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Graduating from Daylife

After blogging about my time at Daylife for the past couple of years, this will probably be one of my last posts about it. Today I’m graduating from Daylife and […]

Signs of Daylife

While my time at Daylife is almost up I thought I’d share a lighthearted look at some of the signs floating around the start–up. The above door sign was made […]

Family finds missing Daughter in Haiti on Daylife Photo Page

Back in the day when most design wasn’t digital it wasn’t easy to see if and how people interacted with the completed work. Now that everything is just about online […]

A @Daylife Update: SmartSections and SmartTopics Launch

It’s been a while since I mentioned what was going on at Daylife where I work. Continuing with the editorial ability to manage and publish photos with SmartGalleries, we have […]

Working on Getty Images SmartGalleries by Daylife

For the last couple of months I haven’t been mentioning much about Daylife. The main reason was we’ve been working on a new product called SmartGalleries. It’s a product that […]

Daylife Beta Topic Page: Kate Moss

A couple weeks ago Daylife made some significant design and backend releases that I was quite happy to be involved with. (In reality everyone at Daylife played a significant role […]

Latest Daylife Select Release

Very early this morning Daylife (where I work as the Design Director) released its latest version of Daylife Select at http://select.daylife.com/. As iterations go, I’m very happy with the additions […]

REDUX: Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and “What Would Google Do?

WWGD? – The PowerPoint View more presentations from jeffjarvis. (tags: buzzmachine business) Last Thursday we at Daylife presented Jeff Jarvis talking about his new book What Would Google Do? We […]

Nightlife @ Daylife: Jeff Jarvis and “What Would Google Do?

I thought I would pass on this info just in case you haven’t seen this event via me or anyone else that works at Daylife in Facebook. I’m kind of […]

Daylife Select Release

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the release of Daylife Select on the blog. This is an updated post following our latest release. I want to preface this a bit […]

Check out Select.Daylife.com

This is a post that I could spend months writing, but to keep things manageable I’ll try to be brief. Daylife (whom I work for) launched a major release last […]

Obama Stuff from Daylife

BusinessWeek: Redirecting the Web’s News Stream, Daylife’s online aggregation model could help drive traffic to Old Media

Thanks to the ongoing digitization of, well, everything, the economics of news has gotten onerous. But the optimistic view is that what the Web takes, it may one day give […]

Daylife Photo Matrix

Last week I mentioned that Daylife had started to launch an updated site. Things are still moving quite quickly so I’m going to wait a while before I talk about […]

Daylife Redesign Part One

For the last couple of months I’ve been busy at Daylife as the Design Director. I haven’t really said much here on DesignNotes about what that has entailed until now. […]


Michael Surtees is a product design director and practitioner of user experience design (UXD) based in NYC. He has been fortunate to work with many great companies such as Forbes, […]

Saying Goodbye To Gesture Theory

One of my goals when I wanted to move to NYC was to start a company. With Gesture Theory I was able to complete that unattainable goal that I dared […]

Thank You @Behaviordesign, I’m Grateful for the Opportunity You Gave Me

Sitting in the large conference room with Chris and Jeff a couple weeks ago, I gave them the news that I was stepping down from Behavior. I don’t think they […]

Collecting all my images from #walkingtoworktoday in 2010

Looking back to see when I first tagged a photo with #walkingtoworktoday was October 19, 2009. It was the start of a project that was a continuation of a talk […]

Welcome to 2011

After reading about this tradition a couple years ago, I decided to start my own New Years tradition by visiting the Empire State Building during the first day of the […]

Talking about Scaling Personalities at How to Build Great Products: Insights

Even if I hadn’t been invited to How to Build Great Products: Insights I would have probably attended. There was a number of products & brands that I think are […]

Streaming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Photos

Testing out the streaming Smart Galleries from Daylife with Streaming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Photos happening in NYC.


#Walkingtoworktoday is an ongoing photo documentation project open to anyone. The guidelines are pretty simple. 1.Take an image while walking to work. 2. Post that image to flickr and tag […]

Looking at the Redesign of the @Nooka Website

I’ve been really lucky in 2010 so far. It has also been incredibly busy. While transitioning from Daylife and before starting at Behavior I had the opportunity to work with […]

Why I’m evolving Design Notes to Design Noted

I’ve decided to stop publishing Design Notes as it currently is. I’ve wanted to evolve what the blog was for a while now. I’ve been testing out a couple ideas […]

My Parsons Design IV Presentation is Up

Parson's Design IV Presentation: Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions View more presentations from michaelSurtees. I’ve posted my presentation that I prepared for Parson’s Design IV class. It’s quite […]

Recording a Normal Week One Photograph at a Time

A couple weeks ago I received an interesting invitation out of the blue. Kevin Boothe who currently is in Paris on an exchange with Parsons and OCAD asked me if […]

Link Drop from 02.26.10 to 03.05.10

The big news this week for me is that I did a quick announcement that I’m going to be leaving Daylife in a couple weeks. I’ve been given an awesome […]

Design Notes from my AIGA Dallas talk on Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions

Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions Last Thursday I traveled from NYC to Dallas to Arlington to hang with the AIGA Dallas Fort Worth Chapter and present a talk […]

Link Drop from 01.23.10 to 01.29.10

Listening to a couple helpful comments about what they liked from Link Drop in the past I’ve made some changes. For the time being I’ll be posting each link to […]

Undecided about that old iPad Thing

After watching the iPad demo yesterday I was going back and fourth yes/no/maybe about getting one. In the end I’ll probably go with the low end version because I can, […]

Link Drop Today Release Notes

URL http://linkdroptoday.com Background For the past year and half I’ve been posting a curated set of links that I found interesting. Others eventually found that list helpful and started coming […]

A Simple Post About Txting Donations to Haiti

I’m almost back to a normal blog posting schedule after being in Canada for the past couple of days. While I wasn’t on a digital cleanse it did feel that […]

I’ve talked enough: the Best of Design Notes in 2009 Link Drop Style

JANUARY on Football and Chess (and design) A couple days ago I came across a great twitter comment from Geoff Manaugh of bldgblog in which he mentions “Football as a […]

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