases, street sites & gallery updates and…”

Chet Chat with Chet_1217558853532Columbia Records AdSense LOL
[Chet Chat with Chet] EXCERPT: “As of yesterday they actually had a major piece of real estate on their corporate site…”

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1217551138888Objectified: A New Film by Gary Hustwit
[Hoefler & Frere-Jones (H&FJ)] EXCERPT: “Ever since director Gary Hustwit invited us to appear in his film Helvetica, life has changed for me and Tobias in two ways. First, we get recognized on the street from time to time (always with the implied aren’t you those type dorks) — but second, and more rewardingly…”

Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice_1217555088351Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice
[tech crunch] EXCERPT: “Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap Revenge, has announced that the popular iPhone app will hit 1 million installs some time this weekend…”

Nookalookbook08_FIN_03noo look for nooka
[Nooka Blog] EXCERPT: “our noo look book [notice all the lovely double o’s there] went to press this week and we updated the website with the noo photos as well. fashion week is for androids, and it’s no different for the catwalk…”

modernnixiesA Modern Take On Nixie Tube Clocks from BDDW, Chronotronix, Puhlmann and Peter J. Jensen
[if its hip its here] EXCERPT: “Most Nixie tube clocks ordinarily look a little steam punk and a little scientific a la Thomas Dolby. But I found a few companies that make nixie clocks pretty enough for almost anyone’s taste…”

 Communciate With Charm_1217590207418Communciate With Charm
[charlie gower] EXCERPT: “It’s the simple things that make us smile. Good lateral thinking. This is what we need to think about when designing communication services. Keeping it in the here and now. Focus on the the stuff people actually see…”

» Calgary’s scrambling too! • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1217590469869Calgary’s scrambling too!
[Spacing Toronto] EXCERPT: “I’m in Calgary at the moment, en route to Hong Kong. This is a fast-growing, fast-changing city, and there are a couple of interesting changes that I noticed while I was here. One of them is the introduction of two new scramble…”


Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 25th (July 2008)

 Seen On The Streets Of London_1216935865308

I’ve been going back and forth on the tone of how I wanted to mention this week’s Link Drop. On one hand a person could interpret the collection as just that, nothing more than a bunch of sites put together. But I also like to cluster them together to see what themes emerge and perhaps reflect what I’ve been thinking about. There’s lots of maps, mention’s of the brutal demise of BPP from NPR and some other aggressively if not slightly passive sights of expression. Not sure what next week’s Link Drop will be just yet – stay tuned.

– Michael

 Seen On The Streets Of London_1216935865308Seen On The Streets Of London
[wooster collective]

QR Code Fences in Soho | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1216936049298QR Code Fences in Soho
[PSFK] EXCERPT: “The fences are sending me secret messages!!! These are not the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic. They are what anyone with a QR code reader on the corner of Houston and Broadway in Manhattan might say.”

[gjones] EXCERPT: “A list of ideas that Y Combinator, a ‘new kind of venture firm’, would like people to bring to them for funding. They’re all, purposefully, vague, but an interesting read.”

 5 Ways to Deal with Being the New Kid on the Block_12169360169045 Ways to Deal with Being the New Kid on the Block
[tinku tales] EXCERPT: “I am experiencing a lot of “New Kid on the Block” situations lately. I had to write my first gallery listing for Slate Art Guide yesterday, and it took me a few tries to figure out what to say about tinku gallery’s inaugural exhibition in September. All of my references – other art magazines, art blogs, etc… tend to write about art in language that is so complex that I find it impossible to do. Writing about other things — software, travel, life — is no problem, but writing about art in a way that people like me understand it, yet not scaring away the “serious” art folks, is damn hard!”

 Some Realities of the Publishing Business_1216935849279Some Realities of the Publishing Business
[publishing associates] EXCERPT: “Mark Hurst, author of the book, Bit Literacy, recently posted Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known. While Mark’s comments are jaded, the points he makes are valid. Joe Wikert, publisher of a technical imprint for Wiley and formerly Macmillan, pointed me to this post from his Publishing 2020 blog. Joe clears up some facts about Mark’s post and makes some good points about finances and contracts.”

 NPR Music_1216935874377Stages of Grief for the ‘BPP’: Denial
[NPR] EXCERPT: “In our last week at the Byrant Park Project, we’re using music to move through the stages of grief as defined by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross.”

2008 IDEA Design Awards – BusinessWeek_12169358838252008 IDEA Design Awards
[businessweek] EXCERPT: “Europeans, Asians, and Latin Americans took more International Design Excellence Awards than ever. And students made a strong showing”

Lego Digital Designer « unformal_1216935897486Lego Digital Designer
[formal design] EXCERPT: “Lego has made a 3d program called Lego Digital Designer that allows you to build virtually. The small program is free to download from their web site, and is easy to install. The user interface is very simple, and without any training at all, you are realizing your Lego building dreams. It also has this neat feature that calculates the price of all the Lego bricks used, so you can order them by post to your home door. It took me about 20 minutes to make this Unformal Lego building, and the price for that ordered would have been 11€.”

usb jewellery_1216935907095usb jewellery
[toniawelter] EXCERPT: “The usb cufflinks BERLIN form the centerpiece of a precious usb jewellery collection. The items are both modern functional tools and high quality fashion accessories. Storage capacity is 2 GB in general, upgrades are possible. The collection ranges from necklaces (VENICE, MILANO) to bracelets (RIO, PALERMO, MÜNCHEN) and keychains (HAMBURG). All details are carefully handmade in Berlin, Germany by industrial designer Tonia Welter and jewellery designer Julia Reymann. The actual collection is made of sterling silver, available in limited edition.”

 The TiVo Remote's Untold Past, Present and Future_1216935919131Story of a Peanut: The TiVo Remote’s Untold Past, Present and Future
[gizmodo] EXCERPT: “I recently had the opportunity to learn more about TiVo’s award-winning remote control when I met with their Senior Director of Consumer Engineering Paul Newby, father of the TiVo remote. Aside from hearing the story of how the remote slowly sprouted into the “Peanut,” I found out some unknown stories behind the clicker. Stuff like TiVo butting heads with Sony.”

Atmos Clock (Monoscope)_1216935925939Atmos Clock
[monoscope] EXCERPT: “The Atmos 561 Clock, made by Jaeger LeCoultre and designed by Mark Newson, is powered entirely by changes in temperature and sits inside a block of crystal for good measure. According to The Watchismo Times, a change in temperature of one degree celsius can power the clock for two days.”

 on the topic of calendars._1216935932296on the topic of calendars
[girl in the green dress] EXCERPT: “I am a bit fixated on innovative calendars, and I love finding new methods of tracking time! Part of the Corian 40 years/40 designers event, this calendar was created by Niels Kjeldsen Design to demonstrate the design possibilities of Corian.”

This is what happens when Ads are not relevant to your content « Joker_1216935939824This is what happens when Ads are not relevant to your content
[jokerred] EXCERPT: “I came across this while reading Jeff Jarvis’s blog. It doesn’t appear at the top URL, but you can see the displayed ad when you visit any permalink. Notice the top right side of the blog. I was quite surprised to find this image on his blog at first because I thought this was his profile image. Then I saw the captions attached below the picture that said: “Buy Buzzmachine blogads now!”.
Oh, it was an ad. But you know, whether it’s an ad or not, it did hurt his image a little at least. I wonder if he’s aware of this. That ad is apparently transmitting a sexual message, and not many people who read his blog should appreciate it.”

 city engine | serial consign_1216935949214city archive / city engine
[serial consign] EXCERPT: “Over the last few days I’ve discovered a pair of interesting projects that explore urban form through computation. The first is an interactive map of Rome that locates and contextualizes a number of 18th century perspective drawings, the second is a software application that utilizes procedural modeling to generate expansive 3D cities.”

 Thanks, But No Thanks_1216935957505NPR to Non-Old People: Thanks, But No Thanks
[huffington post] EXCERPT: “National Public Radio announced last week that it has canceled its Web-radio hybrid, The Bryant Park Project, after less than one year of broadcasting. (Actually, The New York Times announced it. That’s where most of the show’s staffers discovered last Monday that their jobs will soon be no more.) In the history of Things That Are Stupid, the move falls somewhere between CBS booting Bob Schieffer from the Evening News and The New Yorker asking the reanimated corpse of Jesse Helms to draw its cover illustration.”

Picture 29Mercury Prize 2008 nominations: have they got it right?
[guardian] EXCERPT: “Female solo acts and Music Weekly podcast guests make up this year’s nominations. Do you agree with them? Another year, another set of Mercury (or Nationwide Mercury Prize, to give it its full title) nominations for everyone to get angry about in the pub. But before we start spilling Old Speckled Hen on each other, the list… ”

Razor Apple » Lia Halloran, Skater in the Dark_1216935993328Lia Halloran, Skater in the Dark
[razorapple] EXCERPT: “White lines of light crisscross and circle the Los Angeles skate parks and ditches of photographer Lia Halloran. Skating these locations at and capturing the image at night, she lets her light trail be the self-portrait and record of the evening. Tonight, ten of Halloran’s photographs are featured in Dark Skate, her second New York solo show, at DCKT Contemporary (195 Bowery at Spring St, New York, NY) from 6 to 8 PM, and stays up through September 13.”

 Welcome to NASA Earth Observations_1216936002292NEO: Welcome to NASA Earth Observations
[NASA] EXCERPT: “New dataset: Solar Insolation. See the ‘Energy’ tab below.”

