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Photos, iPhones and Sharing News via Serendipity

Photo sharing now is as second nature as tweeting something that a person overheard, publicizing a Kickstarter project link or doing something that people ignore on Facebook. With that said […]

Observations with the new iPad & iPhone 4s working together after a week

It has now been over a week since I’ve been using the new iPad. While my habits of use will be evolving as I find out what I’m comfortable using […]

iPhone 4s vs the new iPad Camera via Camera+

I shot both images within a couple moments of each other. No filters were used with either one when using Camera+. Biggest issue for me is if I want to […]

The most interesting iPhone app update to me is TuneIn radio – they now have a car ui mode

One of the more recent iPhone app updates that caught my eye was from TuneIn Radio. TuneIn Radio simply streams radio stations that make their feed available on the internet. […]

Publishing Decks to the iPad and iPhone

There’s essentially two ways for people to publish online theses days. Using a print solution like a pdf or a web based CMS. The problem is that both ways were […]

Custom iPhone Coverplate

I really liked the idea of customizing my new white iPhone 4S with something a bit different from the iPhone cases out there. It took a while to figure out […]

My new favourite iPhone Photo App

I’ve been loving the new iPhone 4S’ camera. I’m using it as much as I can with Instagram and Flickr. Typically when I shoot it’s pretty static in format. Usually […]

Shuffling between an iPhone 3GS to a Droid Bionic to an iPhone 4S

October was a busy month for me shuffling between mobile devices and network carriers. I switched from an iPhone 3GS to a Droid Bionic to a white iPhone 4S. I […]

I Wish There Was Search in the Support Section of My iPhone

For the past couple of years I’ve had a really poor experience with earbuds. I’ve gone through a couple sets of AIAIAI’s and Sennheiser’s. That’s four sets of ear buds […]

Streaming Music to my iPhone

To be honest I thought hyping the Beatles landing on iTunes was not really a big deal—though it looks like the sales would suggest otherwise. In the iTunes top twenty […]

Playing Pandora vs Vevo on the iPhone, or better known as random things I might like vs start/stop of selected artist

Just as the title suggests I was curious to examen how these two on demand media types benefit and distract people that want to enjoy music. Pandora allows a person […]

IDEO Method Cards App on the iPhone

It still amazes me how the iPhone and apps have completely changed how information can be distributed. And it’s really easy to take it for granted too—no big deal anymore, […]

Music Video Shot with iPhone QuadCamera App

Takayuki Fukatsu, the creator of the QuadCamera App (read my interview with him here) in his latest post mentions what could possibly be one of the first music videos shot […]

Hashtag on the iPhone Keyboard

I don’t use that many hashtags with twitter with the exception of my image posts to #walkingtoworktoday from my iPhone. What’s strange to me is why the setting for the […]

Measuring iPhone Battery Life with Time?

I’ve complained in the past about the iPhone’s battery life though those issues have been somewhat resolved. But there’s another issue that I think is worth considering for an upgrade. […]

24hr music app for the iPhone

My favourite iPhone apps are always the ones that make me reconsider something that I used to take for granted on screen or allows a shift in perception. The 24 […]

TiltShift iPhone App from Takayuki Fukatsu

I managed to get my hands on the soon to be released TiltShift iPhone App from Takayuki Fukatsu. It comes out tomorrow (September 2nd, 2009). It’s now available at the […]

3 iPhone Apps that Made Me Reconsider Media Consumption of Video, Sound and Text

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered three new iPhone apps that changed how I use my iPhone. I’m not talking about navigation per say like dragging or enlarging, […]

iPhone Defaults

This weekend my wife Tamara wanted to pack light. She just wanted to take her iPhone, a couple cards and her keys. All things that should fit into a small […]

Recording myself via my iPhone via my MacBook Pro

Michael Surtees from MFA Interaction Design on Vimeo. So you’re thinking about becoming a designer? If I could tell you only *one thing* about going into the field, my advice […]

Can you get lost with an iPhone 3GS if you’re connected to the web?

While waiting on the tarmac of JFK yesterday morning I started typing this post on my iPhone. While typing away with my thumbs I took the above images from my […]

Mapping my iPhone space

Warnings on iPhones come in a different couple flavours. There’s the blue dialogue box that mentions how a person has surpassed their 100 twitter api calls per hour or mentioning […]

iPhone Recordings

Now that I’ve had a couple of days with my new iPhone GS I thought it would be interesting to compare my old behaviour with my slower 2nd generation 16 […]

How do a few people find iPhone apps to buy?

With all the attention that the iPhone is getting because of OS3.0 and the new iPhone 3G S I thought it was a pretty good time to talk about the […]

QuadCamera and ToyCamera Interview with Takayuki Fukatsu, creator of iPhone Apps

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Boxee’s iPhone Remote

After reading More Proof That The iPhone Is A Killer Living Room Remote all I can say is I couldn’t agree more. Obviously it was only a matter of time […]

iPhone games and other app collection action

As a way of keeping track of how my iPhone app usage is evolving I thought I would take a screen shot of my iPhone’s first screen once a month. […]

Downloading podcasts directly from wifi onto an iPhone

You may or may not be aware that with the latest iPhone update let’s you download podcasts directly from wifi as opposed to having to go through your computer. What’s […]

Looking at Shifd from my iPhone and MBP

I was participating in a focus group brainstorm last week for a credit card company that was re-examining their digital and print strategy for 2009. One of the other participants […]

Clean iPhone psd template

Not sure if the fact that I’m traveling is influencing the number of iPhone blog posts I’m doing – but when I found the above psd layered file I thought […]

Location based iphone stuff that isn’t too big brothery

Everyone has their habits when waiting for flights at the airport. Up until yesterday what I would do was open up iTunes to see if anyone else made their music […]

iPhone Weather

I found a handy iPhone weather site via EverydayUX (which incidentally is a blog you should check out regualarly) that has a nice relative feature. It gives you an approximation […]

iPhone Battery Draining Faster?

Ever since I updated my iPhone’s software to 1.1.3 I’ve noticed that I’ve had to recharge it a lot more. It seems that I get the warning indicator a lot […]

How my iPhone evolved how I tell stories

Comparing how I integrated blogging with other websites only a couple months ago to what I’m doing now with my iPhone – it’s evolved more then I would have first […]

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