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Crowdsourcing Salon With Wired Author Jeff Howe

After hearing the authour of Crowdsourcing Jeff Howe speak at Electric Artists last night it was easy to make comparisons with some other quasi anthro/sociology books that you might find […]

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 27th (June 2008)

Going for two months now, the latest edition of Link Drop contains bigger thumbnails as an easier target to click to the sites you want to see. Below are a […]

Looking for wordpress and/or tumblr theme designers

I figured that there’s a diverse group of people that check out DesignNotes so I thought this might be a good place to start for requesting help. There’s a publisher […]

Stuff that I found interesting this week

The week is finally winding down after lots of ups and downs on a continuous cycle for me. With some drinks on the roof of Daylife in SoHo on a […]

SVA D-Crit Readings Series Last Night

I was tipped off to the SVA D-Crit Readings series from fellow co-worker/new hotshot recruit Samuel who works at Daylife. I wasn’t sure what to expect though I’m happy that […]

Hearing Roger Black

At the end of Roger Black’s talk last night held at Frog via AIGANY, I kind of wished he had started the talk how he ended it. My friend Vineet […]

Designing a better system for fire alarms in SoHo…

Over at Daylife HQ’s this morning in SoHo (444 Broadway for anyone wanting to visit) the building had a fire alarm. At the time I was listening to Portishead in […]

Clay Shirky on Stephen Colbert

I’m only halfway through my review copy of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky (but hope to make a big dent in to it today) though I have a pretty […]

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is Now Digital

I first met Chris Willis of Footnote last December when he was helping work out some concepts w/ Daylife. During one of those days he mentioned an extension of Footnote […]

Learning about Reuters Labs

Nic Fulton, Reuters Chief technology strategist spoke last night at Daylife’s second cozy speaker series. The first event was a month ago when we had Clay Shirky talk about his […]

Quotes & Paper Joy

I was thinking that I could get a couple things across with this post that combines the idea of quotes and an interesting NYT article Start Writing the Eulogies for […]

University of Alberta Comes to Visit

On Wednesday of this week twenty to twenty five design students from the University of Alberta in both Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design came for studio visit where I […]

Can you exist without a permalink?

Everyone searches for their name on Google and when stuff comes up it’s because a page was searchable. If your name is in a flash piece it much more likely […]

The Many Moods of John McCain

Over the next couple of weeks there’s going to be some pretty cool (imho) changes going on at Daylife’s website at www.daylife.com At this point that’s about all I can […]

Waking up early again

When I turned thirty a couple months ago, I never had any regret about hitting that milestone. I’d had a good run up to that point – there’s been a […]

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