 Pound the pavement_1216936008741Pound the pavement
[google-latlong] EXCERPT: “It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and when it’s not too hot, it feels like a waste of gorgeous weather to get behind the wheel or hop in a cab. Doubly so when you’re traveling to a city you’d love to explore, and you’re pretty sure that you could walk from your hotel to the aquarium, if only you could figure out the way.”

 safe bike routes made easy_1216936023413Ride the City: safe bike routes made easy
[ride the city]EXCERPT: “Welcome to Ride the City, a website that helps you find the safest bike route between any two points in New York City. The concept is pretty simple. Just like MapQuest, Google, Microsoft, and other mapping programs, Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points. But there are two major differences. First, RTC excludes roads that aren’t meant for biking, like the BQE and the Queens Midtown tunnel. Second, RTC tries to locate routes that maximize the use of bike lanes and greenways.”

Aza’s Thoughts » Mobile Firefox and Designing Without Modal Overlays_1216936030727Mobile Firefox and Designing Without Modal Overlays
[azarask] EXCERPT: “In the concept video I recently did for laying out the interface paradigms for Firefox Mobile, I listed five guiding principals. 1. Touch it with your finger, 2. Large targets are good, 3. Visual Momentum and Physics are compelling, 4. Typing is difficult, 5. Content is king, It’s these principals that inform the design of new features long after the original design as been coded, released, and iterated on. In discussions with the perspicacious Mike Beltzner, another design principal emerged. 6. Use modal overlays sparingly, if at all.”

19 Cool Watches that Require a PhD to tell Time | Cool Material_121693603778319 Cool Watches that Require a PhD to tell Time
[cool material] EXCERPT: “If your the kind of guy that likes to “figger things out” and never have to be anywhere on time, perhaps one of these ultra-geek (yet cool) watches should be on your shopping list.”

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 18th (July 2008)


By the end of the week I’m always curious to see how my Link Drop is going to shape up w/ telling me what I found interesting. This week there was a combo of culture between photography, radio, music, architecture, advertising and some stuff that would fall into the category of misc. A lot of it was forward thinking – like what’s next. It’s kind of obvious that there’s a shake up going on and those that have a pov are trying to shape the next stage.

– Michael Surtees

SR-1154+TH+2008+Maker+Map-4Future of Making Map [The Institute For The Future]
EXCERPT: “Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences—the “stuff” of our world—will be designed, manufactured, and distributed over the next decade. An emerging do-it-yourself culture of “makers” is boldly voiding warranties to tweak, hack, and customize the products they buy. And what they can’t purchase, they build from scratch. Meanwhile, flexible manufacturing technologies on the horizon will change fabrication from massive and centralized to lightweight and ad hoc. These trends sit atop a platform of grassroots economics—new market structures developing online that embody a shift from stores and sales to communities and connections.”

The Coalition for Daring Behaviour_1216343298864The Coalition for Daring Behaviour
EXCERPT: “Launched in January 2008, The Coalition for Daring Behaviour is an on-line artist project that strives to facilitate a global exchange of dares, double dares, and possibly triple dog dares. An ever-expanding network of international artists/daredevils, the CFBD promotes creative collaborations of a spontaneous, non-traditional and, most importantly, daring nature.”

Picture 2Prototype Packaging using Photoshop Smart Objects [creativetechs]
EXCERPT: “Are you working on a product packaging job? Here’s a way to combine digital product photography with Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects in CS2 or CS3 to create quick virtual prototypes. The process is fairly easy once you understand the technique, and can be used for some pretty remarkable results.”

On the death of BPP | Gravity Medium_1216343338131On the death of BPP [gravity medium]
EXCERPT: “Well, the Bryant Park Project has less than a month left. Literally. Was it too beautiful to live, perhaps? Hardly. I mean, can anyone really feign shock that well? Let’s recount the strikes against this endeavor:”

The Facebooker Who Friended Obama - NYTimes.com_1216343352764The Facebooker Who Friended Obama [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Last November, Mark Penn, then the chief strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton, derisively said Barack Obama’s supporters “look like Facebook.” Chris Hughes takes that as a compliment. Mr. Hughes, 24, was one of four founders of Facebook. In early 2007, he left the company to work in Chicago on Senator Obama’s new-media campaign.”

Design Observer_1216343365301I Was A Mad Man Design Observer
EXCERPT: “In the winter of 1976, while still a student, I worked lunches at a Greek restaurant on Madison Avenue in New York City. Three or four days a week, a well-dressed gentleman in his 50s would come to lunch — strangely alone — and sit at the bar and order a martini. (And ultimately two more, but never three.) He managed to read the Wall Street Journal and eat a little lunch. I was his waiter and his bartender.”

 Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known_1216343375722Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known [Good Experience]
EXCERPT: “Following up on these overviews of the book industry, I thought I’d share some lessons I learned from publishing Bit Literacy. I originally tried to go through mainstream publishers but eventually self-published it, because of what I learned in the process. I wish I had known everything below before I wrote my book.”

Orbicule | Undercover_1216343382368Undercover
EXCERPT: “Because laptops are increasingly popular, and desktops are becoming smaller and more portable, computer theft has reached huge proportions worldwide: there were about 600,000 laptops stolen in the USA in the year 2004. According to a recent FBI report, 97% of all stolen computers are never recovered. Many people we know have had their Macs stolen, often in ‘safe’ situations. That’s why we developed Undercover: a unique theft-recovery application designed from the ground up for Mac OS X.”

design mind | business. technology. design._1216343400362design mind | business. technology. design.

 News, Coverage, and Commentary_1216343408466NPR cancel Bryant Park Project – Can a hybrid work? [fast forward blog]
EXCERPT: “It was announced this weekend that NPR will have to cancel their new News program The Bryant Park Project for cost reasons. The NYT story is here. The BPP site with comments on the closing of the show is here. You can see that I was not the only fan nor am I the only one who is upset!”

 Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters - O'Reilly Radar_1216343415111Ignite NYC: Soldering, Guerilla Knitting, & Bomb Shelters [radar oreilly]
EXCERPT: “The first Ignite NYC is going to happen 7/29 at M1-5. We are going to feature 16 speakers. Each speaker will get 20 slides that auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of five-minutes. Ignite is free and open to the public — you’re on your own for drinks. We’re also going to be joined by Ignite co-creator, Bre Pettis. Bre is going to lead us in a creative soldering contest. RSVP at Upcoming or Facebook to let us know you are coming.”

Barbarian Group Adds Strategist_1216343424741Barbarian Group Adds Strategist [adweek]
EXCERPT: “The Barbarian Group is beefing up its strategic offering by adding Noah Brier from Naked Communications.”

 Coffee shop chalkboard signs_1216343430820Coffee shop chalkboard signs [cellar door]
EXCERPT: “In the past several months, I have been taking photos of chalkboard signs outside of coffee shops. Very specifically: Sweet Farm and El Beit in Williamsburg. These two shops started out being next to each other, and I wasn’t sure how each one would do, competition-wise.”

EXCERPT: “A visual listing of redesigns, design refreshes/updates, and overhauls.”

Sandra’s Sources | Leffot - The Moment Blog - NYTimes.com_1216343447626Sandra’s Sources | Leffot [NYT]
EXCERPT: “Steven Taffel, a self-proclaimed shoe hound, was tired of having to hoof it all the way uptown for quality footwear, so he decided to open the ultimate boot-ique in the heart of the West Village. The tightly curated selection includes labels like Edward Green, Pierre Corthay, Artioli, Aubercy and Gaziano & Girling, a young English cobbler.”

 Three Glimpses of Photography's Future_1216343452814Three Glimpses of Photography’s Future [pop photo]
EXCERPT: “By now I’m guessing that most people who read blogs (or email) have read Vincent Laforet’s insightful, tough-love opus at Sports Shooter about the state of photography today (and tomorrow), The Cloud is Falling. It’s a long piece, so there’s a chance you might not have gotten to this late paragraph:”

Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture | Jason Santa Maria_1216343461251Shake it Like a Metaphorical Picture [Jason Santa Maria]
EXCERPT: “Sometime next year, Polaroid will stop producing instant film. There have been lots of people jumping in to help save the format, and others writing some striking eulogies, as the rest of us start mourning the oncoming loss. But one thing I can’t quite shake is what Polaroid represents to me, something that will likely be on its way out the door too: the visual metaphor of a photograph.”

 prince of the gift economy_1216375597296Lil Wayne: prince of the gift economy [This Blog Sits at the: Culture By]
EXCERPT: “Since his last LP, Lil Wayne has been working the gift economy. In the words of Jonah Weiner, [T]he New Orleans MC struck upon a music-distribution model so radical it made Radiohead look like Thomas Edison shipping wax cylinders by Pony Express. Step 1: Rap about whatever pops into your head, over any beat you please–copyright laws be damned. Step 2: Flood the Internet with material, compiled on mix tapes or leaked a la carte. Step 3: Say yes to anyone who invites you to guest star on a track (anyone: meaning Enrique Iglesias and Gym Class Heroes). Step 4: Repeat at an inhuman clip, not merely keeping pace with the relentless blog cycle–in which MP3s ping from studios to iPods to trash cans in a matter of days, but leaving the blog cycle face down on the racetrack, turf in its teeth, gasping for air.”

 NYC Window Display Series continues..._1216375058930NYC Window Display Series continues… [Copyranter]
EXCERPT” “Last time, years ago, I went inside The Apartment at 101 Crosby St., they were an offbeat furniture store. But now, apparently, they offer “fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture, and interior design services.” Here, in their ever-changing window display, they present six people (employees?) artfully faking taking a dump.”

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 11th (July 2008)

 Urban Versioning System 1.0 by Matthew Fuller, Usman Haque (Book) in Arts & Photography_1215727357699

Looking back on the sites the caught my attention this last week for Link Drop one of the themes I noticed was that they lacked a lot of images (for what’s that worth). There’s nothing wrong with that of course though it was noticeable that I was jumping around a little less and reading more. On another note, it felt like I just finished typing my last Link Drop yesterday. Hopefully you survived the week, see you same time next week.

