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Looking at the Nooka Zizm

I spent some time this afternoon hanging out at Nooka’s office with good friend Matthew Waldman. Anyone that knows Matthew knows that he loves showing off his new products. This […]

Looking at the NOOKA ZUB ZOO 40’s

I dropped by on Friday after work to catch up with Matthew from Nooka. While I was there he showed me a couple of the newest time pieces that have […]

Looking at the @Nooka Zub Zayu & Interview with Matthew Waldman

Publisher’s Note: Anyone that’s visited this blog knows that I try to mention Nooka as much as possible without over killing it. They’ll also note that there’s an ad from […]

Looking at the Redesign of the @Nooka Website

I’ve been really lucky in 2010 so far. It has also been incredibly busy. While transitioning from Daylife and before starting at Behavior I had the opportunity to work with […]

Looking at the Nooka Zem Zenv Mr S and some of the other Nooka brand shapes

Sure, people sometimes call Twitter the lazy web, but I also call it the helpful web. Case in point, Nooka is a supporter of DesignNotes and has an ad on […]

In NYC and like Nooka?

Friend and supporter of DesignNotes, Nooka is showcasing 16 customized NookaNooka’s November 11th at the Red Bull Space from 12:00pm to 7 pm, 40 Thompson St, NYC. A couple months […]

Inside the Nooka pop up shop

View Larger Map With only a couple weeks left I thought it was time to visit a friend to DesignNotes blog, the Nooka pop up shop. When Matthew told me […]

Looking at the Nooka Zon

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the time pieces that Nooka puts out. I think I’ve reviewed just about every product that I have. So in that […]

My watch problem and the nookanooka

About a week ago Matthew Waldman of Nooka fame skyped me asking for my address. He wanted to send me his new character Nookanooka. I’m a big of a fan […]

Hanging w/ Nooka

Publishing DesignNotes on a near daily basis over the last couple of years has helped me consider design in a manner that you can’t learn from just reading about it. […]

Nooka’s looking for an intern

It’s almost spring which means people are starting to consider their career options. If you’re a student you’re looking for an internship. Matthew Waldman who is the person behind Nooka […]

When a design blog merges w/ their lifestyle: NOOKA has a blog…

I’m not sure how I missed NOOKA’s blog until today. But what I didn’t miss as I breezed through it was the fact that there’s a nice flow between Matthew […]

The Person behind Nooka: an interview with Matthew Waldman

The story behind this interview with Matthew Waldman, the person behind the timepiece company Nooka is interesting as he was quick to get back to me with my questions. Just […]

Nooka Website

The Nooka Website is as amazing as their watches. I really like the different levels of hierarchy of elements going on with the site. Some elements are more frivolous then […]


Michael Surtees is a product design director and practitioner of user experience design (UXD) based in NYC. He has been fortunate to work with many great companies such as Forbes, […]

Looking Back in Photos from the Past Couple of Months #thankfulSet

Having been in NYC for the past seven years now I’m still trying to get used to Thanksgiving. To be honest I never got the idea of it in Canada […]

I shot more images this November than any other month, November Reloaded in Images

Looking back at November, the first thing I saw was the quantity of photos I shot. This was the first full month with my iPhone 4S and the weather in […]

Repeating August Through My Lens

If I knew a month a go what I do now, I wouldn’t have believed it. Everything imaginable and unimaginable happened. I survived intact and am here to think back […]

Testing Out Press Releases at Link Drop Today

From time to time I’ll get press releases that I’m not sure what to do about. They’re something that comes with the territory when a person has a blog. It’s […]

Link Drop from 02.13.10 to 02.19.10

We’re half way through February and I finally feel that I’m back into a good rotation for Link Drop. The first couple weeks we’re a bit tough for me to […]

Design Notes from my AIGA Dallas talk on Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions

Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions Last Thursday I traveled from NYC to Dallas to Arlington to hang with the AIGA Dallas Fort Worth Chapter and present a talk […]

Best of DesignNotes

This is a work in progress where I’m collecting posts. It’s currently organized in broad categories that will be refined… + PROCESS 15 Posts + DESIGNNOTES 13 Posts + PACKAGING […]

Time in words every five minutes

I’m a huge fan of anything that shows time in a slightly non typical way. Nooka is a great example of that. Another is QLOCKTWO who has been making the […]

My morning tweets—a different kind of file experiment

This morning I shot out a couple quick tweets within minutes of each other. They all were somewhat link intensive. For my own curiosity’s sake I wanted to put those […]

Design Week and ICFF is here, but where to find all the news on it?

It’s a simple question, there’s an event going on and there’s lots of media coverage from both news sources and blogs but how am I going to get all of […]

& 100 shirts

Last week as I was going through the blogs I came across a post from Nooka talking about a couple people that had visited the studio recently. One of the […]

Link Drop (3·13·09)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Luv the typography going on in this poster

While DesignNotes isn’t officially sponsored by Nooka (yet), I’m happy to pass on a mention from friend Matthew Waldman that they’ve added some new spring colours. While super nice, I’m […]

Talking about those Aiaiai Y-com Earphones

In early December I came across a post from Adrian Lai’s blog Mdmrare about some pretty cool earphones from Aiaiai. Between Adrian’s post and NOTCOT’s mention a blog reader can […]

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 17th (October 2008)

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… As tradition’s go, on Friday’s I collect some of the more interesting stuff that I found on the web and call it Link Drop™. I only mention this b/c […]

Telling time in the dark

Ever since reading about the Nooka Zub Glow on sites like Core77 I knew I had to buy one. There’s something kind of fun w/ a glow in the dark […]

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