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DesignNotes Part Deux: Mobile Blogging from my iPhone

I’ve been trying a difficult dance between sending images from my iPhone to flickr that would then find their way on to DesignNotes as a post. For whatever reason flickr […]

Leica & iPhone Aspect Ratio’s

iPhone review coming from my MBP

I was going to get one sooner or later, it was just a matter of time. There’s a lot of reviews already out there so I’ll try to keep mine […]

This is a test from my Iphone : )

blogposts may come more frequ. Now that i have an iphone

Inside the iPhone by two different philosophies

The above YouTube video shows a very technical and precise breakdown of the iPhone parts, while the second video isn’t so easy to watch. First vid via Amber Mac. and […]

Opening the Apple iPhone

There’s been a lot said for months, weeks and days now about the Apple iPhone and what it may or may not look like. I was a little surprised at […]

Designers Should Be Using Both iOS and Android Together Daily

Earlier this spring I switched mobile operating systems from iOS to Android. I had been used to the iPhone for a couple iterations but decided to switch to a HTC […]

After a week with my new HTC One

I had my iPhone 4S for almost two years. It was decent enough though I had wanted a larger screen two years ago. Before buying the iPhone 4S I had […]

Looking at the Augmented Reality Cover for the Metropolis New City App

Friend of Design Notes Kimberly Taylor let me know about an augmented app for the new cover of Metropolis Magazine. I don’t interact with much AR these days so playing […]

Humanless iOS 6 Maps

As with most people that live in a city like NYC that have an iPhone, people are regretting the iOS 6 upgrade because of maps. It’s almost impossible to find […]

Pack Light

Recently I came across a great post over at Peta Pixel going over 50 Quick Photography Tips in Less Than 15 Minutes. Number 7 stuck with me. Simply pack light. […]

Now that watch batteries are dead

The USB cable is the best thing to happen to watches since the removable strap. I’ve had my ups and downs with the Nike+ GPS watch. Great concept but poorly […]

Why I probably won’t use a website’s URL to share a post via email again

Since Readability came out a week or two ago for the iPhone and iPad I’ve noticed that my web reading habits have changed quite a bit. I’m saving a lot […]

App Feature Release Notes vs Stories

Almost daily I’m updating apps on my iPhone and iPad. Half the time I’ll just press the Update All button without too much care. For the rest of the time […]

Talking about the Launch of Undercurrent.com

Recently Gesture Theory launched the new Undercurrent website. This was a great project to work on both professionally and personally. I hold a lot of the people that currently work […]

Reading vs Writing in Braille

Braille is one of those things that has always fascinated me. A lot of what I do is based on observation so taking that tool away yet still being able […]

I shot more images this November than any other month, November Reloaded in Images

Looking back at November, the first thing I saw was the quantity of photos I shot. This was the first full month with my iPhone 4S and the weather in […]

Why I returned my Up by Jawbone

I got really excited about Up by Jawbone as the first posts were published. My interests was because of it’s ability to ambiently track my walking habits without getting in […]

Using Twitter to Understand the Silence of an Unknown Emergency

This morning started like almost every other morning. Waking up early, walking my weim Madison, checking what’s going on with the interwebs via my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. I […]

October Reload in Photos

Taking a look back at some of the photos that I took in October, a couple influencers became apparent. First there was the technical. I started shuffling between a couple […]

Forbes Photos & Videos iPad App Release

I remember the time when the iPad was just a rumor, something that was being discussed on blogs and other sites. There were guesses on what Apple would release with […]

September Reload in Photos

At the beginning of each new month I take a look back at the last month of what I shot with my camera. Usually it’s from my iPhone though once […]

NYC Morning & Afternoon Images

Inspired by the series by Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night, I compressed yesterday’s afternoon bright blue sky with this morning’s sunrise. Below are a couple experiments with both images combined […]

My Google+ Notes

Google+ offered something this weekend that I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I can’t remember the last time I was excited to deconstruct something on a platform scale. There’s […]

The Design Landscape Today Within the Context of Devices Everywhere

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to be a part of an AIGA Webinar titled Devices Everywhere with Ethan Eismann and moderated by Callie Neylan. In the next day or […]

Looking Back At May In Photos

Since starting to aggregate some of the images I take each month as separate posts I’ve let the titles of each speak for them self. However for May I wanted […]

Link Drop Edition Number 5

Last week was pretty much non existent for finding anything on the net. There was a ton to do that Google Reader was barely opened. However what I did notice […]

Comparing Instagram to the Lumix GF1 & Flickr Part 2

It should be noted that any device that encourages people to take photos that they wouldn’t have otherwise shot is good a thing. Up until a couple weeks ago I […]

Comparing Instagram to the Lumix GF1 & Flickr Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to compare Instagram with some of my regular photo taking habits with the Lumix GF1 & Flickr. This morning was perfect for walking Madison […]

Time to Fill Some Desks, We’re Hiring at @GestureTheory

GestureTheory started in January 2011 as a team of two. We’ve been heads down working on some great projects and are ready to expand. Gesture Theory is looking for freelancers […]

Link Drop Tech Edition Number. 2

This second edition of Link Drop Tech has a healthy serving of iPad and related news. There’s some visualization of data and a fascinating interview from some guys that were […]

Life, Death and Graphic Design: The Critical Role of Information Design in Emergencies by Peggy Cady

Abstract: Graphic design helps people make decisions. This is a given to designers. We don’t often think about how vital it becomes in an emergency situation. Visual information guides our […]

Link Drop Tech Edition

I’ve decided to test out the idea of doing two different Link Drops. One that is less about technology and one that is just about all about technology. Yesterday I […]

Designing for the Browser of Today

Having spent most of 2010 designing with the interactions of an iPad in mind, I chose to design Gesture Theory’s site with the iPad browser in mind first, desktop browser […]

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