– Michael

 Urban Versioning System 1.0 by Matthew Fuller, Usman Haque (Book) in Arts & Photography_1215727357699Situated Technologies Pamphlets 2: Urban Versioning System 1.0 [lulu]
EXCERPT: “Download FREE: The Situated Technologies Pamphlets series explores the implications of ubiquitous computing for architecture and urbanism. How are our experience of the city and the choices we make in it are affected by mobile communications, pervasive media, ambient informatics and other “situated” technologies? The second volume in the series asks the question: what lessons can architecture learn from software development, and more specifically, from the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) movement? Written in the form of a quasi-license, Urban Versioning System 1.0 posits seven constraints that, if followed, will contribute to an open source urbanism that radically challenges the conventional ways in which cities are constructed.”

Cities and Ambition_1215727018276Cities and Ambition [paul graham]
EXCERPT: “Great cities attract ambitious people. You can sense it when you walk around one. In a hundred subtle ways, the city sends you a message: you could do more; you should try harder. ¶The surprising thing is how different these messages can be. New York tells you, above all: you should make more money. There are other messages too, of course. You should be hipper. You should be better looking. But the clearest message is that you should be richer.”

EXCERPT: “Granta magazine was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University as The Granta, a periodical of student politics, student badinage and student literary enterprise, named after the river that runs through the town.”

A Photo Editor - Photographers and Blogs_1215727234436Photographers and Blogs [a photo editor]
EXCERPT: “If you’re a professional photographer there are 4 reasons to have a blog and 1 good one not to…”

Half The Followers In Five Months_1215739135639Friendfeed v. Twitter: Half The Followers In Five Months [TechCrunch]
EXCERPT: “Twitter is still far larger than its much younger competitor Friendfeed in aggregate terms. But an interesting trend is developing – many longtime Twitter users are noticing that the number of followers they have on Friendfeed is growing far more rapidly than on Twitter. And the conversations at Friendfeed are better, too.”

 the best career advice ever ... by Charlene Li_1215727569668the best career advice ever … by Charlene Li [Jobster Blogs]
EXCERPT: “I’d love to say that a wise mentor told me to do XYZ and that it changed my entire career. It was much more blasé. ¶At a career management course for HBS alumni, I learned that a person typically gets sick of a job after 18 months. This is a natural cycle, as you go through the excitement of learning a new job, become expert at it, and then gradually, it gets routine. So the advice I got was to plan for job obsolescence every 18 months. This didn’t mean that I had to leave the company and go to a new place – it had more to do with redefining my current job first to incorporate new challenges.”

 Feeding The Lions_1215727677432Feeding The Lions [paul isakson]
EXCERPT: “Seems that the snubbing of Big Spaceship by BBDO in regard to the gold Cyber Lion for the HBO Voyeur site is causing a bit of a stir. After reading the above two quotes by Mr. Rosenshine (from earlier this year) it starts to make a little sense. When you read the response of BBDO’s current chairman and CCO, David Lubars, it becomes even more clear:”

 Ingram 2.0 - Gawker and the economics of blogs_1215727744783Gawker and the economics of blogs [the globe and mail]
EXCERPT: “If you’re any kind of online publisher — a traditional outlet looking to learn about online media, or a blog network looking to grow — you could do a lot worse than to follow the career of Nick Denton, a former traditional journalist (or at least the British version of same) who has become a new-media mogul thanks to the Gawker Media network of blogs. Nick has been conducting a kind of ongoing media workshop for the past couple of years, right out in the open (more or less). In the latest installment, the Dark Lord of the blogosphere has chopped the pay rate for bloggers at Gawker, for the second time in the last six months.”

Design Observer_1215728014418Mad Men: Pitch Perfect [Design Observer]
EXCERPT: “One of my first bosses taught me an important lesson. ¶Good designers are a dime a dozen, he said. Coming up with a great design solution is the easy part. The hard part, he said, is getting the client to accept the solution. ¶”But if the work is good, don’t the clients know it when they see it?” I asked. ¶My boss just looked at me silently for a long time. And then, with gentleness and no small amount of pity, he reached out and patted me on the head: Poor kid.”

Douglas Rushkoff’s Comments On BoingBoing | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration_1215727982435Douglas Rushkoff’s Comments On BoingBoing [PSFK]
EXCERPT: “Media commentator and author, Douglas Rushkoff, left some interesting comments on a recent BoingBoing post in a discussion about the role of blogs; the relationship between the readers and authors; and the impact of turning a hobby into a business:”

Picture 4Creativescrape
EXCERPT: “Creativescrape is an inspiration utility. ¶we hand-picked a number of RSS feeds and Flickr sets in order to deliver a random smattering of beautiful, ugly, inspiring things. ¶“we” are amy hoy and thomas fuchs. we are design junkies. we are also ninja-like consultants. hire us. ¶ps: creativescrape is like a feed reader. we do not copy, store or manipulate any images.”

CR Blog » Blog Archive » Infographic of the Week_1215729078976Infographic of the Week [creative review]
EXCERPT: “Quick – call the fashion police! It’s a crack down! Apparently it’s not a hoax but police in Flint, Michigan are attempting to enforce a seemingly crazy ruling, based on indecent exposure law, whereby sagging trousers could result in a stern warning, a fine, or even a prison sentence, depending on just how much buttock is on show. This helpful infographic appeared in the Detroit Free Press so that readers could be fully aware of the legality of their, er, position.”

 Seamless Technology in Design_1215738157121Light based communication networks [architectradure]
EXCERPT: “I attended the talk by the Talking Lights company at the MIT Media Lab. They work on light based communication networks associating information with specific locations in a building and then use that information to guide, monitor and get information to people as they move from place to place. I was fascinated by their inexpensive way to enable context aware computing and the idea of associating information in a building directly through the components already existing in the building, in this case a common light source.”

Amit Gupta from Photojojo ( Gupta from Photojojo [HatchThat]
EXCERPT: “How important is it for individuals in the tech/web industry to go to events like BarCamp (which you brought to New York) and Jelly? ¶I think it’s really crucial to stay in tune with what’s going on in your local tech scene and to meet with as many people doing interesting work as possible. You can get a lot from reading blogs and keeping track of what’s going on via the net, but if you really want to know what people are working on now – not what they’ve been working on for the past 6 months and are ready to show the world now – you gotta talk to ‘em.”

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 4th (July)

alarm clocks

The last week was probably notable for some of the larger companies like walmart and nike getting a lot of coverage for their latest attempts at design. Aside from walmarts logo, they’re trying to influencing packaging design of milk cartons like they changed the rfid industry w/ their barcodes. Nike dropped an extremely limited edition McFly 2015 shoes that I mentioned just over a year ago. Enjoy your long weekend if you have one (and some of the posts that got me interested) and see ya Monday.

alarm clocksalarm clocks [alice-wang]
EXCERPT: “現在越來越多人不需要過著朝九晚五的生活
perfect sleep 讓你設定你想睡多久

Who Murdered the Virunga GorillasWho Murdered the Virunga Gorillas? [national geographic]
EXCERPT: “Heavily armed militias shatter the stillness in this central African park. Desperate refugees crowd park boundaries. Charcoal producers strip forests. Then, last summer, someone killed seven of these magnificent creatures in cold blood.”

Twitter Conversations Come To A Screaming Halt; Users Simply Move To FriendfeedTwitter Conversations Come To A Screaming Halt; Users Simply Move To Friendfeed [techcrunch]
EXCERPT: “A key feature of Twitter has been down most of this week: Replies. The core Twitter service itself is alive, but the team took the Reply feature down on Tuesday when the service started to slow. As of now, Friday afternoon, Replies are still down.”

Graph Paper | KonigiGraph Paper [konigi]
EXCERPT: “This graph paper is made for visual designers, interaction designers, and information architects. You’ll find styles for wireframing user interfaces, story boarding interaction, and plotting values on a two by two grid. Plus you’ll get a basic grid for drafting sitemaps or anything else that might come up.”

McFly 2015 Nike Hyperdunks - Featured on BuzzFeedMcFly 2015 Nike Hyperdunks [buzzfeed]
EXCERPT: “The fictional shoe worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future is being released by Nike sometime in July. It seems someone finally told Nike that they already make this shoe and that all they need to do is give the Kobe Bryant-backed Hyperdunk a different paint job. Maybe we really are living in the future (despite the lack of flying cars, and the coveted hoverboard.)” - Art - Playing the BuildingPlaying the Building [david byrne]
EXCERPT: “Creative Time presents Playing the building, a sound installation in which the infrastructure, the physical plant of the building, is converted into a giant musical instrument. Devices are attached to the building structure — to the metal beams and pillars, the heating pipes, the water pipes — and are used to make these things produce sound. The activations are of three types: wind, vibration, striking.”

cranktank RadioHome of cranktank Radio [cranktank]

weather » Blog Archive » undersea cables“undersea cables” [iamtheweather]
EXCERPT: “The undersea cable that make up much of the long haul data transfer on the internets. This map from the Guardian details the incident where a cable was damaged by a ships anchored and internet traffic was significantly affected. Hacker Tourist’s may be interested in the story surrounding many of these cables as reflected by Neal Stephenson in Wired magazine a few years ago.”

Picture 4Revolutionary Minds Design & Architecture [seed magazine]
EXCERPT: “Design and architecture translate ideas into objects we can hold, touch, or occupy, or into visuals we can interpret and understand. At its best, design takes on our most inspiring and troubling questions and forces us to confront implications we might otherwise not have imagined. Increasingly, science and technology are driving this dialogue.”

Niemann Opinion Art Blog – Abstract City – NYTimes.comThe Boys and the Subway [NYT]
EXCERPT: “My sons Arthur, 5, and Gustav, 3, are obsessed with the New York City subway system.”

