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DesignNotes by Michael Surtees | Testing & Sprinting

Link Drop Tech Edition

I’ve decided to test out the idea of doing two different Link Drops. One that is less about technology and one that is just about all about technology. Yesterday I […]

Recent Link Drop Themes from my Google Reader

For quite a while I’ve stopped doing Link Drops for a number of reasons. The biggest was that I was able to find more interesting stuff using Google Reader and […]

Roadmaps should have a strategy to cannibalize your own product

The Anti-Blockbuster Way: Disrupt Your Business Rituals Before Someone Else Does Yet paradoxically, there’s no better time than in the midst of routine to disrupt business as usual by coming […]

Video’s of Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App from People Describing their Experience

Yesterday I posted a number of headlines and quotes about Cablevision’s Optimum iPad App. Today I thought it would be interesting to post videos that people recorded of their experience […]

Headlines about Cablevision’s iPad App Release

One of the best things about being a designer is designing experiences that have never been considered before. It doesn’t get much better than pushing what can be done on […]

Looking back at March in Photos

Empire State Building tonight from the apartment After the rain on Broome st #walkingtoworktoday #walkingtoworktoday through Washington Square Park nice to see how fast this is finally going up KATSU […]

Five Weeks In With Gesture Theory

Last Friday was one of those days that I’ll remember for a very long time if for no other reason than it took ten years to make happen. Roy & […]

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Release Notes—Navigate Through Posts Without the Back Button

Original Craigslist Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension We updated the blue to be less harsh Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Dropdown Setting instructions about Hotkeys and ability to turn off past link […]

Silence of the Celebs on Mashable

Just a quick update about Silence of the Celebs that Gesture Theory (Roy & I) released last week. So far we’ve had 377 people use it, rated pretty high in […]

Communication Lines in an Emergency

March 11, 2011 People line up to use public telephones at the Shibuya station in Tokyo following the earthquake. Yomiuri / Reuters Waking up to the unbelievable images from Japan […]

Turning Off Celebs from News Sites

Silence of the Celebs Off Silence of the Celebs On Gesture Theory who happens to be Roy C Yang and I are trying to spend 60% of our time on […]

Who Sucks the Most, Vote with Your Gum (ATT vs Verizon) Poster

Walking Madison this morning near 32nd & 6 ave, I came across an idea for a poster that I’ve never seen before. Positioned in a high traffic area for pedestrians […]

Looking at What Nocused Could Mean

This morning I trekked off to DUMBO to listen to Debbie Millman talk at Creative Mornings. It was an invaluable talk for those that have not heard her speak in […]

Some of the Biggest QR Code that I’ve Seen (Wooster & Grand St)

Walking down Grand St in the rain this morning after getting coffee from Le Pain Quotidien I noticed the biggest QR code that I’ve come across. It was placed on […]

Designing for the Browser of Today

Having spent most of 2010 designing with the interactions of an iPad in mind, I chose to design Gesture Theory’s site with the iPad browser in mind first, desktop browser […]

A Couple Great Resources Talking About How to Be a Designer

Within the last day I’ve come across a couple great resources that could potentially help any designer today. What’s different from the usual design hereoics that I read is that […]

This Does This Now…

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a podcast as good as Spark or Planet Money, but I have—it only took a year of recordings before I read someone […]

Design Notes Turned Six Last Week & I Forgot to Notice

I was having dinner with a friend from London last week who observed and mentioned to me that I seemed a lot happier. It was hard to argue with the […]

REVIEW COPY: Le Cool–A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona

Last September I was introduced to the publishing concept of Le Cool from Andrew Losowsky who showed me a number of books based on different cities. I really liked thumbing […]

Icon to Open and Close a Drawer

Triangles and arrows are pretty familiar visual elements in terms of showing an action. A triangle pointing downwards often denotes more items are viewable once pressed, a solid triangle pointing […]

Social Aggregation via Images

I’ve never really found a need for me to use Instagram because I’ve been using Flickr for quite a few years. If I want people to know about a particular […]

Selby vs NYT T MAG

The Selby takes photo series of people’s personal spaces, typically from people that are known for having a style that is hard to replicate. I can only imagine the traffic […]

♫ Giving Madlib’s Beat Konducta Around The World a listen

I’ve been using the music app ex.fm quite a bit to find new music. At some point I’ll have to do a post about the entire experience, but for now […]

Hey Twitter, thanks for finding @GestureTheory space within a day

Roy opening one of the boxes that had a desk in it.. Desks are built and tested for location placement. The boxes in front of the desks were our chairs. […]

Special Edition of #walkingtoworktoday: Heading to Gesture Theory in Soho

This morning was my first day heading back to Soho now that I’m at Gesture Theory. In the upcoming days I’ll be documenting some of the things that got me […]

Thank You @Behaviordesign, I’m Grateful for the Opportunity You Gave Me

Sitting in the large conference room with Chris and Jeff a couple weeks ago, I gave them the news that I was stepping down from Behavior. I don’t think they […]

Test Driving The Streets – Cyberspace & Reds (Mixtape)

Loving The Streets – Cyberspace & Reds (Mixtape). Here’s a couple tracks that I’ve been listening to consistently. The Streets—breakbat barz (scru fizzer) The Streets—cinema barz (feat jammer)

Geo has a ways to go, or at least with Twitter

Quick observation—last night I tweeted from the same chair in a restaurant on St Marks last night within minutes of each other. Strange thing is that the pin shifted, or […]

A Memorable & Focused Header

QUOTE FROM FOSTER HUNTINGTON: Consumed by my new life, time goes by fast here. It feels like just last week I moved into my apartment and started my job. I […]

Weather Around NYC for the Past Couple of Weeks

The weather over the past couple weeks has been quite the adventure. There’s been blizzards, pouring rain, nasty winds and a day or two of mildness. Starting with the huge […]

Thinking about Lightweight

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be lightweight. I’ve also been considering how I can challenge my own assumptions, not just through statistical data or hunches […]

My New Flickr Strategy for Taking Images

I almost remember a time when taking a photo was an easy thing. Then along came Flickr and all of a sudden I could publish and share stuff around the […]

Current apps on the home screen of my iPad

After reading the post Yet another list of iPad apps (what I use) I figured I’d take a survey of what is on the home screen of my iPad. I […]

I Wish There Was Search in the Support Section of My iPhone

For the past couple of years I’ve had a really poor experience with earbuds. I’ve gone through a couple sets of AIAIAI’s and Sennheiser’s. That’s four sets of ear buds […]

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