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DesignNotes by Michael Surtees | Testing & Sprinting

App bug reports and updates

Camera+ is my favorite photo app for shooting images. The controls and settings are well thought out and make it easy for me to shoot things. Going through their latest […]

REVIEW COPY: Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Just My Type by Simon Garfield is one of those books that deserves to be found on the same shelf as The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and […]

Why not compress the button?

I’ve wondered out loud before about compressing buttons on to a flat screen. Yet I still have to wonder why people bother making plastic dials? Is there some sort of […]

Repeating August Through My Lens

If I knew a month a go what I do now, I wouldn’t have believed it. Everything imaginable and unimaginable happened. I survived intact and am here to think back […]

TEST DRIVE: 2012 Scion iQ

Last week Scion flew and put me up to test drive their new Scion iQ. This is my review about driving the car for a couple hours in LA. Typically […]

Selecting and Editing Hurricane Irene Info Flow

Having had a day to consider how I consumed information about Hurricane Irene, what became clear is that most of the information relayed to viewers on TV was available without […]

Looking at Manhattan Beach, California

Last week I spent a couple days in Manhattan Beach California test driving the 2012 Scion iQ. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my review of the experience. However having never been […]

Book Launch party for THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE by James A. Reeves

Longtime friend of Design Notes, blogger and now author James A. Reeves launched his book The Road to Somewhere last Thursday night at the powerHouse Arena. For the Launch he […]

Looking at the NOOKA ZUB ZOO 40’s

I dropped by on Friday after work to catch up with Matthew from Nooka. While I was there he showed me a couple of the newest time pieces that have […]

NYC Morning & Afternoon Images

Inspired by the series by Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night, I compressed yesterday’s afternoon bright blue sky with this morning’s sunrise. Below are a couple experiments with both images combined […]

Gesture Theory Redesign of the AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2011 Website

ABOUT The AIGA engaged Gesture Theory to review the AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2010 website and provide our recommendations on how to improve the site for the 2011 launch. […]

July in Photos

July blew by pretty quickly, it occurred to me today that in eight weeks we will be in October. That seems kind of scary to me. But that’s in the […]

The David Byrne Bike Racks Photos I Shot are in the Australian Bike Magazine Treadlie

A couple months back I was contacted by Treadlie, an Australian magazine described for bike lovers, would be bike lovers (like me) and those that appreciate great bike design—a magazine […]

June in Photos

Where has July gone, we’re almost ten days in. Things are moving at a speed that I almost forgot to add my monthly post collecting some of my fav images […]

My Google+ Notes

Google+ offered something this weekend that I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I can’t remember the last time I was excited to deconstruct something on a platform scale. There’s […]

The Design Landscape Today Within the Context of Devices Everywhere

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to be a part of an AIGA Webinar titled Devices Everywhere with Ethan Eismann and moderated by Callie Neylan. In the next day or […]

Skateboarding vs Snowboarding

I was cruising around Synchroness this morning when I came across the YouTube video Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration. It was quite popular after I tweeted it this morning so […]

AIGA Webinar: Devices Everywhere

I’m pretty excited to mention that I’m part of the next AIGA Webinar discussing devices everywhere with Ethan Eismann and moderated by Callie Neylan. We’ve gone through a rehearsal with […]

18 Different Directions

There are so many good things going on with this talk that Steve Jobs delivered at Apple WWDC 1997. I’ve watched it a couple times and I suspect I’ll have […]

Looking Back At May In Photos

Since starting to aggregate some of the images I take each month as separate posts I’ve let the titles of each speak for them self. However for May I wanted […]

The Instinction of the Cursor

At first glance I really liked the evolution of tools image. It starts of with an arrowhead tool and slowly morphs to a cursor. After thinking about it for a […]

Groupon Analytics

I have to admit that I’ve never bought anything from Groupon. With that said I think there’s something kind of interesting about how a person could interpret it as a […]

Who needs to blog when you can drop a post by attaching Flickr Images to a tweet?

Probably the most over used phrase when it comes to publishing is “story telling”. Narrative works in many ways. Sure there’s the observations of the author, chronological aggregation is another […]

Gesture Theory’s deck for AOL’s Experience Design Studio (XDS): Observing, Remembering & Sharing

On Friday Gesture Theory was invited to present to AOL’s Experience Design Studio (XDS). We talked about Observing, Remembering & Sharing. Below is our deck. Observing, Remembering & Sharing View […]

Link Drop Edition Number 5

Last week was pretty much non existent for finding anything on the net. There was a ton to do that Google Reader was barely opened. However what I did notice […]

Comparing Instagram to the Lumix GF1 & Flickr Part 2

It should be noted that any device that encourages people to take photos that they wouldn’t have otherwise shot is good a thing. Up until a couple weeks ago I […]

Comparing Instagram to the Lumix GF1 & Flickr Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to compare Instagram with some of my regular photo taking habits with the Lumix GF1 & Flickr. This morning was perfect for walking Madison […]

Link Drop Edition Number 4

There were four themes that seemed to stick this week for me. With a lot of the news focused on Bin Laden this week I came across a lot of […]

Time to Fill Some Desks, We’re Hiring at @GestureTheory

GestureTheory started in January 2011 as a team of two. We’ve been heads down working on some great projects and are ready to expand. Gesture Theory is looking for freelancers […]

Looking Back at April in Photos

today is making up for the brutal week of gray weather Watching my ipad this morning #walkingtoworktoday Push & Pull typography on Grand St #walkingtoworktoday sunrise over Manhattan Primitivism on […]

Gesture Theory’s Blog is Now Up

I’m pretty happy to pass along the news that Gesture Theory’s blog is now up. We’re tying the content of the blog to our Magazine that we sent out this […]

Link Drop Tech Edition Number. 2

This second edition of Link Drop Tech has a healthy serving of iPad and related news. There’s some visualization of data and a fascinating interview from some guys that were […]

Link Drop Themes this Week from Google Reader and Twitter

OBJECTS RECONTEXTUALIZED Skyscrapers in a traditional style I’m not a plate collector though I like how they took on an accepted norm and made it better. The style, material and […]

Life, Death and Graphic Design: The Critical Role of Information Design in Emergencies by Peggy Cady

Abstract: Graphic design helps people make decisions. This is a given to designers. We don’t often think about how vital it becomes in an emergency situation. Visual information guides our […]

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