Picture 5long photo [russell davies]
EXCERPT: “I always feel I want to put music on them, because music smears this gloss of meaning on everything, even if entirely spurious. Somehow the niceness of flickr makes me feel like I shouldn’t abuse anyone’s music rights so I’ve been using electroplankton to add soundtracks, it’s perfect for those fragmenty, moody bits of sound you need, and doesn’t make you agonise about whether you got it just right.”

Picture 6Solution, or Mess? A Milk Jug for a Green Earth [NYT]
EXCERPT: “A simple change to the design of the gallon milk jug, adopted by Wal-Mart and Costco, seems made for the times. The jugs are cheaper to ship and better for the environment, the milk is fresher when it arrives in stores, and it costs less.”

Design ThinkingDesign Thinking [harvard business online]
EXCERPT: “Thus Edison’s genius lay in his ability to conceive of a fully developed marketplace, not simply a discrete device. He was able to envision how people would want to use what he made, and he engineered toward that insight. He wasn’t always prescient (he originally believed the phonograph would be used mainly as a business machine for recording and replaying dictation), but he invariably gave great consideration to users’ needs and preferences.”

 the new cool kid cliqueAd networks: the new cool kid clique? [eloquation]
EXCERPT: “I came to the realization that ad networks are the new cool kid cliques after reading a post on Jonathan Snook’s blog where he introduced SidebarAds. SidebarAds, like The Deck, is a closed, invite-only network of sites that provide advertisers a targeted and engaged audience.”

 Fox News Alters Photos of Enemy ReportersFox News Alters Photos of Enemy Reporters [state of the art]
EXCERPT: “According to Media Matters, Fox News is getting even with its perceived enemies by altering their pictures to make them look rather monstrous, then airing the results.”

E-sushi - Art et Design » Nick VeaseyNick Veasey [e-sushi]
EXCERPT:“Vision audacieuse et translucide de Nick Veasey, qui créé des images aux rayons X.”

R E Y K J A V I K L O O K SIða Brá: Fashionista of the Week [reykjavik looks]
EXCERPT: “1. Name, age, occupation ? Iða Brá, 21, I work in a vintage store.”

Picture 4My Relationship with Girl Talk [hipster runoff]
EXCERPT: “I’ll never forget the first time I heard Girl Talk. One of my altest bros sent me the CD. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard Girl Talk yet. He was like “U HAVEN’T HEARD NIGHT RIPPER? IT’S FCKNG AMAZING, BRAH?” We had a party to attend later that night, and instead of pre-partying with faggie electro, we decided to hear some wacky mashups. I saw my alt-bro’s eyes light up as he exclaimed, “OMG. Is that James Taylor? This R0X0RZ!””

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 27th (June 2008)

Kick ass N and T lig.

Going for two months now, the latest edition of Link Drop contains bigger thumbnails as an easier target to click to the sites you want to see. Below are a list of sites and posts that got my attention this week. Unexpected stuff like the kindle made a mark while a followup to the Obama seal follows from last week. In between that there’s some pretty cool stuff that you’ll probably want to sit back and check out.

Picture 1R.E.M. – Hollow Man Shot, designed and animated by Crush, Toronto.

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » RFID Aesthetics_1214522767803RFID Aesthetics pingmag
EXCERPT: “RFID — or radio-frequency identification… we’ve heard of that before. Now, while strolling the booths at the RFID Expo that just took place at Tokyo’s Big Sight, we began wondering what RFID is used for best: as a button on a chef’s uniform to let him open the kitchen door; as an infant’s bracelet for a motion detector; embedded in boxes to trace its contents on their way across the globe or inside price tags in department stores to calculate the sales. Ah, well, if you just keep standing in front of the chip displays, you start to make out figures and characters of their shapes, wondering who came up with these fascinating structures… Instead of delving into new technology, this time PingMag takes a closer look at the appearance of RFID transponders.”

Picture 4Facebook overtakes MySpace worldwide sfgate
EXCERPT: “Worldwide, Facebook has surpassed MySpace in monthly users. Nearly 124 million people dropped by Facebook in May, compared with more than 114.6 million people checking out MySpace in May, comScore said. The statistics are drastically different from last year.”

Picture 3Blue Bottle Coffee Making nbrier’s photostream

EXCERPT: “Why bother with a paper newspaper when you can get is all on the new Amazon Kindle. And in such bright and easy to read typography. It’s light and easy to carry. You download all your content via wireless like a snap. The Kindle does a remarkable job of being my daily newspaper, favorite book, and all those magazines I love reading over the summer vacation like the New Yorker. The only big problem is where did all the ads go? Oh, jeez there aren’t any. It’s a subscription based business model. Dang that’s another nail in the old traditional advertising model. Pretty cool technology though. I’m a fan.”

 a guide to today's news_1214522825099Daylife: a guide to today’s news Christa In New York
EXCERPT: “Jon Fine’s article in this week’s issue of Business Week discusses a new news provider, Daylife. As a devoted fan of the news and someone who believes that the plethora of new media channels can help to reinvent traditional media, I am intrigued by Daylife’s business model.”

 muxtape madness_1214568211392muxtape madness a clock with out hands
EXCERPT: “Some are sloppy and some are neat (if you are into yé-yé, I might recommend some samplings proffered in muxtape ten and eleven, respectively). I really just want muxtape to let me upload “Nous Tous” by Françoise Hardy- it’s my current jive, a tune I’ve gotta share.”

 It Ain't Easy Being Supreme_1214522856417It Ain’t Easy Being Supreme charlie gower
EXCERPT: “A friend of mine brought this back for me from the Supreme store in LA. I expect most people have seen the Kermit ads here and there but this little dude is the icing on the cake.”

 Focus on Results, Not Time from Behance Magazine_1214522992266 Tip: Focus on Results, Not Time behance mag
EXCERPT: “We often assume that the number of hours spent at work are an indication of one’s effort, interest, and accomplishment. However, in reality, the greatest ideas and the execution of these ideas happen in spurts. The best ideas often do not require a lengthy conception, and the most productive days are seldom the longest. But still, managers instinctually measure employees with an eye on the clock. Working hours remain rigid, and morale suffers when the rules fail to support the ultimate goal: a productive creative workplace. What working conditions are ideal for maximum creativity and productivity?”

Picture 5The Brilliant George Carlin “Passes Away” debbie millman
EXCERPT: “George Carlin died yesterday. The world is a much sadder place today.”

 Whitney Biennial for Kids ( of all ages )_1214523074474 Whitney Biennial for Kids (of all ages) bigsecretpizzaparty
EXCERPT: “I went to the Whitney Biennial awhile back, and while most of the stuff there was marginally close to the cliche idea of contemporary art being things like piles of trash, and chunks of wood with hot fudge dripping from them, they had a fantastic activity-oriented brochure to get kids involved in the exhibits, and thinking about what the art meant ( or didn’t mean, as the case may be).”

 All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Obama’s presidential seal gone after one use « - Blogs from CNN.com_1214524524309Obama’s presidential seal gone after one use politicalticker.blogs.cnn
EXCERPT: “Barack Obama’s communications director said Monday that the presidential seal the campaign unveiled last week at a meeting with Democratic governors won’t be seen again.”

swissmiss_1214543553548 Fanette Mellier swissmiss
EXCERPT: “Love this font by Fanette Mellier. (the navigation of the portfolio site is slightly painful though) (via whatmademelook)”

Universal Edit Button | urlgreyhot_1214524550915Universal Edit Button urlgreyhot

EXCERPT: “There is a group of people getting around the idea of having a Universal Edit Button in browser bars to indicate when a page is editable. The green pencil icon is similar to the orange “broadcast” RSS icon that indicates there is an RSS feed available.”

 research_1214570841078data-driven parenting serial consign
EXCERPT: “Last week, Kevin Kelly wrote about a web service right on point with some of the recent projects examined here on Serial Consign. Trixie Tracker is a parental database and scheduling application developed by interface designer Ben MacNeill. The service is designed for parents to track the daily rhythms of their infant(s) and over time, build up a body of data pertaining to sleep schedules, diaper changes, breast feeding, milk inventory and diet development.”

Interactive Hug » 5 Keys to Becoming a Successful Interactive Designer_12145245753325 Keys to Becoming a Successful Interactive Designer interactive hug
EXCERPT: “Here’s a list of what I consider to be the fundamental skills needed to make it as a designer in the interactive advertising world.”

Leica D-Lux 3 | Dog Pixel_1214524604521Leica D-Lux 3 | Dog Pixel comunicadores
EXCERPT: “Para demonstrar que você pode ter muito mais detalhes usando a câmera digital Leica D-Lux 3, o pessoal da agência Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, desenvolveu essa ação de ambiente utilizando objetos 3D fabricados com pequenos.”

Concrete Washbasin from HighTech - Ammonite washbasin shaped as a fossil | Trendir_1214524630073 Concrete Washbasin from HighTech trendir
EXCERPT: “Introducing new concrete washbasin shaped as a fossil, the Ammonite washbasin from HighTech. Inspired by the archaic beauty of ammonites, this unique design showcases the organic qualities of concrete. The washbasin can be produced in widths between 90 cm and 330 cm with a standard depth of 56 cm, and is available in several colors. It can be installed either with a table-mounted or wall-mounted tap. “Ammonites are an extinct species of cephalopods which lived in the sea about 400 million years ago. Their shells are found all over the world and they are very much sought-after by fossil-hunters, their collector’s value depending on size and the state of preservation. The fascinating shape of ammonite fossils – which resembles a rolled up helix – is the basic design element in the new HighTech washbasin. The association of water and fossil design is a clear allusion to the prehistoric inspiration for the Ammonite washbasin.” HighTech”

The Dashboard_1214524660689The Dashboard
EXCERPT: “The Dashboard is a physical manifestation of a design theory. Created at the Institute Without Boundaries to negotiate complex real-world projects, it is both a theoretical framework and a practical tool for the creation of design.”

Cracking the Code - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 13 of 15_1214524815031Mystery on Fifth Avenue NYT
EXCERPT: “THINGS are not as they seem in the 14th-floor apartment on upper Fifth Avenue. At first blush the family that occupies it looks to be very much of a type. The father, Steven B. Klinsky, 52, runs a private equity company; the mother, Maureen Sherry, 44, left her job as a managing director for Bear Stearns to raise their four young children (two boys and two girls); and the dog, LuLu, is a soulful Lab mix rescued from a pound in Louisiana.”

 A Design Fellowship Is Like a Box of Chocolates_1214524857045From the Design Desk: A Design Fellowship Is Like a Box of Chocolates chronicle books
EXCERPT: “As our six-month design fellowships come to an end, we wanted to share a few thoughts on our experience. Each of us came up with our own colorful analogy for what the design fellowship was like for us followed by some examples of our work here at Chronicle.”

Picture 6inhibitionxhibition
EXCERPT: “This site contains a collection
of work produced by graduate Graphic Design students from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. We specialise in a range of mediums through print and screen.”

 good or annoyingBalloon thing: good or annoying? noisy decent graphics
EXCERPT: “So this balloon thing, good or annoying? I’ve wasted a decent amount of time playing it today and I’ve had fun. I was even 5th at one point! But I can totally understand that it’s very annoying seeing all those balloons when you arrive at this site. On the internet some people seem a little confused by it (I was at first) and some people seem very annoyed with it all. What do you think?”

 Army Wives poster suicide bombed._1214525126975Army Wives poster suicide bombed. copyranter
EXCERPT: “NYC subway pranksters, who recently remixed The Happening into The Crapening and The Penis and turned Get Smart into Wet Fart, have graduated from 8th grade and moved on to high school poli sci class. I give him a B+. Army Wives just started its second season on Lifetime.”

The Decoder Ring Design Concern_1214525171543The Decoder Ring : Testy Typographer Tee
EXCERPT: “A favorite of design educators, this one pretty much speaks for itself. Impress design bloggers with your commitment to geekery! Printed on American Apparel sweat shop-free super awesome t-shirts.”

Un-Boxing and Getting Started with Amazon's Kindle | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English_1214525218702Un-Boxing and Getting Started with Amazon’s Kindle commoncraft
EXCERPT: “About a month ago, I got a Kindle as an early birthday present (Thanks Sachi’s Mom!) Since that time, I’ve become consumed by not only the device, but the potential for it to become a foundation for Amazon to disrupt the publishing industry.”

 Richard Serra and experience design_1214525242418 Richard Serra and experience design good experience
EXCERPT: “Serra is best known as a sculptor and artist, but what struck me most about the exhibit, and the Charlie Rose interview, was Serra’s explicit focus on creating an experience, rather an object to be revered, in his art.”

SamFlores-12Grain_1214525271832Sunday, June 22, 2008 samflores
EXCERPT: “they also had gifts one of them consisted of a little Nike box, with a bumble bee dunk that is a hard drive.”

Picture 3NY Governor Breaks the Tape awearness blog
EXCERPT: “This image is a testament to the power of something as basic as running to bring people together in a spirit of good will — not to mention that exuberant feeling everyone feels at the end of a race.”

 Cannes 2008_1214525798762HBO ‘Voyeur’ Collaborator Calls Cannes Prizes Unfair ad age
EXCERPT:“In an interview, Michael Lebowitz, co-founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, one of the shops instrumental in executing “Voyeur,” criticized both BBDO and the awards system for not giving due credit to his firm for its role in a campaign that crossed from outdoor to digital to film. The campaign picked UP a number of awards at festivals this year, and in Cannes it earned two Grand Prix trophies in the outdoor and promotion categories, five Golds, a Silver and a Bronze in media, cyber, design promotion and film, with the bulk of the credit attributed to BBDO, New York.”

 Top Ten Compared_1214525838352Exhibitions: Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition: What’s in the Gallery
EXCERPT: “You are viewing the photographs installed at the Brooklyn Museum in Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition.”

 Mark Boulton_1214525875211Design isn’t about tools mark boulton
EXCERPT: “The other day, 37Signals wrote about Why they skip Photoshop. Fine. I think that suits them and their workflow, considering they don’t do client work and have an established UI style on which to draw. Jeff does a much better job of summarising my thoughts on the subject that I could. As does Jon. So, yesterday, we see this post on SVN, presumably as a follow up. Is it an inflammatory post? Or, do they have a point?”

Search Engine | CBC Radio | The future of Search Engine_1214525904539 The future of Search Engine CBC
EXCERPT: “Todd Maffin, who writes the Inside the CBC blog, asked me to clarify what’s happening with Search Engine this fall. He also asked for my thoughts on the exuberant online reaction to the changes.”

Photographers » Blog Archive » Caught in a rebel offensive in eastern Chad | Blogs | Reuters.com_1214525947766Caught in a rebel offensive in eastern Chad blogs.reuters
EXCERPT: “GOZ-BEIDA, Chad – Harsh light and shifting shadows in the windblown desert of eastern Chad can conjure strange images, but this was no mirage. Lurking in the shade of a thorn tree was the dark outline of a pick-up truck carrying a dozen men brandishing weapons. Ruled by the gun, this lawless corner of Africa borders Sudan and has inherited the violent power struggles from neighbouring Darfur. The shapes under the tree spelled trouble. I quickly ordered the driver of our battered Suzuki Samurai to U-turn, but as we accelerated away, kicking up sand, the sharp “crack-crack-crack” of gunshots split the air.”

Corporate Information - Google User Experience_1214525989474Google User Experience
EXCERPT: “The Google User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful, fast, simple, engaging, innovative, universal, profitable, beautiful, trustworthy, and personable. Achieving a harmonious balance of these ten principles is a constant challenge. A product that gets the balance right is “Googley”…”


Picture 8I C U: Los Angeles Connections – Map LA TIMES
Where the boys/girls are

Picture 1NewTalk
EXCERPT: “NewTalk presents focused discussions by experts on the most important domestic topics shaping American society today. We bring together experts in theory, policy and practice—from academics and lawmakers to admired practitioners—to share their diverse perspectives on pressing domestic issues.”

Link Drop for the week ending in Friday the 20th (June 2008)

This is the latest (by late I mean time wise) Link Drop for sites that caught my attention this week. It’s a smaller list than usual as I was MIA for a couple days in Minneapolis for an adaptive path UX Intensive. Early next week I’ll share a couple impressions that I was left with. Until that time here’s some good sites to check out.

Solution to Airline Fuel Cost: Charge by the pound an error occurred while processing this directive
EXCERPT: “Hey, it’s the system we use when sending packages — why not us? Not only will it help the airlines with the rising fuel costs, but it will be an incentive to go on a diet.”

Photographers » Blog Archive » A picture is worth a thousand words, but… | Blogs | Reuters.com_1214011953999A picture is worth a thousand words, but… blogs.reuters
EXCERPT: “‘A picture is worth a thousand words’….or so the saying goes. But sometimes authors, journalists, commentators, philosophers and heck, on occasions, even snappers, describe photography and the picture-taking process with a memorable phrase or succinct saying.”

buscuit glossy inc
Director Noam Murro – Comcast – Rabbit
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Whither complexity? junkcharts
EXCERPT: “The ever interesting Gelman blog (“Too clever by half”) ponders about this enterprising NYT chart. Whatever its merits, this is one that requires close study.”

Plans for Pups, LLC (PfP) (New York, NY) - Meetup.com_1214011561612Welcome to Plans for Pups, LLC (PfP)! meetup
EXCERPT: “Plans for Pups, LLC (PfP) is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion and review of select Dog-related activities and events in and around the greater New York City (NYC) area.”

BBDO, New York, Wins Outdoor Grand Prix for ‘Voyeur’ adage
EXCERPT: “Judges Called HBO Campaign a ‘Paradigm Shift’; Effort Could Be Another BMW Films for Lubars”

BookRabbit - BookRabbit home. Social platform and online bookstore. Be surprised by books. Share, connect, recommend, discover. Free UK delivery._1214011595641BookRabbit
EXCERPT: “BookRabbit is an online bookshop that dynamically connects readers, authors and publishers through the books they own. Using BookRabbit, readers can share their passion for books, make recommendations to other readers as well as creating their own personal bookcase and catalogues online – anything from medieval falconry, through bestsellers, to educational publications for schools. BookRabbit has a simple aim – to claim back book selling and book buying, enabling readers to discover the right books for them.”

Art of the Title Sequence
EXCERPT: “This site is a compendium of fantastic opening and closing sequences to movies and tv shows. I just stumbled on it, but I’m glad I did. An astounding source of inspiration for motion graphics.”

When the Obama logo and presidential seal collide politicalticker.blogs.cnn
EXCERPT: “CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) – Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama sat down in Chicago Friday morning to discuss the economy with visiting Democratic governors, but all eyes were on the Illinois senator’s podium bearing, what might be described as, a quasi-presidential seal – a new Obama campaign logo.”

MikeSacks » photos of TV_1214011659325Photos of TV mike sacks

Nicolo Taliani - Progetti_1214011921790LAMPADA_No1 nicolotaliani
EXCERPT: “Lampada da tavolo
Progetto: Nicolò Taliani

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Feed the Animals by Girl Talk_1214011930567Feed the Animals by Girl Talk Kitsune Noir
EXCERPT: “If it were possible, I’d totally leave you all with some great music to listen to every weekend. Fortunately, Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk just dropped his newest album yesterday titled Feed the Animals, and you can download it for $5, $10, or for absolutely free. I chose the latter option, mostly because I wanted to hear it before I paid for it. If you pay $5 or more, you get “the options of FLAC files, plus a one-file seamless mix of the album”, and if you pay $10 or more you get “all of the above + a packaged CD (when it becomes available).” I’m not sure how much Gregg’s gonna’ make off this scheme, but I totally wish him well with it.”

Introducing MagCloud and the Future of Magazine Publishing magazineer
EXCERPT: “Short attention span version: For the last year, I’ve been working with HP Labs on a very cool new project. It’s called MagCloud, and it’s the future of magazine publishing. Go see.”

glow-in-the-dark for kanye west nookastyle
EXCERPT: “this news broke on hypebeast a few days ago, so i apologize for the late post, but i’ll add my personal details. we gifted 15 glow-in-the-dark nookas for kanye west after he concluded his glow-in-the-dark-tour. i was lucky enough to have vip seating for the show in philly last month and would’ve given him one in person, but no one schooled me on how the back page pass works. i assumed that i could go back AFTER the concert, but we were stopped and told that backstage was closed. i was supposed to have gone backstage while the opening acts were performing, but i wanted to see rhianna etc….oh well. next time right?”

Link Drop for the Week Ending Friday the 13th (June 2008)


How fitting that it is a Friday the 13th that I offer up my Link Drop for the past week. If you’ve been coming back to DesignNotes you’ll have seen an interesting progression of posts that I do on Fridays. This week is no exception that I’ve evolved the links even more. Each of the past Fridays I’ve been playing with how to best show some of the links that I found interesting. As the weeks have gone by I’ve kept the form of things that read well, and added to those that didn’t. This week I try to balance the links with small thumbnails so you can get a better idea of what you’re going to click on. Please interact and let me know what works and what doesn’t. Did you click on the headline, image or visit link button – I’d be curious to hear what choices you made and why. Till next week – have a happy Friday.

horse-animation.gifHorses for courses wemakeitbetter
More fun with animation today kids! This time we made a horsey. We won on the Grand National last weekend with this fella. Well done Dobbin! (Visit Link)

Amazon Just Lost $1.8 Million in an Hour - Advertising Age - Digital_1213306304543.pngAmazon Just Lost $1.8 Million in an Hour Advertising Age
You expect it to happen to fund-strapped start-ups such as Twitter. But Amazon? The e-commerce site went down this afternoon around 1:30 EDT and stayed down for at least an hour. Attempts to access were met with the following message: “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.” (Visit Link)

Picture 4.pngShe Dresses to Win
WHILE it’s not often that Michelle Obama and Barbara Bush appear in the same sentence, there are those who think that, as Barack Obama’s historic candidacy powers along, his wife seems to be borrowing from the playbook of the wife of Bush 41 and mother of Bush 43. We are talking here in terms of image and style. (Visit Link)

A Peculiar Relationship With Water - Jason Bishop_1213307109033.pngA Peculiar Relationship With Water jasonbishop
This was a project called “What Happened” for Scott Stowell’s class. It had to be a non-illustrated information graphic, the size was a fixed 22″ x 17″ poster, and had to be a personal subject or data of some sort. (Visit Link)

This Blog Sits at the- Branding intelligence at Google_1213307309150.pngBranding intelligence at Google cultureby
Google has a great experiment going in the domain of branding. As everyone will have noticed by this time, the name “Google” now sometimes appears with a fanciful image, as if “Google” has been communing with Clio and the other gods of history, and comes away from these excursions with small bits of data still attached. (Visit Link)

Picture 2.pngWhat Newspapers Still Don’t
Understand About The Web
Why is Google making more money everyday while newspapers are making less? I’m going to pick on The Washington Post again only because it’s my local paper and this is a local example. (Visit Link)

swissmiss- destroy flickr_1213307821494.pngDestroyFlickr swissmiss
One of the projects, Destroy Flickr, that I was judging at the 2008 Adobe Achievement Awards last friday, had all of us interactive judges jump up and say “Fantastic! Where can I download it?!” I had to keep telling myself hat this was STUDENT work! Wow!
(Visit Link)

The Implications of 256 Pixels (Three Minds On Digital Marketing @ Organic)_1213308994806.pngThe Implications of 256 Pixels
It’s one of those things that shouldn’t really matter, but it does. Google changed their favicon, a 16 pixel by 16 pixel image that appears in various places on your browser (tabs, url field, bookmarks), and I just don’t like it. (Visit Link)

Eye-Fi Wireless Camera SD Memory at The Photojojo Store_1213309078944.pngEye-Fi Gives any Camera Wi-Fi and Geo-Location! photojojo
First your phone went wireless, then your laptop, now finally, your camera!(Visit Link)

(Visit Link)

Subtraction- Investing Strategies for iPhone Customers_1213309252726.pngInvesting Strategies for iPhone Customers subtraction
Hurray for the iPhone 3G! Really, I’m not mad. I’m kind of excited that 3G is finally coming to the iPhone, and I harbor sufficiently little ill will against Apple for so dramatically lowering the cost of entry to their iPhone platform that I may even go ahead and buy one for myself when it’s released next month. (Visit Link)

A List Apart- Articles- Writing an Interface Style Guide_1213309462185.png Writing an Interface Style Guide alistapart
Take a look at any CSS-based website design gallery, and you’ll see it’s obvious that beautiful interfaces are being designed and developed in amazing quantities. I frequently look to these sites for inspiration and, beyond a nice design and beautiful code, there’s usually something common about these sites: they’re new. (Visit Link)

Vignelli spaghetti. (Soulellis Studio)_1213309619254.pngVignelli spaghetti. soulellis
It’s here in our office — the new Massimo Vignelli map. (Official title: “New York Subway Diagram.”) (Visit Link)

Urban Prankster_1213309705636.pngurbanprankster
Urban Prankster covers pranks, hacks, participatory art, flash mobs, and other creative endeavors that take place in public places in cities across the world. It is edited by Charlie Todd. (Visit Link)

Picture 1They Rule
They Rule aims to provide a glimpse of some of the relationships of the US ruling class. It takes as its focus the boards of some of the most powerful U.S. companies, which share many of the same directors. Some individuals sit on 5, 6 or 7 of the top 500 companies. It allows users to browse through these interlocking directories and run searches on the boards and companies. A user can save a map of connections complete with their annotations and email links to these maps to others. They Rule is a starting point for research about these powerful individuals and corporations. (Visit Link)

CIPB Jurors Opening Night - a set on Flickr_1213309890558.pngChicago International Poster Biennial
A collection of photos from behind the scenes and at the opening jurors night of the Chicago International Poster Biennial. (Visit Link)

AdrianDL_1213310038246.pngAdrian Shaughnessy / The Essential Attributes of the Graphic Designer design-event
Whether you’re new in the game or have been running your design studio for years – in today’s unsteady climate, what does it take to be a successful graphic designer? (Visit Link)

The Sartorialist- On the Street.....Best Use of Vintage, Soho_1213310057429.pngOn the Street…..Best Use of Vintage, Soho thesartorialist
(Visit Link)

Marcus Batey Design+Art Direction_1213310127036.pngNews/Blog marcus batey
Marcus Batey likes listening, thinking, talking and doodling. He also likes, amongst other things, pencils, the smell of fresh print, tea and baked goods. He dislikes talking in the third person. (Visit Link)

Bobulate » Announcing New MFA in Interaction Design_1213310306959.pngAnnouncing New MFA in Interaction Design bobulate
Today, the School of Visual Arts in New York City is unveiling a project we’ve been working on for some time: a new Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, a program to launch in Fall of 2009. The program was jointly concepted by Steven Heller, founder of the renowned Designer as Author program, and me over the last several months. I’ll be charting a new path of sorts in coming months, taking on the position as Chair of the program, while continuing to foster my own information architecture and user research practice in parallel. (Visit Link)

VANITY FAIR Blogopticon | vanityfair.com_1213310345926.pngVANITY FAIR Blogopticon VANITY FAIR
(Visit Link)

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Wooster Collective Interview with Dan Witz_1213323591567.pngWooster Collective Interview with Dan Witz kitsunenoir
One of the very first things I ever posted about here on Kitsune Noir were the paintings of Dan Witz. I didn’t know much about him or what the hell I was doing for that matter, but his paintings totally stood out to me and proved in my mind that if I shared what I felt passionate about, this silly blog thing might work out. Well a year later I’ve posted over 1000 times and had way over a million page views, so things worked out by me just doing what I enjoyed. (Visit Link)

It's Nice That_1213324342498.pngSAM WINSTON itsnicethat
Typography extraordinaire Sam Winston has updated his site. His work is truly original and well worth a look not only on his site but try and see it in person. The ‘dictionary story print’ is a personal favorite along with this piece he did for the second If You Could book last year. (Visit Link)

‘Top Chef’ Runner-up- “When I'm Cooking, I'm Happy” - Grub Street - New York Magazine_1213325200541.png‘Top Chef’ Runner-up: “When I’m Cooking, I’m Happy” nymag
What was your biggest mistake? My $100,000 mistake? I would have cooked the beef more. (Visit Link)

writing | ben fry » Paola Antonelli on Charlie Rose_1213325446241.pngPaola Antonelli on Charlie Rose Ben Fry
The full transcript doesn’t seem to be available freely, however some excerpts: And I believe that design is one of the highest forms of human creative expression. ¶ I would never dare say that! But I’ll secretly root for her making her case. ¶ And also, I believe that designers, when they’re good, take revolutions in science and in technology, and they transform them into objects that people like us can use. ¶ Doesn’t that make you want to be a designer when you grow up? (Visit Link)

simplicity.jpg (JPEG Image, 1457x799 pixels) - Scaled (79%)_1213326200154.pngInformed simplicity politecalab
Matthew Frederick in 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School (The MIT Press, 2007) after saying how to draw a line, also says that there are three levels of knowing:
-simplicity, is the world view of the child or uninformed adult, fully engaged in his own experience and happily unaware of what lies beneath the surface of immediate reality.
-complexity, characterizes the ordinary adult world view. It is characterized by an awareness of complex system in nature and society but an inability to discern clarifyng patterns and connection.
-informed simplicity, is an enlightened view of reality. It is founded upon an ability to dicern or create clarifying patterns within complex mixtures.
(Visit Link)

SHANE LAVALETTE - JOURNAL » J.K. Rowling on Failure and Imagination_1213326357537.pngJ.K. Rowling on Failure and Imagination Shane Lavalette
J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, delivered a great commencement address last week at Harvard University entitled, “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination.” (Visit Link)

Picture 11.pngBands that Sound Okay and Look Cute are typically destined for big things hipsterrunoff
Has any one heard of this band THOSE DANCING DAYS ? They look like an all-alt-girl band that was assembled by a coalition of alternative retail executives. (Visit Link)

periodic table of architecture | serial consign_1213352710720periodic table of architecture serialconsign
Having connections to web development and architectural practice (I’ve developed sites for two architecture studios), I’m rather opinionated about the manner in which firms archive and market themselves online. In general, I think the presence of most architecture firms on the web is tremendously underwhelming and the organization of an online portfolio almost always boils down to the “timeline vs. project typology” binary. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the web site for LOHA: Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects this past weekend. (Visit Link)

Search & Destroy » Blog Archive » Rainbow In Your Hand by Masashi Kawamura_1213360552301 Rainbow In Your Hand by Masashi Kawamura sad-blog
(Visit Link)

Stuff that I found interesting this week


The week is finally winding down after lots of ups and downs on a continuous cycle for me. With some drinks on the roof of Daylife in SoHo on a sunny Friday afternoon it was a fitting end. The weekend promises to be pretty great – lots of sun, hanging with friends and getting a kicking new haircut are some of the things scheduled. Now in my fourth week I offer some of the better links that caught my attention. For this set I decided to start off with my top five tracks swirling in my head at the moment.

Mark Ronson feat. Paul Smith
Apply Some Pressure

The Submarines
You Me and the Bourgeoisie

She and Him (ft. Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward)
Bring It On Home To Me

Marlena Shaw
California Soul (Diplo Remix)

American Boy (ft. Kanye West)

Welcome to BrickGun, the world leader in custom Lego weapon models. We specialize in creating the coolest, most realistic kits that can be built using genuine Lego parts. Each model is life-sized, with accurate dimensions and details. They feature functioning mechanics such as triggers, hammers, slides, safeties and magazines so they not only look like the real thing, they work like the real thing as well. Take a look at our models and see why we believe they are the best that can be made. Once you do, we think you’ll agree that they are The Coolest Lego Weapons in the World.

Lost America’s photostream

Certain spatial fears seem endemic to the modern metropolis, and Los Angeles defines this term in ways that no other American city can approximate. This amorphous skein of strip malls, gated developments, highway entrances and exit ramps, lays unfurled over the landscape like a sheet over a cadaver. Surely the earth is dead beneath the sheer weight and breadth of this built form?

Rachael Ray’s Paisley Scarf Puts Media on Orange Alert
Time was, the only reason a marketer would pull an ad was because it wasn’t selling stuff. Now all that’s required to knock a spot out of circulation is an outraged blogger with bad eyesight.

Tailor’s Absinthe Gummi Bears: Is the Green Fairy Jumping the Shark?
We’re not sure how we feel about this.Photo: UrbanDaddy Now that it’s legal, is absinthe doomed to become the new bacon — a sacred product that is endlessly corrupted for the sake of a cheap laugh? We suspected as much when we saw absinthe lollipops get the sort of press attention that bacon lollipops did, and now that UrbanDaddy has alerted us to Tailor’s absinthe Gummi Bear, we’re really worried. Of course, it’s a good sign that the treat, which is served with a cup of espresso, is 85 percent absinthe with just a bit of sugar and gelatin (Eben Freeman wouldn’t corrupt this hallowed drink too much), but to lesser artisans who are planning on serving absinthe cupcakes or turning Tucker Max’s infamous “absinthe doughnuts” into a reality, we beg you to stop the insanity.


Oscar And The Alma Doll
I wonder whether any of you have seen the film Lars and the Real Girl? It was a sweet, chaste sort of film considering its casting of a Real Doll as the female lead, and though I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but spend its entire length being reminded of the altogether less sweet, less chaste, true life corollary of “Oscar and the Alma Doll.”

VivoBarefoot is a revolutionary, back-to-basics design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be. An ultra thin puncture resistant sole allows your feet to be as millions of years of evolutionary design intended – Barefoot!


Live: Panel Meets To Discuss ‘The Future of Media’
Today a panel of journalists (including our own Erick Schonfeld) is meeting at NYU at an I Want Media Forum to discuss the future of media

15 Photographs by 100 Photographers is just that.
A collection of the best work from all our contributers, displayed without hierarchy or the burden of competition.
It is also a place for collaboration and the production of ideas that represent the endless possibilities that exist when a group is fueled by a common, selfless purpose.
Enjoy the diversity of talent we have here, and be sure to make the flow of support reciprocal and rewarding.

mutek 2008 mini-review
For me, the end of May is always marked by a road trip to Montreal for the Mutek festival. I haven’t taken in the entire festival since 2006 as that year I realized that I have a tolerance for about ten shows in a week, after which point I start to run up a dangerous bar tab and foam at the mouth. As luck would have it, this year’s schedule condensed most of the programming I was interested in into a 48 hour window.

You used to share clothes with your roommate. But a hostile ballet flat takeover meant a formal designation of borders (drawn by a third-party witness) and a changed statehood. You two could benefit from A Peace Treaty, a new socially conscious label of global artifacts. Operating from the UWS, it’s based on a pact made by two smart ladies (a Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew) to raise global awareness.

Everything New is Old Again
Designers are becoming more masterful at creating social experiences, yet reading with most feed readers is still much like reading a magazine or a book: isolated but portable, modular yet somewhat sequential. While that timing and sequence is controlled by the reader, it is still a solo experience.

When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison’s growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.

This work was done in Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, as part of the group project “20 Eventi”. The group of artists developed projects for 4 villages of the Sabina region and decided to create a compilation of drawings, for collectors to purchase, and to support this project.

To enter the somewhat formidable Neo-Renaissance building at Boltzmanngasse 3 in Vienna, you must pass through a small door sawed from the original cathedrallike entrance. When I first visited this past March, it was chilly and overcast in the late afternoon. Atop several tall stories of scaffolding there were two men who would hardly have been visible from the street were it not for their sunrise-orange jumpsuits. As I was about to pass through the nested entrance, I heard a sudden rush of wind and felt a mist of winter drizzle. I glanced up. The veiled workers were power-washing away the building’s façade, down to the century-old brick underneath.

Adobe Launches Online Document Collaboration Suite
Adobe quietly launched earlier this week which the company hopes will change the way the world works together on documents, for the better. is obviously Adobe’s answer to Google Docs.

Links worth checking out from the last week


Now in my third week of experimenting with link flow I offer some of the more interesting sites that I visted via friends, surfing and luck.

MOS is an interdisciplinary practice focusing on architecture and design through research and the production of multivalent architectural objects. The work engages issues ranging from typology, digital methodologies, the physical context of structure, fabrication, materiality, tactility, and use; to the larger networks of social, cultural, and environmental. This process of radical inclusion and experimentation allows MOS to participate in design at a multiplicity of scales.

“One City Left” started simply as a project examining how individuals capture “their city” using only a disposable camera. When keeping equipment minimal and uniform, personal perspective becomes paramount, creating different interpretations of similar subject matter.

Rise of the Switch Control
Losing Context:
One of the interesting user interface elements which Apple introduced with the iPhone was the switch control. It has a unique place on the iPhone due to its user’s primary method of interaction–a blunt index finger.

Creative tension
The Guardian:
In the hit series Mad Men, chain-smoking and sexism are allowed in the office. Just a quaint period drama – or a wry commentary on today’s adland culture?

Back to Basics: Creative Problem Solving
paul isakson:
Kotchka: don’t take a designer and tell them to build a bridge. Bring them to the canyon and see what they come up with. The above “tweet” from David Armano this past Friday has been sitting in the back of my mind the past couple of days. It was from Claudia Kotchka’s presentation at the Institute of Design Strategy Conference.

OFFF Video
Molecular Voices:
Yet another post from the OFFF festival. Please excuse the very jumpy camera work especially in the beginning(big time amateur move on my part). I mostly just wanted to be able to give people a sense for what the whole experience was like with this. There are some Lisbon street scenes as well as a bunch of footage from the presentations. Enjoy!

Ask 37signals: How do you say no?
We say no to a lot of ideas — including most of our own ideas. But it’s important to remember that no can be temporary. No now may be yes later. Or it may be no forever. The trick is to figure out which camp a certain no falls into and then respond appropriately.

OK/Cancel or Cancel/OK
In the past, I’ve worked in corporate design organizations where relatively small-scale issues like OK/Cancel seem to be on the top of everyone’s mind. IMO, this is a symptom of 1) design inexperience and/or 2) a design organization guided by analytics.

Emily Gould
The Boston Globe:
I was hoping to find something defensible in Emily Gould’s New York Times Magazine cover story, which hit the stands this past Sunday. Why was this my hope? Because — as I noted in an update to a December 07 Brainiac post about Gould’s decision to quit her job as poster girl for Gawker, the snarky Manhattan publishing/celebrity gossip blog — she’s dating novelist and n+1 editor Keith Gessen, whom I consider a friend. And whenever possible, you ought to defend a friend’s significant other. Right? I think so, anyway.

New Mcginley Inspired Sigur Ros Video for Gobbledigook
Kitsune Noir:
Holy crap. Out of nowhere Sigur Ros just released this new single and video for a song called Gobbledigook, an Animal Collective-esque song that makes me really frigging excited for their new album, Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust (With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly). Yeah, seriously, that’s what it’s called.

Behind Starbucks’ Cup Cleanup
Advertising Age:
“Are you kiddin’ me? This is a mythological creature,” said Stanley Hainsworth, former VP-global creative at Starbucks, when asked whether Starbucks was trying to nab headlines by reintroducing its original logo, which features a topless mermaid. “We wanted to be invisible. We wanted the conversation to be about coffee, not about anatomy.”

Portion Size, Then and Now
divine caroline:
Over the past few decades, portion sizes of everything from muffins to sandwiches have grown considerably. Unfortunately, America’s waistbands have reacted accordingly. In the 1970s, around 47 percent of Americans were overweight or obese; now 66 percent of us are. In addition, the number of just obese people has doubled, from 15 percent of our population to 30 percent.

Upendra Shardanand
When I visit a news company I occasionally ask, “If you completely eliminated your offline operations – the revenues, yes, but also the costs of paper, printing presses, delivery, etc. – could you support the same level of journalism purely as an online brand?” The answers range from “no” with zero hesitation to “no” after some deliberation. But so far, always “no.”

Do I Detect a Hint of … Joe?
The New York Times:
THOUGH wine tastings seem to have become less pretentious in recent years, it’s still rare to hear a top varietal compared to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. But at coffee tastings — known to aficionados as cuppings — there is no prescribed lexicon, and a lot more room for whimsy.

Fight Club in Union Square: Wack Emo Hipsters, Berzerker Fury and Real Street Combat
And I Am Not Lying:
I got another cryptic text from a friend last Friday afternoon: “Fight Club in Union Square. GET HERE.”
For those who don’t live in New York, Union Square has historically been a giant meeting place for political protesters, social activists, and merchants of all sizes. In the days following September 11th, it was a meeting place for rescuers and mourners alike. Now it’s home to a multiplex, Ann Taylor Loft, a Whole Foods, and a Diesel store.
So really, it makes perfect sense that in the inner chamber of Manhattan’s consumer culture, right there in Union Square, there would be a massive, public fight club.

Paper Wars
The Death Machines paper kits bring the contradictory experience of weapons into the home; admirably designed and aesthetically fascinating and simultaneously terrifyingly in their lethality. Each handmade part becomes a medium for the maker’s reaction to the subject.

Banished Cheftestant Should Have Kept His Hat On
Grub Street:
Last night’s Top Chef determined which four cheftestants would make the journey to Puerto Rico for a two-part season finale. New Yorker Spike Mendelsohn took off his hat for once and, in spite of a Quickfire win, was sent home for his failed frozen scallops. New York’s Michael Alan Connelly spoke with Spike today about his “controversial” dismissal and why Richard is the contestant to beat.

Object Obituary: My Flickr Meta-Content
All This ChittahChattah:
Back in January I posted my sad story about the loss of my Flickr account. The next issue of Ambidextrous Magazine features my Object Obituary (PDF link) for My Flickr Meta-Content.

The Art Gallery of Many Typefaces
Brand New:
The Art Gallery of Ontario (or, “the AGO” to friends) has been undergoing a revitalization since 2002 that will culminate in a Frank Gehry-designed building and thousands of new works of art sometime in the Fall of 2008, when the AGO reopens its doors, which have been closed since October of last year. In the meantime, and gearing up for the momentous event, the AGO unveiled last week a new logo designed by Bruce Mau Design, who also designed the previous iteration of the logo in 1997.

Wiimbledon Sign-up
Sign-ups will open Sunday, June 1st at 12 noon ET. The sign up form will be on this page. Sign ups will be open for a few minutes until we receive the first 40 or so emails. Then sign ups close, and will reopen Monday, June 2nd, at 12 noon, and again Tuesday, June 3rd, at noon. Capice? Questions, hit us up at brooklyn dot wiimbledon at gmail dot com.

Editing’s a drag
I’m not saying editing is bad. But as news becomes a process rather than a product, editing can affect that process.

Kristine Nyborg

Info that caught my attention this week (Sunday May 18th to Friday May 23rd)

The Ting Tings

This is the second week of me collecting links that made me pause for a moment and save. Now I share that info in this post.

The Ting Tings

You searched for The Ting Tings

Without Yahoo, Microsoft Has Little for Advertisers
Online advertisers next week will descend on Seattle seeking signs of how Microsoft Corp. will compete online without buying Yahoo Inc. They will have to wait a bit longer.

A distributed strategy for news
I’ve been talking with folks lately about the need to develop distributed strategies for news, which includes:
* Widgets that enable people to embed your news (and links and brand) anywhere.
* A platform strategy enabling people to build on your content, data, and functionality.
* A network strategy that includes blog networks (a la Glam).

The objection always thrown up is that Comscore/Nielsen/ABC et al won’t count that. I say we need to count differently. Rather than counting page views from users on a destination, we need to count relationships with people wherever they are.

It’s Not The Data, It’s The Flow
My partner Brad and I were having lunch with Umair a couple months ago and we were talking about how we look for a unique data asset in all of our investments. And Umair scratched his head and said something like, “I don’t think it’s the data that’s so valuable, it’s the flow of the data through the service.”

prss release
Information is confined to domains. Although different mediums merge more and more, still the concept of ‘cross-media’ is an ideal which is rarely realized, and if attempted often unsuccessful. One of these confined domains is the blogosphere, a mystery to the most of us and even to most internet users. That is where prss release comes in. We want to disclose all the goodies that are posted in the blogosphere to an audience that doesn’t keep track of blogs on a daily basis, an audience that hates reading more than a few sentences from their computer screens. We do this independently, not for profit, for fun, for all our friends who are not the nerds that we are and to bring the writing efforts of bloggers to a larger audience.
where lia bulaong obsesses about pop culture, technology, art, politics, and their various intersections

emma cott
emma cott creates a connection between the analogue and the digital and makes it wearable. adopting this innovative style allows you to communicate and interact in a mysterious kind of way – through a clean and simple yet beautiful and elegant code concealing your hidden message.

I thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to the post about Petshop boys using QR codes in their new music video and yet more proof that the future is now. I got this link about Banksy (via 2d-code) tagging his graffitti with a QR code which apparently points people to his wikipedia entry. It is now officially the cool way to brand yourself from underground street art to high end fashion. Tell people who you really are with an abstract barcode on your butt. (The scarves say “game over” or “insert coin for extra life”, but the hope is to have them link to music downloads and cell phone games. Read more here.)

O Canada, Where Have Your Bargains Gone?
ONCE upon a time, not all that long ago, there existed a magical country that was a lot like the United States, only less expensive. Its enchanted currency — the other dollar — allowed Americans to indulge as they could not back home. This delightful fantasyland was called Canada, and for centuries it was synonymous with frugality.

From Blank Is Like Blank (”analogies to live by”):

Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information.
(no explanation necessary)

Babies are like drunk men in bars:
They only crave what’s in their immediate vicinity.

Watching your baby projectile vomit for the first time is like witnessing a car accident:
It’s mostly scary, but a little fascinating, assuming no one is seriously hurt.

The Company That Could Destroy Google?
The knock on Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is simple. It goes like this:

1. Come on, guys, it’s just search.
2. Search technology is in its infancy and will be transformed by upstarts that will wipe out any competitive advantage Google thought it had.

New York Times announces Times Machine
Yesterday I got a great tour with my cell phone of the new New York Times building. While there I met some of the top geeks behind the New York Times and they told me a few things and showed me some interesting stuff.

Full Interview: Clay Shirky on your “cognitive surplus”
It’s these kind of interviews that make us really happy we can post the uncut audio for everyone to hear. Nora recently interviewed author, teacher and thinker Clay Shirky. On the show, we play edited interviews so we can cover lots of ground, but online we have all the time in the world (wide web! haha…) Clay’s interview is worth hearing in full.

Horacio Salinas

mingle bee

excellent thread, i like the caps

Game-Changer: How the Online News Revolution is Altering the Media Landscape
I am frequently asked if the rising influence of online news sources is the death knell for Big Media. My answer is that Big Media isn’t dead; it’s ill but will actually be saved by the transfusion of passion and immediacy of the blogging and online news revolution.

Cover Story – Emily Gould – Exposed – Blog-Post Confidential – Gawker –
Back in 2006, when I was 24, my life was cozy and safe. I had just been promoted to associate editor at the publishing house where I’d been working since I graduated from college, and I was living with my boyfriend, Henry, and two cats in a grubby but spacious two-bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I spent most of my free time sitting with Henry in our cheery yellow living room on our stained Ikea couch, watching TV. And almost every day I updated my year-old blog, Emily Magazine, to let a few hundred people know what I was reading and watching and thinking about.

I admit that this post falls far outside the realm of what is usually tossed up on the web here, but bear with me. Not only is this project artful, and interesting from more than an Information Science perspective (where yes, Borges matters), but it’s fairly originally graphically designed.

Mapping the Blogosphere
Is the above from a new series of artworks by a contemporary designer, an explosion of scientific data, or a photograph of a strange creature discovered by deep-sea biologists? Well, while most of the following images are just crying out to be placed on a T-shirt, they actually have little to do with design, fashion, photography or art, and much more to do with cyberspace…

Eames LCW and LTR
“LCW”, recently submitted to our photo group by quangdiggity. Also pictured: the LTR (Low Table Rod).

600k and Counting
So it’s been 12 days since I launched brand tags and it’s been an amazing ride to say the least. As I write this I’m at 600,000 tags (whizzed right by 500k yesterday), a number so large I’m having trouble comprehending it. As I mentioned in my last entry it’s been keeping me incredibly busy. I’ve been trying to answer all the emails sent through the site (now in the thousands), which has led to a few very late nights.

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